Bags pulled over their heads, Jack, Kate and Sawyer walked with their hands behind their backs, pushed by the Others who led them through the jungle. After Hurley had been freed and Michael had gone away on the boat with his son, they had walked for over half an hour, not seeing where they were going.

Kate was thinking back to the look she had shared with Jack right before the bags were pulled over their heads. When she looked into his eyes... it was like all her fears faded away and all she could see was his loving, brown eyes.

Suddenly, the woman who was holding Kate cut the rope that was holding her hands tied together and she heard the sound of a metal door opening up. She was taken inside the room, the bag still over her head, mouth still gagged. She heard footsteps and someone struggling, and then, the door shut and everything went silent. Kate quickly removed the bag from her head, hoping to see something, but it was pitch black in the cold, metal room. She removed the piece of material from her mouth and to her surprise, heard someone breathing hard, standing at the other end of the room.

"Jack? Sawyer?" she asked in a quiet voice, hoping she wasn't alone with one of the Others.

"Kate?" she let out a sigh of relief, hearing Jack's voice and immediately followed the sound of it. She felt his strong arms wrap protectively around her waist, bringing her closer to him, and she put her arms around his neck, sobbing quietly.

"Hey, come here..." said Jack, pulling her closer. She softly cried on his shoulder while he whispered comforting words in her ear. "It's alright, I've got you,'s gonna be okay..."

"I thought I wasn't going to see you again, Jack!"

"Yeah... yeah me too. Kate... I'm sorry I didn't tell you about Michael. This is all my fault, I shouldn't of..."

"Jack stop," said Kate, pulling out of his embrace and looking at his face, her eyes now accommodated to the darkness. "You can't always blame yourself. I'm just glad you're okay."

"Kate if anything would've happened to you... I would never be able to forgive myself. Seeing you like that... hands tied and a piece of fabric in your mouth was hard enough for me..."


"No, let me finish. Kate, that look we shared before they put the bags over our heads... I thought we were gonna die, so the last thing I wanted to see was you, and I tried to show you how I feel about you by giving you that one look... Kate, I... I think I'm in love with you..."

Before she could say anything, the metal door opened up and a man shoved a body on the ground, Sawyer's body.

"You son of a..." started Sawyer.

"Shut up!" yelled the Other, entering the room and walking past Sawyer. "Come with me," he told Jack, who just stared at him with hatred in his eyes. Annoyed, the man pointed a gun to Jack's head and pushed him toward the door.

"Jack!" yelled Kate, trying to get back to him, get back into his strong arms. The man only turned around and knocked her real hard, making her fall to the ground.

"Hey! Don't you dare hurt her..."

"Shut up Jack!" yelled the Other. "If you want this woman to live you better start cooperating. Now move."

Looking back one last time at Kate, who was crying on the floor, Jack came out of the room, held by the Other, who closed the metal door and made him walk through a small camp...