Chapter 5 - My life would change in a second

Keely woke up around 5am, shaking. She had had a bad dream. A nightmare. A scary movie in her mind, that stopped as soon as she opened her eyes.

She tried to remember what it was about. Even though she had been dreaming it less than two minutes ago, it seemed distant, and the edges were sketchy and faded. It seemed like a memory from years ago.

Dean. Dean was in it.

Keely shuddered. Any dream with Dean in it was scary. Very scary. Even mentioning his name, sent a shiver up her spine, though she never let Phil know. Phil would just recommend counselling or something, even though she didn't need it. She didn't want counselling.

Her head jerked round, and she sighed with relief when she saw Phil lying next to her, in what looked like a deep sleep. Keely wasn't fooled. Phil never slept peacefully. There was always something stopping him from sleeping, apparently. Keely just longed for him to sleep, and sleep properly. He always seemed to be up. When she went to bed, he was still awake. When she got up, he'd been up for hours.

She sat up, and ran a hand through her tangled blonde hair. Fragments of the dream were coming back to her, but they seemed to be coming rapidly. And lots of them. Lots of them piecing themselves together, until the dream really did seem like a memory.

A letter, on the doorstep.






The name kept ringing in her ears, and suddenly she realised that it wasn't a dream. None of it was a figment of her overactive imagination. It was all real. Reality.

"Phil," she breathed, suddenly hearing her heart beat over the noise of the traffic outside. Her blonde hair was sticking to her forehead, and she put out a hand, over his arm. "Phil."

"What?" Phil snapped awake, like he had never been asleep. "Huh? Keels, are you okay?"

Keely sighed. "Dean. Dean, is he…?"

Phil got up, obviously worried about the same thing, and inched back the curtain, peering out. "I don't see him."

"That's his strategy. You don't see what scares you. You never see what scares you. Which makes you more scared. He wants to scare you," Keely breathed.

"Keely, he won't get inside. He can't get inside. But we have to get out of here as soon as possible. In the morning," Phil said.

Keely wondered how he could be so calm during all of this. Maybe because the last time he had seen Dean, he hadn't been knocked out cold. "Why not now?"

"Well, we could go now if you want," Phil offered. It was clear he thought that now would be better, but he was concerned. "Are you sure you've slept enough?"

"I can't sleep anymore. Not knowing he's outside," Keely sighed. Then she threw back the covers, and ran over to her closet, throwing the doors back, and heaving out a suitcase. "And emergency running away, calls for emergency packing. No makeup, no heels, no products. Jeans. T-shirts. Ugh, I hate this shirt. I'll fling some of your stuff in here, right?"

Phil watched her, as she ran about in a panicked hysteria. He didn't want to lose her. Not ever. But not to him. Not let him win. He wouldn't let her win.

"Where will we go?" Keely said, suddenly pausing in mid-air, her hands outreached to the closet. "Where can we run to?"

Phil thought for a minute. He didn't want Keely to ever get hurt. But where could he take her until Dean went away? Where could they go? "The time machine!"

"The time machine?" Keely's eyebrow furrowed.

"Yeah. I parked it in the garage, out of sight. It should still work. Nobody has used it for a few months, but it should be great," Phil said, and took the clothes from Keely's hands, and put them back in the closet. "We can go meet Mom. She'll be really happy to see you."

Keely smiled. "Awesome. Yeah. We'll go to the future. But won't I need makeup then?"

"Keely, I have a Wizrd," Phil reminded her, putting the case back. "We just need that."

Keely nodded. "Oh. Yeah. Cool. Can we go?"

She was getting agitated now, worried.

Phil nodded, and took her hand, creeping down the stairs. He knew that he had reassured her that there was nothing there, but he had to be sure himself.

There was nothing.

"Out the back door," Phil whispered.

Keely squinted. "Why are you whispering?"

"Because he might be listening," Phil hissed.

"Oh," Keely cried. Then she brought her voice down. "Oh. Okay. Yeah. Sorry…"

They tiptoed through the kitchen, and out of the back door, Phil slowly locking it behind him. Then they tiptoed into thre garage, and got into the RV.

Phil turned on the ignition, and Keely smiled as the machine lit up. It still amazed her; all these gadgets. So small and stupid mankind were in the 21st century. God, they created so much more. They can create so much more.

Phil pressed a few buttons, which caused the time machine to disappear, without having to move at all, and soon the only thing they could see out of the window was the typical rainbow colours of a time vortex.

And they finally felt safe.

Okay, whack my hand. I deserve it. I have been such a rubbish writer, but I lost my writing… fizz… so, I left it until I got it back. I didn't want to provide a rubbish chapter for you, and even though this isn't the best of chapters, I think it would have been better than what I would've written, which would have been something along the lines of:

Keely woke up, wanted to get out, so she woke up Phil, and they went out to the time machine and whizzed away.

Okay, so maybe not as bad as that, but probably only marginally better.

But I'll be updating more regularly. Promise.