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The enemy was closing in on them, there was no way that Radar could possibly defend himself and so he braced himself for what was next, would they kill them both there and then or would they be held as prisoners of war? He hoped it would be the second. There is always the chance that they would get some sort of help to Pierce and that they would both be rescued later. On the other-hand, these men didn't exactly treat POW's humanely like the Americans.

Finally, one man emerged from the brush, he looked ill, his Gun was pointed towards the ground rather than at Radar and the young man realized that he was in fact ill, he was stumbling round like he couldn't see properly. And Radar knew as the man collapsed on the ground in front of him, he wouldn't pose too much of a threat. In fact Radar even felt some sympathy for the man who was probably around his own age. He couldn't help him, even after Hawkeye's speech about helping anyone, including the enemy. He couldn't even help is own friend. But this encounter made Radar understand that they couldn't stay there any longer, no matter how tired they both were and how much they needed the rest, the enemy is following them and they can't afford to get caught. He then looked towards the Captain and felt tears welling up on his cheeks, he wasn't ready for this. The man looked so pale and hot, he needed help quickly; but how could he get Pierce to safety while he was unconscious?

Bending down, Radar tried to shake the captain awake to no avail. "Hawkeye" he whispered so he didn't attract any other enemy soldiers who could be in the vicinity and shook the man again but a little more violently, this time he got a grunt in response. "Hawkeye we need to get going" and without a word, Hawkeye lifted his arm towards the young man as a gesture to say, "ok if we must" and Radar put the arm around his shoulder and with difficulty, lifted the man to his feet. It was starting to get dark now, which would make the journey harder, but in hope would make them harder to spot by enemy soldiers, he walked at the side of the road which they had traveled on to get to the British base again so they wouldn't get lost, but they stayed in the brush so as not to get spotted. Radar could hear odd shells dropping around them and was scared. There lives were now down to luck.

The supplies were weighing heavy now along with the man in his arms and radar wasn't sure if he would possibly be able to go on. He stopped by the road and gently let Hawkeye to the floor. He repeated his earlier steps of wetting a damp rag and putting it to Hawkeye's head to reduce his fever and then letting the man drink some of the much wanted water, Radar then took some for himself and sat down next to them, trying to comfort him.

In the distance, Radar heard a vehicle travelling along the road. At first he felt panic that they were about to be caught. But he had no more energy left and decided it didn't matter if they were caught any more. He didn't think Hawkeye could survive much more of this anyway so they just waited. Hearing the rumbling truck get louder and louder until he saw the nose of it round the corner near where they were, Radar just hoped they wouldn't see them in the dark. They had no headlights on so they didn't give away there position using just the moons light, they could drive straight past. But they didn't.

The truck passed them but one of the men had thought he'd seen something and they stopped. Radar couldn't do anything. He literally didn't have an ounce of energy to walk any more and as much as Hawkeye joked about the amount he ate. It was necessary for his energy and he hadn't eaten anything in nearly a whole day with all this walking and carrying. He was out.

The man, Gun this time pointed straight at Radar, said "Identify yourselves" He had a British accent and Radar felt a relief wash over him.

"I'm Rada… I mean Corporal O'Reilly" said Radar, suddenly feeing lighter and even more tired. "This is Captain Pierce, we're in the US Army MASH 4077th" The men shined a torch on them hoping the enemy weren't around to see the light and seeing that they were indeed American soldiers, set to work carrying them to the British base they had left so many ours previous.

"4077th? You guys are a long way from home" stated one of the British soldiers in hope of an explanation.

"We needed supplies, said Radar, Hawkeye got shot and our jeep was raided and sabotaged" replied Radar sleepily.

"Well, you've done a good job corporal" and the soldier left to help with Hawkeye.

As their first aid kit was packed better than the one the guys had brought. They could use the antiseptic and proper dressings on Pierces wound and Radar could fall asleep in the back of the truck, his head rested by Pierce' for the comfort of his friend and brother by his side, knowing they were both saved.