Chapter Thirty

Did not know who he was fuckin' With


Nothing could stop him; he was on a mission that he had every intention of completing, because if he didn't, it would mean Jack would die.

Imam had to keep reminding himself that the assassin in front of him was actually on his side, he looked so monstrous and dangerous it seemed almost impossible for there to be any good intentions behind those silvery eyes.

Corridor after corridor, Riddick showed no fear of the guards that walked in his way, Imam jumped to the side every time a baton-clad guard rounded the corner and saw Riddick strolling towards them, and in a second, before a word could be said, he'd twisted their neck, broken their limbs or slashed open a few throats so they lay motionless at their feet.

Imam shuddered, Riddick wasn't even trying to be subtle, he wasn't trying to make a quiet entrance, and he wanted to kill these people because it was what he was good at.

"Riddick!" Imam called after almost ten minutes of strolling down corridor after corridor, "We're not getting anywhere, do you think it possible to leave one guard alive to tell us where Jack might be?" he offered, afraid he might anger the beast.

Riddick starred at him, "It did cross my mind, but these guards know shit" he smirked and carried on down the corridor.

"Because you kill them before giving them a chance!" Imam said exasperated as another guard walked round the corner. He saw Riddick, then Imam, his face startled, but then he charged forward his baton held high. Riddick caught it as it thundered down towards his skull and twisted the guard round, pressing his back to his chest and holding the baton tightly across the guard's throat.

"Ask him them" Riddick growled as the man in his grip struggled to get loose.

Imam gingerly stepped closer to the captured guard, "Where is the prisoner known as Jack?" he asked in a faltering voice.

The guard shook his head, his face beginning to turn purple, "What the hell are you talking about?!" he chocked, "There're hundreds of inmates in here, I don't know their names!" he cried.

Imam caught the smirk on Riddick's face as snapped the guard's neck and dropped the body to the ground. Imam clutched his heart at being so close to the man as his life was extinguished and glared at Riddick.

"Was that necessary?" he asked.

"Completely" Riddick replied and began walking down the corridor, "and I told you, these are only lackeys, they only keep the prisoners from escaping we need someone with more authority" Riddick explained.

They rounded another corridor and found themselves facing through a glass window in a large room full of people all wearing the same uniform, huddled in groups, talking, crying, laughing. All were weathered, fragile and unhealthy looking.

"Dear God!" Allah cried his nose pressed up against the glass, "There're hundreds of them!" he exclaimed.

"We're not here for them," Riddick muttered, making to turn away, but Imam's shrill voice stopped him in his tracks.

"Riddick, you cannot suggest we leave these poor souls like this? We are here and able to help, we must!"

Riddick turned on the spot, "Ain't no hero, Holy Man, that's your Gods job"

Imam pursed his lips and crossed his arms over his chest, "And if that were true, you would not be here to save Jack" he said smugly.

Riddick growled, but it was cut short when a burly man, almost as big as Riddick rounded the corner. There was an evil glint in his eye as he recognised the potential of a good fight. He cracked his knuckles and his big, beefy neck.

A smirk drew across Riddick's face and slowly he turned on the spot, squaring himself up to the guard in front of him.

"Do you think he knows where Jack is?" Imam asked timidly from behind Riddick.

"Jack?" The guard asked in a deep, graveling voice and chuckled, "You mean that skinny, bald headed runt Audrey?"

"Audrey?" Riddick chuckled as well, but Imam gasped.

"Riddick! The boy, Wilkins, he called Jack, Audrey!" Imam cried.

Riddick eyed the preacher angrily for shouting his name, but the guard seemed almost ecstatic.

"Ah, so you're Riddick! The big, bad assassin who couldn't kill a little girl" the guard sneered.

Riddick turned to scowl at the beefy guard, "You gotta problem?" he asked in a dangerously low voice.

"Pussy shit" the guard spat, "I autta put you out of your fucking misery right now"

Riddick growled again, clenched his fists and dived for the guard. He was prepared and set himself against the full weight of Riddick, both men clashed and were a barrage of fists and elbows.

Riddick caught the guard under the chin with his fist and knocked him right through the doubles doors, he flew through the air and landed at the feet of some very confused inmates. The room fell silent as they watched the beefy man struggle to his feet, a stream of blood pouring from the back of his head. Riddick strolled into the room with Imam at his heels.

"I beseech you, young man. Tell us where Jack is before you are killed" Imam asked pleadingly.

The guard chuckled and lifted his tightened fists to his face, "You're going to have to better then that, bitch" he sneered.

"Ain't had a good fight for ages" Riddick sneered and lifted his own hands to his face.

Imam sighed, if only the man was as powerful with words as he was with his fists.


Jack lay shivering as the cold water sloshed around her, her clothes were soaking and goosebumps rose on her flesh. But the cold and wet was not the torture Dr Redman was promising. Not soon after pouring the water over her had another surgeon brought in an ominous looking machine with all sorts of dials and knobs as well as a few cables and wires.

Shit, she thought. Dr Redman and the two surgeons began attaching the wires to certain points of the metal bed, Jack shuddered as she realised what was going to happen. They were going to fry her.

The whole insane situation made Jack laugh. She didn't know why, she just never thought she would go out like this, after monsters, bounty hunters and assassins, she was going to be electrocuted in a fucking morgue. It was shitting ridiculous.

The two surgeons looked at Dr Redman questionably, he himself was frowning, "Hardly an occasion for laughter, Audrey. You're going to die and no one is coming to save you. I hope you're aware of that" he said, a hint of irritation in his voice.

She smiled, she had gotten to him, and he thought he was this big, bad doctor, but truth was he hated people mocking him; he wanted people to fear him. And in the face of death, she was laughing at him. And that made him angry. Jack was resolved; she would ruin his enjoyment in this as much as she could. It was the best she could do to dignify her own death.

"Bite me, cheese dick. I'm loving this, I haven't had a proper wash in ages" she grinned, wiggling herself to cause the water to move in waves over her. It was painfully cold, but the look of contempt on his face was worth it.

"Do it!" Dr Redman snapped to one of the surgeons. The leapt into action and flicked a few switches, causing the machine to buzz into life. Jack stiffened herself for the pain, but she couldn't have prepared herself for it when it came. Her entire body was alight with agony, her bones shook, her teeth chattered, her eyeballs felt like they were burning out of her skull and her brain felt it might explode. There was a booming in her ears that blotted out every other noise, even her own painful screaming.

Suddenly the pain ceased and her body flopped back into the water. She felt as though she had run a marathon, her whole body ached and groaned.

Dr Redman leaned over her to look into her eyes; "I will make you suffer" he smiled.

"Looking at your face is torture enough, what's with the electrocution?" she smiled back.

His eyes flared red and he ordered another bolt, the agony shot through her body again, possibly worse then the first time. Jack almost fell unconscious with the pain, and she wished she had, but she stayed awake to feel every last bit of torture.


The guard charged forward like a bull, head down with his arms at his side, Riddick slammed his fist into the mans spine, knocking him to the ground, but he was up in seconds, more red-faced and with a vicious vein throbbing in his thick neck.

He tried punching Riddick who dodged the fist expertly, and pummelled him in the stomach, causing the guard to double over before bring a knee up to his face. The guard stumbled, gripping a bloody nose. Angrily he growled and pulled from his holster a pistol, Riddick pulled a shiv from his own waistband and stood ready, squaring each other off. The crowd around them screamed and backed off on seeing the gun, Imam prayed for his friend and stood back.

The guard raised the gun, level with Riddick's head, "You'll never save her!" he growled.

Suddenly, a small boy threw himself on the back of the guard and began punching, kicking and scratching the mans' face. The guard screamed in agony, shot the gun into the air and flipped the kid off his back in one movement, but before he could charge a kick at the child, Riddick was already behind him and had the guard in a bone crunching headlock.

"Where is the girl?" he demanded.

The guard choked, "Fuck you!"

Riddick held him tighter, "Where. Is. The. Girl?" he hissed through gritted teeth.

"Fuck. You!" The guard yelled, Riddick growled and with a quick movement jerked the guards neck with a crack and let the body fall to the ground.

"Riddick!" Imam yelled, "Now we may not reach Jack in time!" he cried.

Riddick growled, he was aware of that, but the bastard had it coming. No one walked away from a fight with Richard B Riddick.

"Are you guys talking about Jack?" said a small voice. Riddick looked on the ground and saw the small boy who had jumped the guard picking himself up and dusting his trousers down.

"Do you know where she is, boy?" Imam asked, stepping forward.

"I don't know where they took her, but if I had to guess, I would say the Interrogation rooms would be your best bet. Dr Redman's ordered her execution"

"When?" Imam gasped.

The boy ruffled his messy dark hair, "They took her about half an hour ago. I hope you're not too late" he said.

"Where's the Interrogation rooms" Riddick demanded.

After quick directions, Riddick turned on his heels and ran, but Imam turned to the crowds of curious inmates, "You are all free now! Run towards the rear exit, do it now before back up comes! And may Allah be with you all!" he shouted, and without a moments hesitation, the crowds began to rush towards the exit in excited and nervous huddles.

Imam pushed his way through and saw Riddick foot disappear down another corridor, desperately he ran to catch up.


Jack coughed and saw blood spurt from her mouth and run down her chin. Her ears were painful and she felt the blood trickle out of them. Her body was aching and shaking with the pain and cold. She was surprised she had held on for this long, how long had it been? Twenty minutes? It felt like hours, but she was proud of herself for fighting. Dr Redman was growing impatient, and Jack's not-so-kind words were driving him mad. He vented his frustration by throwing things at the surgeons

"Is that all you got, four-eyes?" Jack choked, "I hardly felt anything that time"

The suddenly a high shrill alarm reverberated across the room, a spiralling red light reflected off the metal around her. Dr Redman looked all around him in a panic; the doors swung open and half a dozen guards, all well armed.

"What the hell is going on?!" Dr Redman ordered. One of the guards stepped forward.

"Sir, the inmates are trying to escape. We have reports of two intruders heading this way," he explained.

Dr Redman was beside himself, "That's impossible! This place is impenetrable! I want them dead, do you hear me! Kill anyone trying to escape, I want armed guards here to protect this room!" he ordered.

One of the men rushed off, shouting ordered into a walkie-talkie. Dr Redman eyed the surgeons, "Well what are you waiting for, finish her!" he growled.

Jack's moment of hope was ruined as the shocking pain reverberated around her again, but she could feel the distinctive slack of the restraint around her left wrist.


The man squealed and squirmed as Riddick held him by his neck in the air. His air was rapidly running out, but Riddick was relentless. Imam stood some distance behind him, completely horrified by the display of raw power. Riddick was covered his blood, none of it his own, and a trail of dead bodies lay behind them, with the promise of more to come.

"Where is Redman?" Riddick growled. The man chocked, trying to pull himself free, but with no avail, evidently he realised his only way to survive would be to tell Riddick what he knew.

"The Morgue!" he cried. Riddick dropped him and went on his way, following the signs towards the Morgue, alarms began to sound, but Riddick didn't care, he ran with a purpose, slashing at anyone who got in his way with his shiv. Imam ran behind, trying not to slip on the puddles of blood or get in the way of the spray. He felt as though he might be sick, but held his stomach, thinking only of getting to Jack.

They finally rounded the last corner and bundled right into several guards on watch. Riddick didn't hesitate, he jumped into he air, holding his shiv aloof and brought it down onto the skull of the nearest guard. He yanked it back out and slid it expertly across the throat of another before snapping another neck. Three more guards stood before the door, Riddick growled and kicked the middle one, sending him crashing into the room where he was faced with numerous loaded weapons.


Jack heard a commotion outside the door when s suddenly something flew in and knocked the bed she was lying on clean off its legs. She landed with a bang onto the ground, her limbs still attached to the table as the water rushed over her. She felt the restraint on her left wrist give way to the force and she helped it along by tugging her arm out viciously from the strap. Despite the pain and the cold, she hastily untied herself with her shaking, nimble fingers and fell the rest of the way to eh ground in a puddle of water.

She could hear fighting behind the table and crawled, using her arms to drag herself along to poke her head around the obstruction. Her heart leapt as she recognised Riddick in all his glory, slashing, kicking and just beating the shit out of anyone who dared come near him. She couldn't see Imam, he was probably getting out of the way, but for a moment the pain subsided as she realised he did care for her, he had come back to save her despite what the old Riddick would have done. It warmed her heart. But then her eyes found Dr Redman, huddled in the corner, trying to stay out of sight. A poor sight from the once smirking and sophisticated doctor a few minutes before, now he was whimpering like a baby. It tasted sweet on Jack's lips, but as she glanced around, she saw the decapitated body of a guard, and at his hip, in holster was a gun.

Gingerly she reached for it, totally prepared for what she was about to do.


Riddick saw Jack lying, soaking wet and bleeding on the morgue bed. If possible, he grew even angrier, he even tore the jaw off one man in his fit of rage, something he had never accomplished in his long life as a murderer. His enemies went down in front of him like blades of grass, there wasn't one man who lasted longer then two seconds as he cut them down until the floor was slippery with blood and the room stank of it. Only when the last man went down did he find Jack lying on the ground in a pool of her own blood and drenched in water, pointing a pistol at a man with a moustache and a white lab coat.

"Jack. That's a very uncivilised thing you're about to do" Riddick growled.

Jack was panting, trying to keep herself awake whilst aiming the gun at the doctor.

"You don't want to kill me, Audrey, do you?" the man whimpered, getting to his feet and leaning on a sink behind him.

"Shut the fuck up!" Jack snapped, her finger itching on the trigger. Riddick's eyes widen, Jack really was going to kill him, and he could see it in her eyes.

"Please, Audrey…"

"I'd do as she says, doctor, she's a mite twitchy" Riddick smirked, but his attention turned to Jack, "If you want me to do it, Baby Bad, just ask"

"I need to do this, Riddick. He did this to me, to my friends" she hissed, trying to move but finding it too painful, settled back on the ground.

"But I had the best intentions!" Dr Redman squeaked; "To make the world a better place!" he cowered.

"I said SHUT UP!" Jack shouted and let the pistol go off in her hand. The doctor stumbled, clutching his shoulder and cried in pain. Jack had hit him, but not fatally. Shaking he looked at his bleeding arm and with wide eyes starred at Jack.

"You shot me!" he yelled.

"A hell of a lot less painful then what you were doing to me, you prick!" she shouted back and clicked the gun again, aiming for a headshot.

There was a noise as Imam stumbled into the room and made note of what was happening in front of him. He gaped like a fish having figured Jack was about to kill a man. His sweet, innocent Jack.

"What are you doing, Jack? If you harm this man, you'll be no better then them" he pleaded.

"He can't be left alive to start this all over again. He's a monster," she wheezed, blinking blood out of her eyes.

"Holy Man, I don't think your sermons and wise words are gonna be any use here" Riddick grumbled, putting his hand out to silence the old man.

"Glad you could make it, Riddick. I thought I was just a distant memory by now" Jack smiled through her grief and pain.

"Wouldn't be a good friend if I let you die here" he smiled. Jack breathed through her smile but gritted her teeth from the pain, "What're you going to do Jack?" he asked.

"Kill this bastard" Jack muttered without hesitation.

"I'm all for that, but you realise that afterwards, you ain't gonna be able to take it back"

"I don't wanna take it back" Jack hissed, "He killed my friends, he tortured me, he was gonna KILL me!" she yelled.

"I get that, Baby Bad" Riddick said, "But are ya prepared to live with the consequences of murdering a human in cold blood" he asked calmly.

"You do" Jack replied, her gun still trained on Redman, her eyes never leaving his face.

"Not an answer to my question, Jack. Are you prepared to become a killer?" he asked.

Jack pondered the question and came to the conclusion that no other man deserved to die by her hand then the man in front of her. She raised the pistol, aimed it right between his eyes, but before she even pulled the trigger, Riddick had dashed across the room standing between Redman and Jack and slashed the doctor across the throat, blood spurting across his face and torso as the body slumped to the ground.

Jack could hardly believe what had happened. Dr Redman was dead, but not by her hand, by Riddicks, a man who had no reason to kill him.

"Riddick!" Jack yelled angrily, but the effort of trying to get to her feet and beat the living crap out of the assassin was far too much and she slumped to the ground herself, unconscious.


Jack awoke painfully from a deep and restless sleep. She saw flashes of blood, her own and her enemies. She saw a gun in her hand and a shiv in Riddicks. She saw Dr Redman, dead on the ground, Riddick standing over him.

Her eyes flicked open to a subtle darkness, she was enveloped in a warm sheets but felt sore and achy from being electrocuted. Her arms were rebandaged, but she was still in her uniform. Obviously Riddick and Imam had felt uncomfortable about changing her, she preferred if they didn't, she was still finding it hard to accept her feminine curves.

Jack closed her eyes and leaned into the soft pillow. All she knew now was that she was safe, and that Riddick had come back for her. A pang of guilt made her go cold as she thought of Kyra and Tim, she hoped they had escaped in the confusion, if not she would return for them as soon as she had healed up. Without Redman, that place would fall apart.

She thought back to Riddick killing Redman. She couldn't stay angry with him, he had tried to save her from that life, his life. Although a part of her would still feel empty from missing that opportunity at revenge, she was more thankful that he had come back for her.

She rolled over and painfully swung her legs out of bed. The smell of the room was familiar; they were in the motel they had stayed in on first arriving to Zathos. Jack crept gingerly out of the room and could hear raised voices out in the corridor. Carefully she leaned against the doorframe to rest her weary limbs and listened.

"What are you going to tell her?" Imam asked.

"Nothing, I'll leave that to you, Holy Man" Riddick replied.

"You cannot think to leave her without an explanation, she deserves something!"

"She's not safe around me, she has a better chance with you in New Mecca"

"What happened to Mathos Wenga? Wasn't that the plan?" Imam asked.

"I try and make of point of not making plans, they always go wrong. New Mecca is safe for you and Jack, not a murdering convict. I need to go underground, it'll be a few days before it gets out that Big Bad Riddick is alive and kicking ass"

"So you won't even say good bye" Imam asked sadly.

"Nothing but words, Holy Man, she's a tough kid, she'll be all right" Riddick muttered.

"Very well, Riddick. If I cannot make you stay, please promise me you will take care," Imam said.

"Always do, see ya around" Riddick replied.

Jack could feel the tears pricking her eyes. He was leaving her and without saying goodbye. Her heart was in her throat and her wounds throbbed, but she couldn't let him leave. Desperately she stumbled out off the room, Imam looked at her in horror, having realised she had heard everything.

"Jack?" he offered, but she pushed past him.

"I have to see him" she growled and without much dignity, stumbled up the stairs and threw herself out of the motel. Riddick was stalking away, but he was within hearing distance as she shouted his name. He paused, stopping in his steps, but he refused to turn around.

"You were going to leave? Without saying goodbye!" she cried as she caught up with him. Riddick cocked his head to the right.

"Good bye Jack" he muttered.

"Jesus Riddick! Don't leave us, you need us just as much as we need you!"

"I don't need anyone Jack!" Riddick snapped, "Now go back to Imam, he'll take care of you now"

"But I want you to take care of me, Riddick!" Jack yelled, the tears welling and pouring down her cheeks, "I love you!" she sobbed.

"No you don't, kid" Riddick grumbled, "It's time for you to grow up"

"No!" Jack shouted as the murderer began to walk away. She felt arms around her and found Imam was holding her back, but she was so weak and overcome with grief, she was no match and cried in the mans arms as her hero and friend walked out of her life forever.

"He will always be with you, Jack" Imam whispered as her crying turned to whimpering, "He'll always be with you. He's doing what he thinks is best, for all of us"

"But I love him" Jack whimpered. Imam gently cradled her in his arms.

"I know, my darling, and deep within him, I know he cares for you too. But he doesn't want this life for you, he's offering you a better one"

Jack heard a rumble in the distance as the Bluebird descended into the air and disappeared into the cloudy sky. So this was it. Riddick was gone. He had left her. He had saved her life countless of times, but here she felt like she was dying all over again and Riddick had been the cause. So she lay there, cradled in Imam's arms until she made a new resolution for herself.

She would stop feeling, she would stop caring and she would never, never let Richard B Riddick back into her life.

Quietly she got to her feet aided by Imam and starred at the cloudy sky. The shuttle and the man she adored more then anything, disappearing into the smoke as if he had never been there.



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