Author's Note: Just a series of short stories relating to various words. All characters and maybe even pairings. I haven't decided yet.


She had decided to go hunting that day. Potential prey was in abundance and went about its business as if there was no danger to be had.

The bushes provided cover for the young huntress, her catlike reflexes not failing her as she crept about the outskirts of the target area.

The first potential target sat silently alone, the shade of a tree only enhancing its darkness.

'No.' She thought. 'That one would not do.'

The second target was moving. It was agile, graceful, almost floating.

'No. That one won't do either.'

The huntress smiled slightly. Such creatures with potential could serve her later. She heard a noise near her hiding spot and she peered out between the leaves.

A smiled crept across her face. Perfect.

The target was walking, oblivious to her presence and the danger it posed. She readied her arm, the muscles tensing at she prepared to strike.

She narrowed her eyes and waited, the target almost right next to her position. She could smell his scent. Suddenly, she took her shot and then broke into a run, the shriek coming from her victim told her she had made a direct hit.


The huntress turned and smiled in satisfaction. Egg custard was a pain to get out of one's clothes.

Azula is such a brat...LOL. More to come.