How She Is

Chapter 1: Put Me First

Summary: After Sam and Danny breakup a new guy comes and starts dating Sam. Will Danny get jealous and try to get Sam back, or will he let go and let Sam date someone new? Featuring song How She Is by Mickeal.

Disclaimer: Nothing here is mine, except for the plot, and the notebook I wrote it on. The OC doesn't even belong to me! The OC is a friend of mine who wanted to be in my story!

A/N: Hey, DxSfluffluver4ever here with another random idea! This one came to me when I was listening to How She Is for the first time. Anyway, I know you guys don't really care how I come up with these ideas so, here it is, chapter 1!

17-year-old Danny Fenton was with his girlfriend of three years, Goth vegetarian, Sam Manson.

"Sam, Sam, hello!" Danny said while trying to get her attention.

Sam shook her head and said, "Sorry, Danny."

Danny smiled and asked, "Staring at the rain again, huh?"

Sam said, "Yeah, I love the rain."

Danny asked, "What should we watch?"

Sam got a movie and asked, "What about this one?" She then handed Danny the movie. Danny took the movie and put it in. When the movie started playing Danny and Sam saw each other playing around in the beach. They suddenly saw Sam sitting in the sand, writing in a black notebook.

Danny asked, "Sam, what were you writing?"

Sam blushed and said, "I was writing you a poem."

Danny asked, "Do you still have it?"

Sam said, "Yeah, I do."

Danny asked, "Can I read it?"

Sam said, "Nope!"

Just then on the screen Danny and Sam saw each other taking another walk on the beach.

Danny said, "We took a lot of walks that day."

Sam said, "It was because of me, I love to walk on the beach."

When the movie was over Sam fell asleep on Danny's shoulder and put her legs on top of him. Danny smiled, grabbed a nearby blanket, and wrapped it around Sam.


The next day at school Danny and Sam were at their lockers when Valerie passed by. Sam watched Danny, who watched Valerie pass by. When Valerie was fully gone Sam sighed and said, "Danny we need to talk."

Danny said, "Okay, sure Sam."

Sam said, "Look, it's obvious that you still like Valerie, and I'm tired of being last."

Danny asked, "What do you mean?"

Sam said, "Dan, I love you, I've loved you ever since we were 14, and I've always put you before everything, my family, our friends, I'd do anything for you, you know that."

Danny said, "I love you too, I'd do anything for you, Sam."

Sam said, "That's not how I feel, I mean Dan, didn't you notice the way you were drooling over Valerie, it was like we were back in 9th grade again."

Danny asked, "You wanna breakup, don't you?"

Sam nodded and said, "I'm sorry."

Danny sadly nodded and said, "Okay, see you around, Sammy." Then he sadly went to class. Sam called out to him but he couldn't hear her. Sam sighed, and thought, If only he had put me first, like I did to him.

A/N: Poor Danny! But don't worry; everything will end for the best. Until next time!