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Usa, the assiant chef of the Merry Go, she a bit of a ditz. She has a habit of always wearing Pink sundresses. In fight her opponent has a tendency to understate her, however she's master of the GI Style of Martial Arts and also can control her Ki with a jewel known as the Gem of the Moon. She's also a rabbit girl (Rabbit ears and tail)

Ko, both the musician and battle stagiest, she's very intelligent but also extremely sarcastic. She's surprisingly Usa's younger half sister by a day (same father, different mother). She's a master of the Kone style of weapons and also has an excellent grasp of pocket space. She hates perverts and enjoys to torture Sanji a lot. She's also a cat girl (cat ears and tail).

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Chapter 2: The Truth

It was quiet on board… the tension between the two martial artists stood across from each other.

"This is going to be one good fight…" said Ko.

Zoro nodded he could tell by the tension in the air…

"Especially since they hadn't had a serous match in 4 years…" thought Ko.

Trent ran towards Usa who just stood there, he was about to close line her. At the very last moment, she dodged and grabbed his arm and threw him over her shoulder and landed hard on the deck.

"Whoa!" said Luffy.

Trent got up and jumped to his feet, he ran to his sister and began to punch her but she dodged each hit.

"She's gotten better…" thought Trent.

Usa sidestepped and then kicked him the face, he spun the air a few times then landed with hands and feet.

"He's gotten better since I last saw him…" thought Usa.

Trent began to move his hands towards her face, he managed to starched her badly... she cut her cheek… it didn't matter though, the cut healed immediately.

"Oh yeah I forgot 'bout that." said Trent.

Trent jumped high into the air, he aimed a flying kick at her. She ducked and place her hands on deck and kicked him the face. He got up, he was twitching a little as he stood.

"I'm not done yet!" said Trent.

Usa walked up to him, she took out her index finger and said "Poke, poke!" as she poked him gently twice… he collapsed.

Usa sweatdroped, "I guess if you hadn't attempted a flying kick I guess you have stood a chance…" she said.

"Yeah…" said Trent as he got up… he had worse injuries before… way worse.

"Since I won I have to choose what you have to do for me…" said Usa pretending to think, "I got it, why not tell the truth why your really here?"

"And I get to give you a Kone style pink belly!" said Ko.

Trent turned to Usa "Sure…" then turned to his half-sister's half-sister, "No Ko, you didn't say you wanted something… and I don't want you to give me another Kone Style pink belly." He said.

"Kone style pink belly?" asked Usopp.

"Its when some uses the Kone Style Pin Technique then get on the person get chest and gives them a pink belly." said Ko then she thought "Note to self: Give Perv Master S one."

Trent sighed, "Okay… you see Gramps… didn't me to body guard you… he wanted young guys… including your crew to act as my body gauds."


"Well… um… I Usa, Ko and her crew to protect you…" said Moko's voice over the snail phone.

Trent anime fell then got up and yelled "WHAT!"

"Well as you know Usa and Ko are now members of the Straw Hats, a very infamous crew… with three devil fruit eaters, an infamous swords men, three other people who I don't know what they do plus the fact that Ko who is the best stagiest this generation and the fact that Usa can take of herself pretty much covers it… I know you have your pride but your life is at stake… so please go ask them…" said Moko's voice over the snail phone.

"Gramps…" whined Trent.

"I won't hear… unless you want to get your self killed?" said Moko's voice.

Trent dropped his head and sighed… he had no choice.

(End of flashback)

"And that's the truth…" said Trent.

"So how big is your pride now?" asked Ko.

Trent hung his head low.

"Since you told the truth… you can stay…" said Usa.

Luffy stomach growled…

"Looks like its time to start dinner…" said Sanji with a sweat drop.

"Yeah…" said Usa.

From afar someone watched the boat… "She's still alive… I thought I killed her…" said the person watching them as he saw Usa, "At least their both at one place…"

Next Time: Trent gets used to the ship... how will the Straw Hats deal with angesty moments? And what does it mean "Ko found a new victim"? All this and more next time.