Author's Note: Yes, I am evil. Completely evil. BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!!!!!!!! But this is totally for fun and I just needed to do it because c'mon - do some of you even watch the show before you write?

He was gorgeous! Full of rippling muscles and passion! And the hair! Oh gods the hair!

"Oooooooo…Zuko!" Katara draped her arms around the Prince's neck, ecstatic when he kissed her with all the passion and experience a young man of his stature should possess.

It was hot and fiery! And oh the muscles!

Sokka stood there, ignored as usual, arms crossed and staring at the pair. He shook his head.

"Not again."

"Not again what?" The young Avatar asked, before catching sight of the kissing duo in front of him. "What are they doing? What's wrong with Katara?"

Sokka rolled his eyes. "Just another self-insertion fangirl fic. Turning my sister all stupid."

Aang stared, eyes wide. "What is wrong with Zuko? He usually doesn't look like that."

"No. But these are fangirl fics. Zuko's always the sexy hunk of ultra-manliness."

"Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha! Zuko! Even I got kissed on the show before he did. And I'm twelve!"

"Seriously. If they don't cut it out, I'm going to vomit." The watertribe warrior stuck his finger in his mouth, pretending to gag.

"So why don't we stop it." The airbender asked.

"Because we, my friend, don't exist. Or if we do make an appearance in a fangirl fic, I am immediately okay with my sister making out with Princey-poo over there and you are turned into a whiny baby and instantly forgotten by my sister who has her panties hopelessly enflamed with the hotness that is Zuko."

"That's awful. Why would they do that to us?"

"We apparently aren't the stuff to make fangirls get all hot and bothered over." Sokka patted Aang on the shoulder.

"Oh." The young Avatar looked down. "Poor us."

"Poor us? Please. Just be thankful that isn't you. Fangirls messing with your character. Scary, scary stuff."