Van Helsing continues!
by: me! your loving Raevyn1313
This is just an intro, I’ll get to the story in a bit.
It had been sixteen years since the great demon slayer Van Helsing and gypsy princess Anna had died together.
The little town of Transylvania mourned for the loss of their beloved princess, but celebrated the
death of their greatest enemy, Count Dracula. Unbeknownst to them, Anna's soul has been reincarnated
into the body of the village priestess/fortune teller. She had the same hair style as Anna which was long and wavy,
but her hair was a midnight black instead of chestnut brown like Anna. The reincarnated princess had startling emerald
green eyes and she wore a priestess uniform which had a white top like a robe with baggy red pants. Her name
was Ayame Vailenya, but he villagers dubbed her "Lady Ayame".
OK now that we know Ayame, lets get on with the plot
Ayame was sitting alone inside her tent house which was travel capable and had a little cart it could attach itself to. It was dome shaped and had many violet and black veils and curtains. It had two rooms, one for Ayame to sleep in, and one where villagers would enter and would could have their future's unwind in fort of their eyes.
Inside the tent house, Ayame sat upright in a black chair propped against the wall. The scent of a Gothic Church filled the room, so it could brighten Ayame's sixth sense. With these enlightened, mysterious sense she drew strange cards that predicted the future of today. After chanting peculiar words in unison over and over again, she drew three cards. One symbolized "New or renewed love" the second "rebirth" and the last and third card symbolized "The Devil". Ayame questioned and pondered what could happen to make such an outcome. She turned her head up to her endow to see the old abandoned castle that used to belong to Count Dracula.
"No...It cant be. It mustnt be. Van Helsing killed him," she thought to herself. "But... the werewolves have been returning, and theyre more vicious than ever...I must prepare the village for a possible assault." With these last thoughts she grabbed her bow and arrow off an ancient table and headed toward the Transylvanian village.
Just as Ayame came to the village, strange ominous clouds suddenly descended down onto the abandoned castle of Vlad Dracula. The curious villagers seized their work to take a look at the unpredicted weather pattern.
Inside the castle, a molded burnt corpse lay dead in the middle of an ancient lab. The lab was laid in ruins, machines were rusted, beautiful glass vials now lay dusty near chemicals that hadnt been touched in years. From the clouds that hovered above the ruined castle, lightning struck the castle floor to and fro. A bolt of lightning struck the burnt dead body, and the body started to come back to it's normal form. Pale flesh was restored unto the corpse and midnight black hair was placed on the corpses head. The old fashioned tuxedo which he died in, as being restored like new. A single golden loop hung form Dracula's right ear and his jet black hair was held back by a single golden clip. Dracula opened his cold, cruel gray eyes unto the world and breathed deeply. Vladislaus Dracula was reborn!
Dracula walked around his once prideful laboratory to find it all in shambles. He was full of mixed emotions...He has worked so hard on bringing life to his children, and he had failed. His brides were all dead, and he never told them how much they meant to him. Not much as brides, but "meals" to ease his appetites. Anna was dead, his only love... but at least Van Helsing was dead, and there was nothing to stop him from trying once more to unleash his spawn unto the world. But to do that, he needed more brides. Not that anyone could be as dangerous as Marishka...or as loyal as Verona...or as naive as Aleera. Nonetheless, he needed at least one maiden whom he could brainwash into being his first bride. He turned into his demonic vampire form and took flight into the stormy clouds that now covered the Sun like a veil.
The town square of Transylvania was empty and bare when Dracula came. There were no villagers to be seen nor noises to be heard. Transylvania seemed lifeless, but the scent of humans still lingered there, so Dracula knew that they could possibly be hiding. He swooped bat like across the village, looking for any sign of the villagers, but his efforts were futile. Just as was about to give up, a band of Transylvanians surrounded him from left to right, and some were even perched on the roofs to seal him off completely. The priestess Ayame came running up to the crazed mob of villagers, her arrow ready to fire at the demonic Count.
"You...What are you doing back?" She asked angrily.
Dracula looked at her, and for a split second he thought he had seen Anna again, but he took a closer look and saw it wasn’t her after all. She did look a lot like her, and even showed the same expression of anger and disgust Anna wore when she was around him. He couldn’t believe how someone could look so much like her, yet be so different.
"Anna..." whispered Dracula in response.
"You disgust me " Ayame hissed.
"You look so much like her...are you Anna's descendant?" He asked calmly.
"I don’t see why that matters seeing as how you killed our beloved princess"
Dracula laughed at this ridiculous comment. He couldn’t believe what he just heard. Him kill Anna! It was just absurd. Too funny for him. To the villagers however, Dracula's laughter cut through them like a knife.
"Why not?" Dracula responded with the difficulty of controlling his laughter. "It was Van Helsing that killed her not me."
"DONT LIE! You got another chance at life, and I'm going to take it from you" with these words Ayame fired her arrow at him. The arrow glowed violet as it came flying toward him, this glowing light made the arrow holy but Dracula caught the arrow in mid air just as it was about to strike at his chest.
"Is this your Sacred arrow, priestess?" He dropped the holy arrow to the ground and advanced on Ayame. The villagers charged at him. Their weapons pierced Dracula's skin, but the wounds healed themselves.
"Your priestess is beautiful I think I'll take her" he said. "No!" Protested Ayame.