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Just a Kid


"What do you mean we're out of Penicillin?" Hawkeye shouted to Major Houlihan in disbelief at the organisation of the army, not that this situation is anything new to any of them; but this was a matter of life or death for a patient and it angered Pierce that the army didn't give the medical units much priority.

"Well, there's no use shouting at me" she retorted

"I'm sorry" said Pierce, calming down slightly. Although Major Houlihan new that Pierce wasn't angry at her; she felt exactly the same when a patient's life was in danger due to lack of resources.

Hawkeye Pierce walked out of the room; he was exhausted after the very long shift he'd just run, and losing two of his patients. There was a lot of incoming wounded from the front all at once and it had been non stop all night for all of them. All Pierce wanted to do was go to the swamp, have a few drinks and sleep in for a very, very long time. Instead, he has to find penicillin

"Radar" shouted Pierce as he noticed Radar walking out of the Mess tent

Radar looked up in surprise "yeah?" He replied. There was never any need for chivalry and etiquette in the MASH 4077th especially to Pierce or Trapper. Those guys are like family to him

"I need you to get hold of some Penicillin, pronto, can you do that for me?" asked Pierce, he was quite confident that Radar was the guy to go to. Radar could get them almost anything. What with his innocent, naivety and youthful looks, who would suspect him of scamming anything?

"Sure Hawkeye, anything, How soon do you need it?" He asked

"Within four hours"

"Four Hours?" shouted Radar in shock at this news, how could he possibly get the penicillin order through and have it delivered in four hours?

"Yes, that's why I need you radar, we can't go through proper channels with this; it would take way too long"

"I'll get right on it" He said whilst walking away to get on with it.

"I sure hope so" whispered Pierce to know one really as he continued walking towards the swamp, the only thing keeping him awake enough to make it to his tent was the thoughts of his still waiting for him.

10 minutes later

Radar runs into the swamp "Hawkeye, I…"

But he was cut off by Major Frank Burns "This is the officers' tent, don't you even have the courtesy to knock? You enlisted think you can walk all over us, well…"

"Oh shut up Frank" interrupted Pierce, Frank is annoying at the best of times but he definitely isn't in the mood for him right now

"What is it, did you managed to get it?" asked Pierce suddenly excited

"There's a British medical base about 2 hours north from here; they say they can give us some of there penicillin supplies sir" informed Radar

"2 Hours, We'll be cutting it a little fine but that should be ok, I said four hours as a round-about figure anyway. Trappers on duty now, I'm going to need someone else with me. Are you up for it? I can get another enlisted man if not. But…"

"Me sir?" asked Radar in disbelief. Does he realise 2 hours north from here is the front? I don't want to go to the front. I don't want to die. I can't let him down. He's like my brother. I have to do this

"Radar, are you ok?" He asked after the long silence from his young friend

"I'm fine sir. I'll just go and get ready to leave" and Radar quickly left the room

Frank who was still stood there listening was surprised at the conversation.

"You're going to get penicillin?" he asked

"Yes Frank, unless you suddenly have a magical ability to produce it from thin air in which case please, demonstrate" said Pierce whilst gesturing his hands to an empty cup on the side.

"You do realise that 2 hours north from here is the front" He said, ignoring Pierce's sarcasm

"I know, but there's no other way. That man is going to die without it and I can't let that happen" He said, sounding almost defeated

Pierce didn't hear Trapper entering the tent "You're going to the front?" said Trapper, shocked at this news. Hawkeye was his best friend. He was scared for him

"Yeah, I have to get some. I'm taking Radar too"

"Radar? Are you sure that's such a good idea? He's just a kid" Said Trapper

"We won't be long and he'll be fine. He's a good corporal"

"Ok, everything's set" said Radar, returning to the swamp. Inside he was scared about this but he didn't want to look weak in front of the officers. He'd show them he wasn't just a kid.

"Let's get going then" commanded Pierce leading the way out of the swamp and into the Jeep that Radar had brought around for them,