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Rose and the Doctor hurtled frantically down the long winding corridors of the TARDIS. A few metres before they arrived at the entrance to the control room they heard the sound of the TARDIS door closing. Rose dropped The Doctors hand and threw herself into the control room. Desperately she searched under the controls hoping to find Saffron. Meanwhile, The Doctor was fiddling with the controls.

"She's not here….what are you doing? Help me look for her! She's got to be somewhere in the TARDIS…." Rose pleaded.

"I'm just checking….no. She's not on board…"

"She's not in the TARDIS! Oh my god…you've lost my baby!" Rose cried

"I haven't lost anyone…."The Doctor whispered, lifting up her chin, "Now Rose, don't worry, we are going to find her. She's going to be Ok…Everything's going to be Ok."

Slowly he took her hand and together they walked towards the doors of the TARDIS.

Saffron scuttled down the street. Something was following her, she didn't know what but she could sense it. The buildings on either side of the street were tall, grey, cold and unwelcoming. The roads were cracked and slimy. There was no one in sight and all around her there was silence.

Saffron hurried further turning down a dark alley hoping to get away from whatever was chasing her. She ran on into the darkness, terrified and on the verge of tears. She struggled on tripping up frequently. Her knees were bleeding and her face covered in tears. She was lost…. Completely dissolved in the darkness.

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