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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------

There had been no warning to tell me it would turn out this way. It just... happened. I don't regret what we have done. I knew the outcome might hurt me, but I couldn't help it. I fell in love with him anyway. I didn't mean to betray InuYasha, but I can't stop my feelings either. I love Sesshomaru. Even if InuYasha sees me as a traitor, I can't stop loving him. Therefore I shouldn't have been surprised that it happened.

"Boen!" I heard Kagome calling me but I didn't answer. She didn't expect me to. Ever since they found me I had been a loner. I don't need anyone to tell me what to do. I'll do what I want, when I want, how I want. Tell me otherwise, and I'll just say screw you.

"Ah! There you are! I've been looking all over. We were going to go searching for the Shikon jewel shards again soon. Better take care of anything else you have to do! Also, have you seen Miroku? I haven't seen him all day, and I'm starting to worry that he's flirting with the girls again."

"I don't know. I'll be ready in an hour." She left, and I stood up. My red-furred tail swished while I walked towards the edge of the lake. I looked into the water's depths one last time. I like being a demon, now that I've gotten over the shock and know my strength. Vivid images of the day it happened flooded through my mind.


Third Person P.O.V.

Boen was walking with one of the village girls, her best friend. They were walking through the forest when her friend was attacked. Boen watched in horror as the beast began to eat the girl, who had died when its claws had slashed her head off. Boen gulped, getting the beast's attention. She turned to run but it was too fast for her. It trapped her against a tree. Upon closer inspection, she saw that it was a cat demon, mainly human but with animal features, ears and a tail. It spoke.

"Are you scared of me, human?" Boen nodded, and gulped again. "Good. How should I kill you? Instantly, or should I have fun watching you writhe in pain while you die a slow and painful dea-" Boen saw a streak of light going towards her and the demon. She saw it cut through the demons heart and felt it pierce her own flesh, though it didn't leave her body. The demon dropped her, clutching its heart. It screamed as an unknown force sucked it towards Boen. Boen felt hot all over and saw a bright light growing larger and surrounding her body. She passed out cold.

When she awoke, Boen saw people surrounding her. No, not people, demons. She screamed and backed away, covering her head with her arms.

"What are you screaming for, girl?" Boen peaked through her fingers at a white haired boy with dog ears. He held a sword hilt with his hand. There was a girl with him, with black hair, and clothing that was like none she had ever seen before.

"Who are you?" Boen asked, lowering her arms a little bit. She raised it back up when the girl stepped forward.

"Don't be scared. We won't hurt you. We just want your shard of the Shikon Jewel."

"What shard? What's the Shikon Jewel?" She dropped her arms and sat up. She saw that the girl was only human, relieving her.

"The one in your chest. I can see its glow and we are trying to collect all the shards to make the Jewel whole again. My name is Kagome, and this is InuYasha. You don't have to be afraid of us."

"I'm Boen." Boen said. Kagome kneeled down on the ground next to Boen. InuYasha remained standing, but released the sword.

Boen listened while Kagome explained about the jewel. InuYasha kept glaring at Boen, though she had no idea why. When Kagome finished she asked "Why do you think I have it? Or want it, if it gives powers to demons?"

"Why else?" InuYasha said, sounding annoyed, "You're a demon yourself. Why wouldn't you want more power?"

"What are you talking about? I'm no demon! I'm human!" Boen stood, getting confused.

"How can you be human? You smell like a demon, and you look like a demon. You aren't human."

Kagome got up too, and took Boen's arm. "Come here and look in the water." Boen walked where she was led, and screamed at her reflection. She saw her ears had pointed, sticking out more than ever through her red hair. Her nose had become slightly longer, and her eyes a blood red. A tail was poking out from between her torn skirt. There were fangs in her mouth, and her nails had grown into claws.

"How could this have happened? I was human, I was human..." She sank to her knees, still staring at her reflection. Shakily, she told them what she remembered. Kagome noticed something, and spoke to InuYasha when the tale had been told.

"InuYasha, we can't take her shard." Kagome said, staring at Boen's back.

"And why the hell not?" InuYasha asked, angrily.

"Because it isn't on her skin. I can see the same amount of glow all the way around her. I think the shard is inside her."

"So we'll just dig it out!"

"No! I think it's in her heart, and it will kill her if we do that!"

"So she'll die. Looks like what she wants to do now, anyway." InuYasha stepped forward, his hand on the sword hilt again.

Kagome glared at him. "Sit!" she yelled, causing Boen to look up just as InuYasha fell face down on the ground beside her. "We won't do that just to get a shard! There are other ways to get it than killing her!" Kagome walked over next to Boen and asked, "Boen, since you seem to have nowhere to go, why don't you come with us? You might get used to being a demon if you travel with one."

Boen looked at the ground, thinking it over. She looked back up.

"All right."

End flashback

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------

Third Person P.O.V. (still)

During her traveling with them she met Shippo, Myoga, Miroku, Kirara, and Sango. She fought at InuYasha's side when needed and increased her strength greatly. They traveled for days at a time before returning to Kaede's village while Kagome returned to her own time. Kagome had just returned when she had gone looking for Boen.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------

Normal P.O.V.

I was silent as we walked towards a new area to search for the shards of the Jewel. Everyone else was busy chatting, thinking over rumors of the Jewel they had heard in the village. I was the only one who couldn't contribute. I never could. When we returned to the village I went off on my own like usual. I don't go far. I just go to the lake that tends to be empty of people. Kagome is the only one who knows where I go. Somehow she can always find me. Guess it's because she can see my Jewel shard.

Damn thing, always giving away my position.

I had tried to remove it before, but nearly died in the attempt. I had moved it just a little bit and it changed my eye color for a couple of days. I also couldn't move much without reopening the wound I gave myself trying to get it out.

Didn't try that again.

"What is that smell?" I asked, noticing a smoky scent that reeked of death. Everyone stopped talking and InuYasha took a whiff of the air.

"I don't know," he said. I saw that Kirara was growing restless, her sense of smell had always been better than that of InuYasha or me. We walked on in silence, drawing nearer and nearer to the source of the smell. That was when we saw it. There was a village ahead, and it was on fire. I saw nothing but bodies on the ground, and they looked to have been dead for a couple of weeks. InuYasha, Kirara, and myself were the only ones who didn't puke, though we were turning green as well. The smell was really terrible.

We left Kirara in charge of protecting the others while we searched the village. It looked like a demon had massacred the villagers. The cause of the fire seemed to be nothing more than a cabin that had been struck by lightning, judging from the storm that was passing. We returned to the others and took a detour around the village. There was nothing we could do to change what had happened to everyone. They were all dead, no survivors. Even if there had been, they wouldn't have lived with the smell as bad as it was. Even a demon would get incredibly ill if it had to stay in that village for a while.

---------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------

After we had left the village a ways behind, I went off by myself for awhile. I always did this when we traveled, so the others didn't think anything of it. I had never felt as though I really belonged there with everyone. So I only traveled with them by day unless it was necessary that I stay with them during the night.

So, like usual, I didn't worry about my own safety when I left. I had only gone a little ways away when I picked up the scent. Wolf demons. InuYasha was going to be seriously pissed. I decided to go and warn the wolves not to come this way. Besides, they might have a rumor about Naraku. I wanted something that I could do to prove I wasn't just a fighter and a dead weight for everyone. I wanted to prove my worth.

About a mile away I ran into them. Koga stopped when he saw me. He liked me a bit, though he was crazy about Kagome. I was a friend he could count on, though, so I always stayed out of his and InuYasha's fights.

Koga smiled and called out to me "Boen! What are you doing here?"

I called back, "InuYasha is up ahead. He isn't in a good mood. Don't go there, he's dangerous when he is angry." I explained about the village. Koga nodded.

"We passed it too. I was going to come and warn you all about it, you know, so Kagome wouldn't have to see it. But I'm glad you're by yourself. I caught a whiff of Naraku's miasma close by here a couple of weeks ago. He is the one responsible for the village, I think."

I thought about this. "Why would he kill a village and leave the corpses alone like that? It isn't his style." For the corpses to still be there after he killed them, I thought.

"I know. He usually kills people with his miasma, and the bodies disintegrate."

"Those people were slaughtered horribly. I think there may be a new incarnation running about." I was about to say more when I smelled blood. Koga smelled it too. We took off in the direction it was coming from, and when we arrived, we saw the incarnation.

It must have seen us before we noticed him. We couldn't smell Naraku until we got to the new village. It works fast, whatever it is. The entire village had already been massacred in the few minutes it took us to arrive.

It knew how to cloak its scent, but even before we smelt it we saw the unmistakable scar of a spider on its back, labeling it as a part of Naraku. Seeing us, it uncloaked its scent, causing a wave of dizziness to wash over us.

Koga recovered first, and attacked. The thing dodged him easily and instead went after me. It used my dizziness to its advantage and struck me in the gut. It caught me with one arm and picked me up. I didn't lose consciousness immediately. I tried to keep the darkness blurring my sight at bay. That was when I realized. I had been the target all along!

Koga noticed at the same time. "Boen!" he yelled out.

He was unable to help me. Koga was struck as well when he tried to free me from the monster's grasp, and I watched as he fell. Before he hit the ground, I blacked out, unable to fight the darkness any longer.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------

When I woke up I was alone. The room I was in looked like a prison cell, though it didn't have the usual bars. It was devoid of furniture besides the straw bed I woke up on. There was no window for me to look out of, meaning they wanted me to remain oblivious to my location.

I didn't have long to wait before someone came in the door. It was Naraku.

"Finally awake? I didn't know Ryukusai hit you that hard."

"Ryukusai? Your new incarnation? He's the first you've made in a while, isn't he? Have you missed having your incarnations slaughtered?" I stood up, flexing my claws. "You won't catch me off guard like you did earlier. I'll see to it that you don't get the chance!" I pounced on Naraku and dug my claws deep into his chest. His noxious vapors filled the room. I took care not to breathe them in, but the sneaky son of a bitch had a dagger in his hand. He sliced open my arm, causing me to open my mouth as I gasped from the sudden pain. The vapors filled my lungs and bloodstream when I inhaled them through both my wound and mouth. My claws unhooked themselves and I fell on the floor.

"Fool. You will never have a chance of killing me. I will make you part of me after I take your shard of the jewel." He opened his mouth to say more when Kagura came in.

"Naraku, Sesshomaru has taken the bait. Ryukusai attacked and was killed as you had planned him to be. He told Sesshomaru where the castle is and is coming."

"Good," he replied, "go and wait for him, and lower the shield enough for him to enter."

"All right." Kagura left.

"It seems I will have to end this quickly, unfortunately for you, but I can't have you regaining your strength before Sesshomaru comes."

I looked at him confused. "Why is he coming here? To kill you? He actually agrees with InuYasha on something." I gave a hollow laugh. I had never seen Sesshomaru myself, only ever heard about him from the others. My luck was to always be unconscious when he was around. I had not been strong enough after previous battles when Sesshomaru came to challenge InuYasha, or away to my private sleeping area.

"He knows you are here. I made sure to tell him that I had one of InuYasha's friends along with one of his own. He hates InuYasha. I'll let him know that I hold the power to take anyone at will, the weak or the strong."

"Your flattery is unneeded, Naraku, I know you are afraid of me. You have never taken my shard before and you still won't be able to." This was not the first time Naraku had captured me. He knew I had a shard and had tried to take it out of me before.

I sniffed. The air had a new scent to it. I had stalled enough to meet Sesshomaru. Naraku realized it too.

"You have just given yourself a slow and painful death. I will take your shard and consume you later. For now I must meet with Sesshomaru." His hand shot forward through my chest, and grasped at my heart. I cried out, just as Naraku's hand reemerged from inside me. I saw the glint in his hand and knew he held my Shikon Jewel shard. The pain was worse than any I'd felt before.

Naraku turned to leave the room, but someone was blocking the path. I could smell that he was a dog demon without looking at him. He seemed to be surprised to find me there, on the ground.

"What is this, Naraku? Have you been entertaining another while you waited for my visit?" He stared coldly at Naraku.

"I wasn't expecting you to get here so quickly. I expected to have killed her long before you arrived so I could give you my undivided attention. You will have to share." Naraku spoke as he released more of his noxious vapors as his lower half exploded into a sea of different demon parts. He was huge! "However, let us take it outside. We have no room to move about freely in here." He picked me up with what looked like a tentacle and threw me out the door, but I did not hit the ground. I was surprised to find that Sesshomaru had caught me with his one arm.

"Naraku wants you dead, doesn't he?" he asked as Naraku slowly made his way out the door, "he isn't allowing me time to speak with you. You had better not die or I will bring you back and kill you much more painfully when I am through with you."

"I won't die. I have questions for you as well. Don't get killed." I said, though my voice was weak. Too much of Naraku's vapors were inside of me.

Sesshomaru smirked.

"You shouldn't be concerned about me when you are already waiting at death's door. Though I warn you to stay out of my fight." He put me down so that I stood, though shakily, on my feet. I did not fall over. I would get Naraku before he got to me.

"No good. I am going to kill Naraku." I spoke, my voice sounding more sure than I felt.

"Do as you wish." Sesshomaru did not say any more.

"Boen, you are more foolish than I realized. Still defying me when I could have just ended your misery before." Naraku laughed at my bravery. I growled, amusing him further.

"You are the fool. You should have killed me instead of merely taking my shard. Even without it I am still strong enough to kill you." I coughed, and blood ran down my chin.

Sesshomaru glanced at me. "You really do travel with InuYasha. His stubbornness has certainly rubbed off on you." He smirked.

"Lets just get this over with," I said, annoyed. I hated being laughed at.

Sesshomaru quietly agreed by drawing his sword and going at Naraku. I drew my own, too, though I almost never used it. I followed Sesshomaru's lead and ran at Naraku. Together we hacked at Naraku's flesh, though Naraku seemed to be letting us. I knew it was a trap, but I kept at it anyway.

We had severed a good deal off of Naraku when he showed us his reason for allowing so much of him to be cut away. The severed pieces flew together and enveloped both me and Sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru spoke. "Trying this tactic again, Naraku? It failed before, do not think it won't fail again." I looked up, surprised to see that Sesshomaru was already freeing himself with his sword. I tried to do the same but found both my claws and sword were stuck. I looked back over to Sesshomaru. He, too, was having more difficulty than he imagined.

"I know this failed the last time, but you have failed to notice that my body has been covered with a sticky slime. The slime, however, is poisonous. The more you move, the sooner you will die from exposure." Naraku watched in amusement as we struggled, but I realized that we were going about it the wrong way. I stopped trying to free myself but instead used my sword to hack at the stuff surrounding Sesshomaru sword arm.

"What are you doing? I do not need your help." I kept at it anyway, before I spoke.

"Everyone has told me about your sword, Tokijin. Does it not hate anything that is good? It may react if it can just touch my sword, and burn us out of this!" he understood, and stretched his sword out to reach mine, keeping it pointed down. I managed to graze it with mine and Tokijin reacted as I hoped it would. Its own miasma was melting the slime around us, freeing us. We ran at Naraku again.

Our swords hit the half of Naraku's body that still retained a human like appearance. We chopped him down as Kagome's arrow had long before. Kohaku leapt out of his hiding place and caught Naraku as he fell. He ran to where Kagura was waiting, and they flew off on her feather, though Naraku spoke once more before he left.

"You may have won for today, but I shall devour you at some point in time. Be lucky you can live for another day." His voice faded away as they went out of sight.

My strength gave out, and I toppled over. Before I passed out, Sesshomaru scooped me up with his arm and carried me off.

--------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- -------------------

Sesshomaru was stoking a fire when I finally woke up. It was dark out, and we were alone. I sat up, and my shirt slid off, revealing that someone had bandaged my wounds. I picked my shirt back up and put it on. Though I did not blush at the fact that Sesshomaru had seen my chest, I still have a bit of modestly. I waited for him to speak, but he did not. I decided to break the silence.

"Why did you let me live? I thought you hated InuYasha and his friends." Sesshomaru looked at me before he took a seat opposite the fire. Though I had seen him earlier, I had not noted that he was incredibly handsome.

"I want to know where my brother is. I have not paid him a visit for some time. I want to know if he is still the same as before."

I thought about what he meant, the same as before. I knew he meant had he increased his strength, but I wondered what that had to do with him killing InuYasha.

"He has gotten stronger, though how much you will have to see for yourself. It is not something I could say completely. I do not know where he is, though it is probably out searching for me." He stayed quiet for a bit, pondering his next question. He surprised me with what he asked.

"What about you? Every time I paid InuYasha a visit you have not been awake. What type of demon are you to always be asleep?" I bowed my head slightly with both shame and embarrassment.

"I was always wounded. I had only just been turned into a demon, so I was weak. I was hurt much more back then than I am now. My strength has increased greatly, and the only reason I am wounded now is because I was taken off guard and poisoned." I knew it was an excuse, but I did not want him thinking me a weakling.

"What do you mean, 'only just been turned into demon?' Were you mortal before?"

I told him the story, and watched to see if his expression changed. It didn't.

"You are interesting." Though his face didn't change, I could tell he was smiling in his head.

I looked at him incredulously. Interesting? Is it really that interesting to go from mortal to demon? I didn't know what to say. Turns out, though, that I didn't have to. He spoke before I could have.

"I have never met one who has been turned into a demon. It is interesting how you are not seemingly evil, just demon. Most would not have survived had it happened to them."

"And you find it interesting?" I was finding him to be the same. He hates InuYasha, but he seemed to like me, despite his earlier threat.


I did not say anything to that. He was making my heart pound, though I did not know why.

"That is enough for tonight. You must rest, otherwise you won't make the trip tomorrow."

"Where are we going?"

"I am going to take you to my home. I want to talk to you more, before InuYasha finds you."

I was shocked, but I did not disagree with him. I was curious, and wanted my curiosity filled, in a way I knew that only he could.

----------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- -----------------

The journey was hard on me, with how my wounds wanted to reopen unless I rested often. Once we caught InuYasha's scent, and Sesshomaru ran with me in his arm. I did not mind that he often did not speak, enjoying just being in his company. At a time when I did get him to speak, I asked if he had traveling companions.

"I do." he had replied, the first he had spoken for awhile.

"Where are they?" I had asked.

"They are out looking for rumors of Naraku's whereabouts. I sent them to go searching after I returned with you. They questioned who you were, but I gave them no answers."

"Why not? You knew I was a companion to InuYasha, why did you not tell them at least that?"

"Jaken would not have left with Rin with out asking me why I did not kill you, instead carried you with me."

I looked curiously at him. "I've been wanting to ask that. Why haven't you kill me? It would have been something to spite InuYasha." I had asked the question I was afraid to here the answer to, though I knew I needed to find out.

Sesshomaru actually smiled, the first time I had seen him do so, and I knew I was one of very few people who had seen him do it.

"I am curious about you. Why, did you think I really would? If I had truly wanted to, I would have killed you a long time ago. I would not have answered your questions, or even have let you ask them." His smile was gone, as if it had never been there. I asked no more questions, and we continued on our way.

--------------------------------------- ---------------------------------- ----------------------------------

It took three days to get to Sesshomaru's home. He had a hut, like most people did, but the area surrounding it was beautiful. There was a waterfall behind it, running down into a lake. The clearing around it was surrounded by a dense forest. You could not see through the trees, meaning none could see through them either. Like we had been on our journey, we were completely alone. There was one difference, though. I could not smell any demons around, meaning they knew that this land belonged to Sesshomaru, and if they disturbed him, they would die.

The feeling of secludedness was very welcoming for me. I did not wish to be around others just then. I did not want any to see me in the state I was currently in.

Sesshomaru led me into the house, and set up a bed of straw for me. When he finished, he motioned for me to rest while he gathered something for us to eat. I hadn't noticed that I was hungry.

I had just finished changing my bandages when he returned. I cooked the food and we ate in silence. I knew that we were both waiting for the other to begin. He started first.

"Are you worried about what I will do to you?" I shook my head. I wasn't scared of him. I felt more at peace than I had ever felt in my life.

"I'm not scared. Just... curious. You can help with that. Though you don't usually help people, do you?" I had noticed his icy demeanor from his silence, noticed that he usually did not have company to talk to.

"No, they usually are killed or ignored, never more than that."

"Have you not wanted to belong to something?"


I didn't speak. I knew now that we were similar to each other. We did not seek refuge with others, though we felt at peace with each other. I liked the feeling, though I would not have admitted to it had I been asked.

"What about you? Do you want to belong?" His question surprised me slightly, I hadn't been expecting it.

"Yes, because I don't belong with anybody. Because of what I am. Not demon, mortal, or even half demon. I don't belong anywhere."

He didn't speak immediately, instead just looked at me. I didn't know what to think, so I just... stared back at him. I saw things I had not seen before. There was a pain in his eyes, as though he were lonely. I felt as though I understood so much about him, though I knew nothing other than what he had told me.

"Boen," he said, using my name for the first time, "I... you should go and wash in the lake, before it gets too dark." He turned away. I knew he had wanted to say something else, but he didn't. For some reason it hurt how he turned away like that, because I knew he could not yet trust me.

------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------- -------

I did go and bathe, but I used most of the time I had to think. I had only just met Sesshomaru. Of course he would not trust me yet. I was still a stranger. He had spoken to me more than he had ever spoken to another. Though he didn't tell me, I somehow knew it was true. How was I different than anyone else he had ever met? And why was he different than all the other guys I had ever known?

------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------- -------------

A week passed and I was still with Sesshomaru. We had grown closer than I had thought we could become. He opened up to me, letting me get to know him. I did the same for him. We were slowly building something I would never forget, but something seemed amiss, like there was something wrong with the whole thing.

"Sesshomaru," I said, "are your friends going to be coming home? They have been away from you for awhile. I thought they would have checked up on you and given you a status report or something." Sesshomaru shook his head.

"They do not know where we are. They won't come here for awhile yet, and InuYasha will not come." he said.

"Why won't InuYasha come? Has he never been here before?"

"No, he hasn't. Have you ever heard about how scents disappear around water? It is true, and a very useful bit of knowledge to know when finding a place for shelter against enemies. Even should my enemies know where I am, they can not get though my barrier."

"When did you raise a barrier? I had not even noticed it."

"I did not raise it recently. It has been up for a long time, it just merely allows those I want to pass through pass."

"How many have you let pass besides your companions?"

"Only you."

I blushed, and turned away so he would not see my scarlet face.

"I-I'm going to get a bath," I rose and left the hut, running the distance to the lake. I stripped and jumped in, letting the cold water cool my burning face. I swam around, thinking about what he said. But why was I different? Why did he keep me here when my wounds had long since healed?

I kept swimming for a while longer, never noticing that Sesshomaru was watching. I swam to the bank and walked out, still not knowing he was there. I only knew of his presence when I felt his arm go about my waist pulling me to him.

"S-Sesshomaru," I said, "w-what are you, what are you doi-" I couldn't finish the sentence as I felt his lips close on mine. Though I was shocked at first, I joined in, letting his kiss deepen. When he pulled his lips off mine he ran them up the side of my face going to my ear. He hugged me to him tightly before whispering what I never expected to hear.

"I love you," He released me and walked away, leaving me standing there, just watching him leave and wishing he hadn't left me there to think about his words.

----------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- --------

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