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I don't own pokemon. In fact, I also don't own digimon, x-men, barney (thank god) or any of those things. Pokemon which is copyrighted to Nintendo and a bunch of other people will appear in this story. Unless you own it, don't bother me bother me about it.

This is not a nice story. You have been warned.

I heard once, long ago, that umbreon were hated in a few places, and instead espeons were worshiped as day gods. Funny.

Where I live, neither are liked. Very few pokemon are, actually. The dragon-type is hated because of some demon seten or something who is sometimes called a dragon. For the same reason, ekans and other snake pokemon are considered evil, bearers of the original sin, because dragon and serpent are connected somehow. Eevee's multiple evolutions are seen as bad in the wild because they chose what to evolve into, not god, whatever that is. And the two special evolutions…well, for some reason human trainers choosing what form the eevee takes, as opposed to the eevee choosing or it happening naturally is somehow better. Like most of their rules, it is very self-serving. But espeon and umbreon aren't chosen. If you think about it, it is kind of like god choosing what form they should take. But for some reason, the people hate it.

I guess the fact that both natural evolutions are the two "evilest" types might have something to do with it. No psi or dark types exist within hunting range. I can remember the last dark type found. They roasted him alive over a slow fire. He was an umbreon who had evolved. I was a baby then, but I still remember my young trainer holding back tears as he screamed. She was holding me back, too. He had been my oldest brother. I can still remember what they said when they found him.

"So, another demon pokemon dared show its true form."

"The only form as bad as psi…"

"Lucifer will never gain control over us!"

"What should we do with it?"

The man smiled "Give it a taste of the fires it shall be sent to."

Pokemon evolution is seen as evil by them. Because humans do not evolve, change called sin, defying the creator. Eevee's change is the worst because they choose from several forms. If a trainer chooses the form, they have a God-given right over us, so it is fine. Otherwise…

My mother, a flareon, told me they once found a charizard and it's baby charmander. The mother was condemned to death quickly. They chained her beneath a small waterfall and left. It took her a long time to die. The charmander was forced to evolve and was then mutilated; his wings cut from his body. That was long ago. Few pokemon dare stay here now, and even they leave when they evolve. They hate wings most. My mother can't remember a pidgey, but her mother told her that once many of them lived here, or so she had heard. My mother's mother could even remember when they still hunted the pidgey for food, because they had no other excuse to kill them.

My mother taught me what the masters liked and didn't. She explained that she was fire but her master had decided she was god's fire, not hell's, and so was given the right for children. My own father was killed not long after I was born, for having a umbreon child. Normally it would be the mother who was killed, but her master said that she was not corrupted by seten. I never meat him. My mother was sad, but she took another. Her master wanted "pure" eevees, whatever that is. Mother said it had to do with getting eevees that wouldn't evolve evil creatures, good eevees. She was so very sad when her son was gone. She didn't say anything to her master, though. If she acted angry about a evil dark pokemon dying, her being a hellfire pokemon might be reconsidered. And then I would die because I would be called corrupt as the child of an evil pokemon. Mother told me never to evolve until my master told me to.

I can still remember the night they burned him. Once he was done, they passed out the meat. Each of us was to eat a slice. My mother swallowed hers uncomplainingly, as if it was a slice of bread. I didn't understand what the point was, but maybe it was to see who was upset with the killing. I was told to eat some. My mother ordered me to when I refused. Her master reached into his pocket, and I choked it down, but I couldn't keep the tears from coming out. Mother's master got angry about that. He grabbed a burning stick from the fire, and shoved it into my back after I didn't stop crying when he told me to. In a way, it was good. My tears could be mistook for pain until I could stop.

Mother is dead now. In a way, it's good. With two children being failures, she would be reexamined to see if she was an evil pokemon. She took her life not long after my brother's death. She leapt into a lake and breathed in. Her master didn't understand why it happened. She covered her tracks well. Her master thought it was an accident. She didn't want them to know how she felt. I was already being watched after my tears over the "evil" umbreon.

She killed herself because of their death. My father and brother both dead… She ate her own son's flesh. Mother loved her children more then anything in the world, more then her own life. But she obeyed her master. A lifetime of obedience cannot be overcome. She knew what to do to survive. But without them, I guess she decided she didn't want to.

Before she left, she told me to always do what the masters said. I should obey her master above all, even my own master, because he was a master of the other masters. Never go against him, and do as my own master told me without question. She told me one other thing, one thing I didn't understand then, but it scared me.

"Never wonder if what you are doing is right or wrong. Just do as the masters say. If you realize it is wrong, you will still have to do it. The masters will make you do it anyway. So don't try to ask. When you are an adult, the only thing that will let you live with it is if you didn't know you were doing wrong. If you don't know, you may be able to live with yourself. If you know, living can become a hell. Trust me," she smiled sadly "I know."

I didn't understand what she meant then. I know now, though.

My master grew older. The girl who tried not to cry as they killed my brother changed. She no longer loved living creatures. She claimed to love god. I don't know what she meant by that, but I know what it meant. She didn't love anything now. She became her father's daughter.

She waited to evolve me. One day we went out into the woods. A angry ratata attacked her. She fell over a cliff, the same one my mother had leapt over so many years ago. Sharp rocks lay below. It was the used for killing fire pokemon that were demon pokemon.

I had to save her. I evolved into espeon and lifted her out.

I should have known better. She didn't care I saved her. Perhaps she didn't even love herself anymore.

Now I'm chained to a wall. I will die tomorrow. She doesn't care about me. I guess it's a good thing I didn't evolve for her. Not quite.

She is her father's daughter. The daughter of the master of masters. The daughter of my mother's master. The daughter of my brother's killer.

I won't be like my mother. I won't live in servitude. I won't do what is wrong.

I evolved. I have no regrets for what I did. I was to be an espeon and I am. I don't care what they think. I could have become a vaporeon and saved her. I didn't. I chose not to.

Looking back, I realize I was always to be an espeon. I am not evil. My brother was not evil. The masters are the evil ones.

I chose my brother's path. This is what I am, and I will not hide. They can kill me, but this is what I am. I will not be false to myself.

If they will kill me for this, so be it. I don't even know if I should try to escape. I will not show fear to them. I am not sure…this is what I am, and I will not hide it.

If anyone is wondering where this came from, go read an anti-pokemon web site. The christian ones (VERY, VERY FUNNY!) gave me the idea of people hating espeon. Apparently, psi pokemon are going against the laws of god or something. I don't read the bible fifty billion times to try to find things that are really tricks of the devil, so I don't quite understand how imaginary creatures can really be trying to make impressionable kids sign the devil's book, but they seem to be able to.

The setting of this is in a very religious communtiy. I don't know if the whole world in the story is like this, or just the town. This could be AU or it could just be an isolated town.