The Times that Count

Hey all. I want to thank everyone who reviewed my first story "Moments". I really appreciate all the kind and encouraging reviews. You've made a scary process fun and rewarding. So here we go by popular demand here is the sequel to "Moments". It starts out 2 days after 'Moments" ends. I am warning you know this piece is going to be more relationship centered and less about work. The boys are on vacation after all. Time to relax and redefine those sibling bonds that matter so much.

Chapter 1

"This is the life." Dean thought as he let out a moan of satisfaction as he stretched in the warming sun. Lying on a towel on the beach in the early morning before a lot of people got there with only his baby bro for company was pure heaven. The beautiful beaches of North Carolina were as picturesque as every ad the two brothers had seen on the drive down. The weather had cooperated nicely with the boys vacation, sitting pretty at 80 –85 degrees neither man wanted to move from their spot on the beach for the rest of their lives. "You know Sammy when I told you I never wanted to stop hunting? Well that depends on whether or not I can stay right here in this spot frozen in time. Cause if I can I might have to rethink that whole "normal" thing your so into." Dean said to Sammy as he buried his head further into his arms as the bright sun beat into his back. Relaxing muscles that had been tense for entirely to long.

"Dude why do you think I picked Stanford as my college of choice? 25 minutes from the beach and mild weather all winter long. I'll never forget one Thanksgiving that Jess and I spent on the beach. We lit a fire to ward off some of the cold, but it was still 60 degrees. We had the best time, just watching the ocean, fishing, it was a great day." Sam mumbled back his voice laced with a wistful, sad quality that it always did when he spoke of his dead girlfriend.

"Sounds nice, man." Said Dean refraining from his usual sarcastic reply in the face of his brother's obvious pain. Of course that didn't last for long, as soon as Sam's face cleared of the memory Dean couldn't resist teasing his brother a little, after all what are big brothers for? "So that's the real reason you ditched me and dad." He obviously joked "So you could lay on the beach with a hot chick. Now see Sammy if you'd told me that in the first place I might've come with you rather then give you such a hard time for leaving."

"Yeah well, sorry I didn't want any competition for Jess's affection." Sam teased right back. "I mean the self proclaimed sex god that you are would have stole the limelight away from me, and then I would have had to kill you. So you see I was actually doing you a favor so I wouldn't have to commit fratricide. And it's Sam by the way jackass."

"Now Sammy," Dean said not in the least concerned with the fact that his brother hated that nickname. "Don't sell yourself so short I'm sure there would have been some girl left for you. I mean obviously Jess liked goofy looking guys, so I'm sure she would have loved you anyway. Not to mention the fact that you would have failed miserably at trying to kill me, because I taught you everything you know, bitch." Dean snarked right back.

Dean probably could have dodged the handful of sand that came flying in his direction after he finished speaking, but his guard was down and so was his head. It probably wouldn't have been to bad if it had been dry sand, but Sam had grabbed a handful that was next to the cooler and had dropped a couple of pieces of ice in for good measure. So when the mixture hit Dean's back he was unprepared for the sudden onset of not only wet sand, but very cold sand as well.

"What the Fuck!" Dean hollered as he jumped up quickly only to turn and see his, about to be dead, baby brother rolling on the ground laughing.

Pointing at Dean with one hand while the other was wrapped around his ribs to cradle them from laughing so hard Sam could barley gasp out. "Dude…. The..look…on… your…face. Completely priceless."

Glaring at his brother Dean replied, "Well I hope it was worth it, cause dude you're about to receive a beat down like the one in "99."

Sam finally realizing the, clear and present danger that he was actually in, apparently was suffering from some sort of heat stroke since he smiled unrepentantly up at his brother and said. "Only if you can catch me first Papa Smurf" and jumped up and starting running down the beach as fast as he could go.

"Son of a bitch!" Dean exclaimed as he took off after his freakishly tall brother. Knowing that if he didn't catch up with him soon Sammy could easily out distance Dean enough to keep Dean from ever catching up. And while Dean was stronger and had better endurance, Sammy was one fast Jolly Green Giant when he wanted to be. Sammy however appeared to be still suffering from heat stroke as he allowed Dean to stay within distance. Speeding up and slowing down intemittedly, dodging other tourists, and running through the trees surrounding the beach in what appeared to be an ongoing game of tag.

His brother's laugh echoing back to him couldn't let Dean stay mad for long and after 5 minutes joined in the impromptu game with gusto. It resembled more of a military maneuver after that as the boys snuck through trees, under stars and dangled off balconies and an attempt to tag the other brother. The game went on for a good 2 hours only ending when Sammy barreling down the beach had to leap over a 6 year old kid who had ran in front of him anxious to get into the water as fast as he could. Sammy's leap was quit spectacular clearing the kid's head by a good 3 inches, but the resulting land and roll had him rolling right into a couple sunbathing and enjoying lunch. Well they had been till the picnic got covered in sand and 6'2 of rambunchous guy. Apologizing profusely as Dean smirked from the sidelines the couple was very understanding and as the beach was only getting more crowded the boys quickly headed back to their spot before it got snaked by someone else.

After lying silently for a few minutes to get their breath back and their heart rates down Sam rolled on his side and looked at Dean and said. "Thanks man."

Dean's quizzical look at his baby brother as he replied back. "What are you talking about now dude? Seriously drink some water, cause you're not making any sense."

"Whatever" Sammy said laughing at his brother and rolling onto his back and closing his eyes. "Just thanks okay. Thanks." And with that promptly went to sleep on the beach.

Dean couldn't help but roll his eyes at his confusing baby brother even as the words of thanks filled him with warmth that had nothing to do with the sun. "You're welcome, bitch" he whispered softly to his sleeping brother and then laid back himself enjoying the view of a multitude of bikini clad women. "This is defiantly the life."

Chapter One over, I know it's still kind of short, but I'm working on that. It's harder then I thought to write a lot at one given time. I figured at least getting a little something new every day makes up for it not being very long. Please please please please review. I'm a review ho. I will hold future chapter's hostage if I don't get reviews. Please I'm just starting out, and I need positive feedback to keep me going.