The Unicorn's Plight

Chapter 7

AN: last chapter!!

Ashley bolted up in her bed. She panted hard. She looked to the left and to the right. Her bedside alarm clock said that it was 10 o clock.

She looked down at her hand. "Was it all a dream?" she asked. Slowly she threw off her covers and stood up.

She looked down and noticed she was still in her clothes that she had worn that day she went walking in the woods. But what day was it? She checked her calendar and sure enough it was Saturday. But that day was Saturday. Time must have stopped when she went through that vortex.

"MOM! SIS!" she yelled to see if they were home.

No answer. "They must be out," she said.

She sighed. "I don't know what happened," she said as she threw off her clothes and went into the bathroom for a much needed shower.

Ashley took about 10 minutes and emerged piping hot from the water. She dried herself off and got dressed in some other clothes. She didn't forget her cell phone that was currently in her other pair of pants.

She wore her hair down as she ran downstairs and saw a note from her mom.

"Ashley, went out for awhile. Be back later. Take it easy, love Mom."

She put the note down and dashed out the front door and into the woods where she had supposedly got sucked into the vortex that had taken her to Dar.

Once there, she looked around and found nothing. Ashley sighed. "I must have dreamt it all," she said. Then she remembered that she had taken a picture of the unicorns. Fidgeting around in her pocket, she found her cell phone and sure enough the picture was there!!

"Wow. What do you know? Magic really does exist," she said. She smiled as she walked back to her house. But before she took another step, she thought she heard whinnying.

She turned around and saw the 3 unicorns staring at her. They were transparent, but they were there. And in the next minute they weren't.

"Take Care," she said as she walked back to town.