Dear Logan,

I know you're probably pissed as hell at me that I left like this, and kept you in the dark the whole time. Hell, you're probably pissed at me about a lot of things. I need you to know that I only kept everything from you in order to protect baby Lilly. You know I'd trust you with my life, even after everything. I just couldn't take any chances with hers. I hope someday you can understand that.

I wish I had been able to say goodbye to you. I don't want this to become all girly and shmoopy, but it kills me to know that I'll never see you again, and never beat your sorry ass with the Play Station again. Keep practicing, buddy. Maybe then, if I can ever come back to Neptune, you may have a slight chance of winning.

Strange how the one thing we really needed to talk about is the one subject we never dared to bring up. Maybe we would have just ended up wailing on each other. Maybe we finally would have gotten that white elephant out of the room. Now that I'm gone, though, I have no excuse for not saying what needs to be said.

Veronica. There, I've brought up her name. When the two of you first got together, I don't know who I was more angry with, you or her. But I swear I never tried to take her from you. I just couldn't pass up the chance once she was free again. I've never felt about anyone the way that I felt about her. When she and I got back together, it was almost like we had gone back in time to before Lilly's death, when everything was so much simpler. But you know what? There is no going back.

I hate having to say this, and I don't know how I could ever say it to Veronica, but I think we would have had to split up even without baby Lilly. Too much has happened. I'm not the same. She's not the same. And I think you know all of this better than I do.

You've never said a word about it, and I was comfortable with that. But I see the way you look at her. And the way she looks at you. I can't say that it doesn't make me jealous. But maybe being so far away changes my perspective on the whole thing. Maybe it's so crazy that it makes sense.

I'm counting on you to take care of our girl, Logan. We both know she's not a tough as she pretends. And if you ever tell her any of what I've said, I will come out of hiding and whip your skinny ass.


Dear Duncan,

If I knew where to send this, I would ship myself instead and smack you around as a way to say hello. Part of me is so fucking pissed at you. Why couldn't you tell me? I'd have helped out, you have to know that. And staging that breakup? You even had me fooled. I don't like feeling like a fool.

Looking back, I guess I can see why it had to be this way. Saving a baby and all that. Sir Duncan on his white horse. Except I don't think that knocking up your girlfriend and then dumping her for your ex really fits in with that 'knight in shining armor' routine. That armor is looking mighty tarnished, pal. Gotta say I'm proud. Even I've never knocked up a girl. That I know of.

So…yeah. I miss you, dude. You left a helluva mess back here in Neptune, and you left your girl right in the middle of it. Nicely done. Strange how I get the reputation as the jackass, while you flee the jurisdiction and still come out smelling like roses. Ah, if only I had been born a Kane.

I want you to know that I'm looking out for her. She might not realize it, and she'd probably zap me with her taser if she did, but I'm keeping my eye on her and doing what I can to keep her close. I won't pretend I don't have ulterior motives. Getting her to not hate me is the first part of my dastardly scheme. But I want you to know that I won't let anyone hurt her. Not even me.

Take care of yourself, man. And baby Lilly. And tell her that her Uncle Logan is so much cooler than you are.