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Sorry it's short! As I said, it's a trial run!

I realise this is 100 unimaginative, and a cliché to loads of other, much better fanfiction, but I'm using it just to find my feet before I write a full CSI: NY story. Besides, you can never have too much Danny Angst! Enjoy…

Its mid-winter, and New York City is covered in snow. Our favorite NY CSIs have just finished their shift and are heading home. Most of them, that is…


Danny groaned, he just wanted another minute or so in bed.

"Danny!" The voice was stern, but not cruel, why'd it have to be so damn persistent, couldn't it tell when a guy wanted to sleep?

"Danny? Come on, wake up…" Danny groaned, he clearly wasn't gonna get any peace!

"Whatd'yawant?" he mumbled, opening his eyes to two slits, but squinting and closing them hastily as the bright, artificial light assaulted his eyes. He opened them more carefully the second time. Taking in his surroundings, he realised he wasn't in bed, st, I've fallen asleep in the break room, he groaned inwardly; before looking up to see the owner of the voice who had so cruelly robbed him of his much needed sleep.

(Please don't be Montana, please don't be Montana).

"Hey, um, Mac, I'm really sorry, I'll get back to work right away, I j'st musta drifted off is all," his face contorted in embarrassment as he looked apologetically up to his boss.

"That's alright Danny, no need to get back to work, it's going home time," the slightest suggestion of a smile played on Mac's lips as he held out a pair of glasses to Danny, which must have fallen off whilst he was sleeping.

"I'm real sorry Mac," Danny mumbled as he started to get off of the break room coach.

"That's alright kid, you looked like you could do with the rest."

Danny nodded slightly, but immediately regretted it, the headache he'd almost forgotten about came back with full force, along with a nasty migraine, which hadn't been there before.

Mac must have noticed the look of pain on his young charges face, because all the smile in his eyes was immediately replaced with concern.

"Hey Danny, if your not feeling 100, you know you can have the day off tomorrow if you want, take the whole week if your under the weather." Before he had even finished he knew what Danny's response would be…

"Na, I'm alright, just tired is all Mac, a good night sleep an I'll be right as rain tomorrow."

Mac frowned and shook his head, there was no arguing with Danny Messer, stubbornness personified.

"Alright, you do what you think is best Danny, but I insist on driving you home, if you go on the subway you may fall asleep and get stuck at the end of the line, deal?"

Danny nodded meekly, truth be told, he was feeling a bit queasy and didn't think his stomach could handle the subway.

Mac unlocked his car and got in, Danny followed his lead and climbed in the passenger side, his hands shaking as he did up his seatbelt.

As soon as the engine had started Danny closed his eyes and leant his head back against the head rest, trying to keep out the low rumbling noise that so assaulted his headache.

A few minutes into the journey and a cat ran out in front of the car, Mac screeched and swerved as it ran out of the car's path. Luckily, the car remained on the road and there were no other cars near by to cause an accident, unluckily, the jolt in the vehicles movement was the last thing that Danny needed, and he moved from his resting position to lean forward, clutching his stomach and letting out a hiss of pain. This got Mac's attention, and he immediately glanced over at Danny.

"Hey, you ok?"

Danny just groaned, leaned over further and promptly vomited down the front of himself.

"Danny, Danny! Hey, its OK, I'm pulling over"

Mac parked the car up against the pavement before getting out, walking around the car and opening Danny's door.

Danny stared up at him apologetically. "Its alright Danny, your not feeling well, Its not your fault Ok?"

"I'm so sorry I ruined your car…" Danny's voice sounded weak and croaky and faltering.

"I'm not worried about the car Danny, I'm worried about you, so lets get you cleaned up, then your coming home with me tonight, just so I can be sure your alright."

Danny just stared at him through blood stained eyes, too tired to argue.

"I's j'st somethin I ate Mac, like I said, a good nights sleep in my own bed and I'll be fine…"

"No arguments Danny, you can stay in my guest room tonight, I don't like the idea of you on your own when your sick and its so cold out, just do this for me, put an old man's mind at rest."

Danny didn't reply. Mac took this to mean yes, and helped Danny to take off his soiled shirt and replace it for a spare one he had in his boot, the pants would have to wait till Mac got home, he didn't have any spare ones with him.