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I decided the truth, or at least most of it, would be the most appropriate thing to tell them all. "Sesshomaru saved me from Naraku's castle when I first disappeared. Naraku's incarnation Ryukusai had captured me as I fought against him with koga, and took me to his master. I stalled a bit, hoping you would show up to help me, but it was Sesshomaru who appeared. Naraku took my shard. He also said he was going to devour me after a slow and painful death. I was already wounded, and for some reason Sesshomaru took me with him. I don't know why, and i don't remember much about what happened when we parted company."

Inuyasha growled. "And why were you fighting against Ryukusai in the first place? Without us?!" I heard the implied 'without me.' The dog always did hate to miss his chance at fighting the enemy.

Koga shrugged his shoulders. I was coming to meet up with everyone and she sniffed me out. Was trying to keep me and you separated so we didn't fight, like usual. We ended up being attacked, and she was Ryukusai's target all along. I couldn't stop him from taking her, and thats been haunting me since it happened." he stared me in the eyes with a look of total regret.

Shaking my had I placed a hand on his knee. "Its not your fault. Stop blaming yourself. Naraku would have gotten me one way or another."

Kagome was still confused. "But why were you coming to get us so late at night? What had happened?" She looked between me and the wolf apprehensively.

Koga blushed slightly, and turned away. "I... I just didn't want you to see that burning village. Boen told me you already had seen one, so i got there too late."

She smiled. "thanks for trying. I know you meant well, Koga."

Sango and Miroku, whom had been in silent contemplation, stood up. "We're going to search the area for more clues. You guys try and find Sesshomaru. He can probably tell us more and help us out a bit."

With nods around the bunch, we all stood, and slowly, started on our separate ways.

I was thankful the others never made mention of my actual stay with Sesshomaru, and that koga had kept silent about us. I knew the man would never have hurt me intentionally, now we just had to find him to figure out what had happened.

Sesshomaru stared at the stars guiltily. He knew how bad it was for him to feel like this, and yet he couldn't quell the desire burning in his heart, and other parts of his body. He yearned for her, and when he tried to rest he dreamed of her. Usually a man of stone, the rock above his heart had shattered and he'd realized how deeply he'd fallen for the girl.

Yet as much as he wanted her, if she was wit him she'd only be in danger. Until Naraku was destroyed he had to keep himself away from her and hope that her heart did not change. In the mean time he'd continue his search and hope that this battle was over soon, for then he'd forget all else and claim Boen as his own again. He'd decided to make certain she was his, no matter what anyone else had to say to it.

As he raced away Koga became slightly more worried. Boen had not mentioned her affair with Sesshomaru, and he'd asumed she wanted him to keep silent on the matter as well. Everything that had been said had been the truth, and she didn't believe what he saw Sesshomaru do when she'd been reclaimed. It hadn't been the cur's healing sword he'd pulled out. It had been Tokijin, and Koga knew how deadly that blade was.

"Damn it," he grumbed to himself, "she owes me big for this one!"

Despite the complaints his weary wolves shouted to his back, he sped up, further leaving his wolves in the dust.

Mei-Lin paced angrily. That 'Boen' had stolen her man. She had to come up with some way to get revenge... but how? It was true. She was no matched for the other girl, and it infuriated her more.

"He's mine, bitch, and no one is going to take him from me..." around her the ground began to shake as her loyal dead came out from their graves. Like the zombies they were they sauntered messily over to where she was, and waited patiently. She looked up, still angry. "Well, don't just stand there! Go attack them or something! Be of some use, lousy corpses..." her army of the dead turned, and sloppily made their way towards every which way, trying to fulfill their master's comands even though they didn't understand them anymore, having long since lost their own minds.

A man stepped into the clearing, as the last of the dead marched away. "Mei-Lin... I can help you get your revenge." he said simply.

She looked up. "Oh yeah? And how do you suppose to do that?"

The stranger held up a jewel shard. "Through this. It will increase your powers and strengthen you enough so that you can beat Boen."

A smirk crossed her features. "and why are you helping me? If you have the shard, why don't you use it yourself? How do you know I won't just take the shard and kill you now?"

A tendril shot out and wrapped itself arou nd her neck, lifting her from the ground. "Allow me to be frank. If you haven't the power to destroy a mortal then you wouln't stand even a second against me if I were to turn serious. I do not have the time to clean up the mess I left with Boen, so I came to the woman the most vengeful against her. I will use your vengeance against her and bring me back her body, or at the very least her head and heart. Am I understood?"

Gasping, Mei-Lin nodded. The tedril released her, and she fell to the ground. Struggling to breath, the shard was dropped on her leg, and she turned to her strangler/benefactor. He was gone. "Wait! Who are you!" she called.

"Naraku. Remember that.'

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