Dedicated to the author Fidget and Cv. I think you are cool.Please show some respect and don't diss me please. I'm sick and tired of it.

It was a nice day in Paris where a race was to take place. Not far from there was Tempest and Asazi with Blaze. Dr.X sent Quake to make an somewhat earthquake. While Quake was the distraction, Asazi takes out the guards and both Tempest and Blaze run inside and get what they came for.
Asazi said," There he is!"
Blaze said," I see him! Should we contact Quake?"
Asazi said," Not yet! Not till they take off!"
Dr.X said into Blaze's Com," Blaze!"
Blaze said," Dr.X?"
The two villains turned.
Blaze continued," What is it?"
Dr.X said," Contact Quake!"
Blaze said," Got it! Over and out! Quake! Come in!"
Quake said," When are we going to get Action Man?"
Blaze said," Calm down! Dr.X wants you to give it all you got!"
Quake said," Here I go!"
Quake started to hit the ground and it started shaking. Tempest and Blaze fell back as Asazi got up.
Asazi ordered," Let's go!"
Tempest and Blaze started taking off trying to keep their balance but it was a good thing Dr.X's ship showed up. Two ropes were thrown down. Blaze and Tempest both grabbed on as they were pulled up. Tempest was the first one to get up on the ship. His hands reached up and got his legs up, then he got in the ship. Then, he helped Blaze up as she grabbed his arms.
Dr.X showed up," Okay, now to phase two!"
Tempest and Blaze walked with him.
Blaze whispered to Tempest," I swear he's a mad scientist!"
Tempest whispered back," Nah, just a genius like me!"
She whacked him in the back as he added in a whisper," And you too!"
When they arrived at the bridge, Dr.X said," While Action Man is distracted, we're going to head to a serect place and you will try to get the infomation! I got a image of what the place looks like. It is sercured."
Tempest asked looking rather impatient," How do we get in?"
Dr.X said," We'll find a way too!"
Blaze asked," Are they Intercept?"
Dr.X said," No! Asazi is already on her way there with her motorcycle!"
Tempest said," We are ready!"
Dr.X said," We are almost there but you may have to knock some security systems when you get inside!"
Blaze said," We'll take care of it!"
Dr.X said," I count on you two!"
Tempest said," We will not fail you!"
Dr.X said," Here we are!"
Tempest said," Let's go Blaze!"
Blaze said," Hold on, Tempest! Asazi, come in!"
Asazi said," Asazi here!"
Blaze said," How's the situation down there?"
Asazi said," I already knocked out the guards and broke inside!"
Blaze said," Got ya! Tempest and I are on our way!"
Tempest and Blaze than took off. The ropes were thrown down as they slid down. Blaze was down first as she scanned the area.
Tempest was the second one down as Blaze said," We're clear!"
Tempest used his lightning and then they got in.
Tempest said," Blaze, watch my back!"
Blaze nodded as she looked around. He headed for the sercuity alarm and shot it with his power. The two ran through. Blaze went in front of him and shot all the alarms. Blaze heard a noise and put her arm up. She put her back against the wall and then looked. There was no one there.
Tempest said," Hear something?"
Blaze said," I thought I did!"
Tempest said," Let's go!"
Blaze led the way until they came to a hallway with doors.
Blaze said," This time, watch my back! There's sercuity codes on these doors!"
Tempest said," Right! Dr.X said it was the computer room!"
Blaze moved ahead as Tempest kept his eye out.
Blaze searched the doors until she saw a sign at the end of the hall.
Blaze said," i found it!"
Tempest ran down the hall. He used his power and the door broke down and fell on the ground with a thud. He than took two disks and handed one to her.
He said," Okay, we hack into these computers and get what we came for!"
She nodded as they saw the computers were on. Tempest went to one computer and Blaze was beside him on the other computer.
Blaze typed really fast as Tempest got distracted by it.

Part two: Plan completed
The two villians continued typing as Dr.X said," Tempest! Blaze!"
Tempest said sounding impatient," What is it?"
Dr.X said," Are you guys done yet?"
Blaze answered for Tempest," We're close to done! What's going on?"
Dr.X said," We got Intercept heading our way!"
Tempest said rudely," We're trying to go as fast as we can here!"
Dr.X said," Asazi is watching for them! We'll meet you on the roof!"
Tempest said," Over and out!"
Blaze said," We better hurry this up!"
Tempest continued typing giving Blaze a nod.
Then, the two of them got gone in 3 minutes. They ejected the disks and ran out but went back in.
Tempest said," Just what we needed, a unwanted attack."
Blaze looked around and said," Let take the vents!"
Tempest looked up and shot his power at the vent. The opening fell down as Tempest boosted Blaze up. Then Blaze extended her body down and got Tempest up.
Blaze said," Dr.X! Come in!"
Dr.X said," Proceed!"
Blaze continued," We're in the vents but which way do we go?"
Dr.X said," Go to the left and turn to the right! It will lead you to the stairway and then take the stairs and head all the way up."
Blaze said," Gotcha! Over and out!"
Then she looked to Tempest and said," Let's go!"
She starting leading the way and started crawling till there was a split. Blaze turned to the right as did the Tempest. Then we came to the end.
Tempest said moving his arm over her shoulder," Let me!"
She felt his elbow as she took the pressure. He used his power and striked the vent opening. It came off as Blaze jumped out.
Tempest jumped out next nearly losing his balance.