Chapter 7: What's going to happen next?

Dr.X said," I am going alone on this mission!"
Blaze hissed at Tempest," I knew it!"
He smacked her shoulder lightly as we listened.
Dr.X said," If I do fail, you will have to come and fight Action Man for me!"
Blaze said," I thought we did all the dirty work!"
Dr.X said," Silence Blaze! We all get our fair share! Asazi, you and Quake get ready to draw Action Man in!"
Tempest said," What do we do?"
Dr.X said," You two stay here and get ready to pick up Asazi and Quake when they contact you!"
Blaze and Tempest moaned as the three took off.
Blaze said," Just great! Stuck in the ship when we could be out there!"
Tempest said," I would have to concur with that! We are both superior villains that can take on ActionJock anyday!"
Blaze said," Yeah! We can take him on! Someday, We are going to fight Actiondork without taking orders from Dr.X!"

Rikki was looking at the scanner while they were flying.
Rikki said," Nothing! *pause* Nothing!*pause* *Hey I got something on the scanners!"
Grinder said," It's Quake and Asazi and they are heading somewhere!"
Alex said," We better get down there! Grinder, land Big air down!"
Grinder said," Right on it A-man!"
Grinder drove the ship down and landed. He took the shockwave gun and attached the grappling hook. They opened the back and took the motorcycle and car. Grinder was driving the car with Rikki and Fidget in it while Alex took the motorcycle. Fidget held her camera.
Fidget said," Scanners say they are still in Virgina but they are leaving there!"
Rikki said," I wonder what he is doing."
Alex said to the three of them through the comlink," i don't know but we are going to find out!"

Tempest pressed a button and made the ship go invisible.
Blaze had set in the coordinates and the ship began moving.
Blaze said," Coorinates set! Moving out of Virgina!"
Tempest said," Hear you loud and clear! The ship is on auto-pilot!"
Blaze sighed and turned away from the counsel and looked around the bridge. It seemed bigger than half of the ship. Blaze placed her back against the counsel and placed her hands on it. Her arms went straight.
Tempest said," Now about that bet we made!"
Blaze said," Ah, yes! That one! We seemed to be a bit tied on it but we still didn't figure out what would happen if one of us wins!"
Tempest said," I am trying to think of one!"
Blaze said," Me too!"
They both gave a sigh and walked out of the bridge and around the ship.

When Team X-treme arrived, Asazi and Quake were hiding. They looked until they heard a voice. It was Dr.X.
Dr.X said," There you are! I hoped that Asazi and Quake kept you busy when you were chasing them!"
Alex said," Yeah! We know you have that weapon!"
Dr.X said," So you find out at last!"
Alex said," we got a tip from Intercept!"
Dr.X had the weapon in his hand. It was a gun.
Dr.X said," I guess I have to test it out on you!"
Rikki said," Let's take cover! We won't get in the way of Alex!"
Grinder and Fidget agreed as they parked behind a large rock. They jumped out and watched. Then the airship arrived. Asazi and Quake were on top of the large rock behind Dr.X.
The ropes were thrown down and the two grabbed the rope.
Dr.X said," Ah, I see the ship has came!"
Dr.X put his hand on the trigger.
Dr.X said," Try and dodge this Action Man!"

On the ship....
A screen came on as Tempest and Blaze ran back.
Tempest said," I don't believe it!"
Quake and Asazi entered after climbing the rope.
Asazi said," You better believe it!"
Blaze said," He's about to fire!"

Down below....
Dr.X pushed the trigger and it shot cannonballs.
Dr.X said," Cannon balls!"

On the ship...
Blaze, Tempest, Asazi and Quake were just laughing.
Blaze said," Cannonballs! They put cannonballs in there!"
Blaze placed her head on Tempest's shoulder and just laughed.
Tempest said," You got to be kidding me!"

Down below....
Alex said," I wonder who done that!"
Then a helicopter came with Diana Zervas.
Diana shouted," i guess we got you Dr.X! We put a cannon ball gun and switched it for the one that shoots out magnetic forces and changes the person!"
Dr.X threw the weapon down, breaking it.
Dr.X said," Somebody! Come in!"

On the ship....
Asazi said," Asazi here!"
Dr.X said through the comline," bring me up!"
Blaze pressed a button and dispatched a trilorocket, looking at Tempest with a victory look on her face.

Down below...
The trilorocket goes on Dr.X as he says," This isn't the last you'll see of me and my council of Doom!"
The rocket took Dr.X to the ship.

On the ship...
Dr.X walked in saying," I don't believe he defeated me again!"
Blaze said," It happens Dr.X!"
Tempest said," Yeah! We'll get them next time!"
Asazi said," You can count on that Dr.X!"
Dr.X shouted," We'll be back Action man! Without a doubt, we will!"

Cargo Bay of the airship...
Tempest was waiting in the cargo bay. Blaze was just outside setting her hand on the knob. She turned it and opened. She saw a shadow.
She said," Wanted to see me, Tempest?"
Tempest ordered," Come here!"
Blaze listened, walking over.
Tempest continued," You won the bet!"
Blaze said," You sort of did too because he took Quake and Asazi!"
Tempest said," No I wasn't! He didn't take us! Everyone of us counted!"
Blaze said as he continued looking through the window," Oh!"
Blaze walked towards him and placed a hand on his shoulder. He turned and looked at her with his green eyes. He placed his left arm on her waist. Blaze blushed in surprise.
Tempest placed her against the wall.
He said," Here's your prize!"
He grinned as Blaze was in shock. Tempest held her down and gave a calm look. He moved his head down and kissed her. She closed her eyes along with his. Blaze moved her arm behind his neck. The kiss lasted for 4 minutes and when Tempest released it, Blaze fell on her knees.
Blaze thought," I'm going to be having dreams about this!"