Title: Protector Of Man

Author: S J Pearce

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Spoilers: set after the episode where they see their mother. Dean meets a girl, that is an old friend of Sam and a vampire hunter. Why does she hunt vamps? What will happen between her and Dean? Read on...

Chapter 1 – First Impressions

Dean starred at the ceiling, how could Sam sleep right now? They had left Kansas a few hours ago and had stopped in this little town by Sam's persistence. Dean didn't ask why, after Sam revealing about his dream about the women in his old house he wasn't going to question his needs plus he had other things on his mind, seeing his mother.

Sam was laying in the not so comfortable motel bed beside Dean only a nightstand in between them so Sam's light snoring filled the entire otherwise silent room. Dean couldn't sleep; he was too wired, needed to kill something and his good friend Jack Daniels.

Dean got out of bed and dressed quietly not that he thought an earthquake could wake his younger brother, but still he didn't want to wake him, he hadn't been sleeping much since they had been on the road so Dean was happy for him to rest peacefully.

Dean pulled down his t-shirt and looked around for something to write on after he had found a pen in one of Sam's many bags. He found a sign asking them not to smoke in the room; Dean turned it over and wrote:

Sam, gone to burn some energy with Jack. Will be back soon. Got my cell if you need me. Dean.

Dean left the note on the nightstand and then left the motel room. Knowing he was going to be drinking he decided against driving. He walked, he guessed they were in what he supposed would be the centre of this small town and he hoped he wouldn't have to walk far to find a bar.

Dean sat at the bar with a glass of Jack Daniels and Kate, a local with long legs, brown hair, and green eyes. She was good looking, he had seen better he had seen worse. Dean flashed the smile and she practically threw herself at him whispering in his ear that they could go back to her place. He had nothing to lose she was a nice looking woman and there were several ways to blow off steam.

Dean excused himself from her company, playing the whole gentleman card she was lapping it up, telling her he would use the restroom and then she could take him back to her place. She giggled and wrapped a piece of hair around her finger and bit her bottom lip, this girl was putty in his hands.

Dean stood in front of the mirror and sighed loudly in the empty toilet, he ran his hands under the cold tap then put the cold water over his face to wake himself up, he looked in the mirror again watching the cold water run off his face. He heard the door open and looked in the mirror to see who had entered. He did a double take to make sure his eyes weren't deceiving him. The barmaid, the gorgeous tall, slender, blond with the tight ass that Dean had been checking out most of the time he had been talking to Kate had walked in to the Men's toilets and locked the door behind her, either his luck was in or this was going to get strange. "The ladies is next door sweetheart"

"The girl you're hitting on at the bar is a bad idea!" she warned him

Dean laughed and turned to look at her rather than looking at her through the mirror "is that so?"

"Yeah that's so, I suggest you go home and forget about ever meeting her"

he crossed the distance of the room between them and stood in front of her, she kept constant eye contact with him and a small smirk on her face "well you see I got an itch that needs scratching and she can scratch it for me so give me one good reason why I should listen to you?"

The blonde thought fast on her feet and the lie she came out with was good but Dean knew the truth about Kate as did the barmaid but she didn't want to tell him the truth "cause she's my sister and I don't want her to get a reputation if someone sees her leaving with you"

Dean checked her out again from head to toe at close range now which was better. He noticed the puncture mark scar on her neck that she wasn't trying to hide. "I was actually thinking it's a bad idea cause she's a vampire but hey if that's the reason I'll back off" Dean held his hands up as if surrendering.

The barmaid looked stunned for a second that he knew about vampires but quickly regained her composure "good back off, she's my kill" the blonde stated.

Dean laughed "really?" he smiled at the blonde and the million dollar pearly white smile didn't seem to do anything to her, it didn't have the effect it had on other women, the turn to mush and do whatever he wanted effect "cause I can't see her letting you take her down some dark alley to have your way with her"

"I will do what I always do wait for her to leave with some dumb ass guy who thinks he's gonna get some off the skank with the short skirt and big tits and then take her out!"

Dean nodded his head approving of her plan "difference this time is I will take her down before you get chance"

She starred at him pissed off with the fact that this guy thought he was something special, how dare he come in to her town and think he owns the place! She hated good looking guys who knew they were and used it to their advantage. Kate, the vampire sat at the bar, was her kill, she had been tracking her for a couple days, was going to lead her to something bigger. She could tell him that maybe he would actually back off but he also might try to muscle in on that action to. She wasn't going to back down. "I don't know who you are or where you came from? All I'm asking is for you to back off"

"And what do I get out of it?"

In order to get what she wanted she needed to play his game, she sighed "I'll make you a deal?" she began, he raised his eyebrows and chewed his bottom lip waiting to hear her proposition "you let me have this one and I'll scratch your itch for you"

Dean took in a deep sharp breathe as if he had to actually think about her offer "thanks, but no thanks, Kia" he read her name tag "but I need this"

The barmaid shook her head and sighed "your funeral" she turned on her heels and walked away from him, Dean checked out her tight firm ass and noticed the cross tattoo on the small of her back, Kia unlocked the bathroom door and exited leaving him to stare at the door as it closed.

Dean walked back towards Kate constantly staring at Kia who had returned to the bar and had occupied herself with cleaning glasses and putting them in their rightful places. She didn't once look at him but he could see in her eyes she was angry with him.

He plastered on a smile as he drew closer to Kate "you ready to go?"

She nodded did a slight giggle and jumped down from the bar stool she was sat on, Dean gestured for her to lead the way and she did, Kate walked out of the door and Dean took one last look at Kia who was watching them leave. She gave him a sympathetic look and Dean half smiled at her.

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