Title: Cold.
Fandom:Saint Seiya.
Characters: Shun, Hades.
Rating: PG.
Gerne: Angst.
Notes: I find I like Shun best among the Bronzies.


It's always so cold in here. There's so much darkness, but at the same time so much Peace. I don't understand it, but it's... calm. Hades is calming to me.

I guess I should have told someone about it, when he started talking to me, but I didn't want others to fret... He's not evil, he wants Peace. And so do I.

He wants to silence the world of war and struggle and hurt and pain, and make it into a quiet land of Peace.

He likes me, too, me and my ideas of no-violence, he has told me so. He says it's amusing that I of all the Saints, who can control the power of a God and shatter the world at will, that I would be the one to hate fighting more than anything else.

I could feel his sympathy every time I was forced to fight, every time I was called forth, but he always wondered why I tried to escape it, to convince others not to fight. Even he can lose control every once in a while, when I was fighting Aphrodite or Mime or Sorrento... he eventually yelled at me to just destroy things... to just... end the fight.

But I never lose control. I guess that's why he and I can live together well, I never lose control and he never loses his source of amusement. It's a good trade, especially in the middle of lonely nights, when I can feel his Cosmo tightly curling around me, warming me through its coldness. When a brush of his mind is like a caress to my senses.

We were a good team, I think, Hades and me, until Pandora came around.

Because she was poisoned by a need to serve us, to let us be glorious King of Underworld again. And Hades and I would have gone there gladly, if it meant keeping the balance in check, but she insisted I wasn't good enough and she sealed me away. So now the roles are reversed, Hades is in control, and I watch quietly from afar. But his temper is much shorter than mine, and Pandora keeps twisting the facts so much, he doesn't really see it.

He doesn't even listen to me anymore.

So I sit here, in my lonely cell within my own mind, deprived of my own body and missing above everything else, the warm touch of his cold Cosmo and the quiet voice that spoke of Peace and Silence.