Chapter 9 – Leaving Without Goodbyes.

"That's not answering the question Dad!" Kia exited the room and called for Snipes to follow her. She left the suite leaving father and son to talk.

Kia exited the lift with Snipes; she wasn't sure where she was going she just knew she needed to let Sam and John talk. Walking out of the automatic doors with Snipes by her side, Dean's Impala screeched to a halt. He exited the car and looked up at her "where you going?" he inquired

"Leaving your dad and Sam to talk"

"My dad's here?"

"Yeah showed up about an hour ago, AJ sent him some pictures of last night" Kia looked at her feet, ashamed.

Dean sighed, he didn't want this, her feeling like it was all her fault "can we go somewhere and talk?"

"Don't you want to go see your Dad?"

"That can wait; right now I need to talk to you!"

"What's there to say Dean? We've said everything that needs to be said, I'm done going around in circles with you, and you missed some on the lipstick on your collar" Kia told him before walking around him and then taking off jogging with Snipes beside her.

"Shit!" Dean sighed, he thought he had got rid of all the evidence of Beth, he'd obviously missed a bit, but he wasn't going to give up that easily. Dean quickly got in to his car and followed Kia driving slowly beside her as she jogged "there's a lot to say Kia, including nothing happened with Beth, I couldn't go through with it, and all I could think about was you"

Kia didn't respond she carried on jogging ignoring him, "Fine if your not gonna respond you can just listen. I'm sorry about last night, I reacted badly but I hated seeing him touching you, seeing you hurting, I took it out on you and made you feel like you'd done something wrong when all you were doing was trying to help me…I'm not disgusted with you and I'm sorry if I made you feel that way but I'm sick of ignoring it and I'm sick of us avoiding the subject…" Dean drove his car on to the pavement in front of Kia, she hit the bonnet of the car as Dean got out and stood in front of her "…Saskia Rhodes I'm in love with you and I cant change that and to be honest I don't want to…and you can deny it but we both know you feel the same and I'll be damned if I let you walk away from this"

"You don't have a choice Dean, me and you can never and will never work"

"Kia, we could die tomorrow, today, now, and I'd wanna die knowing I had at least a small amount of time with you instead of letting the opportunity pass?"

"Well I wouldn't…I'm sorry Dean but me and you" she pointed to the space in between them "will never work and I'm not willing to give us a chance" before he had chance to answer she hurried around his car and began to jog down the road away from him. It was easier to be horrible to him then admit how she felt and then walk away.

Kia returned to the hotel suite almost 2 hours after her discussion with Dean in the street, all three Winchester's were there sat around the table that was littered with open books, pieces of paper with notes scribbled on them, and Sam sat in front of his laptop. The Winchester's were in full research mode about something they clearly didn't seem to want to share with Kia as neither of them made an attempt to involve her when she passed the table and greeted them.

Kia sat in the living room watching the television, the volume was low allowing her to catch snippets of what the Winchester's were up to. From what she had heard she realised that John had a good solid lead on the demon and he wanted his sons to help him kill it.

Kia heard Dean's Led Zeppelin ring tone and then the muffled tone of his voice, shortly after Dean appeared in the door way to the room, staring at her intently.

"Beth's got some activity" he announced

Well you'd better go help the bitch then shouldn't you? Kia thought but didn't say. The thought that Dean had been with her, kissing her enraged her and she could feel the blood in her veins get hotter. "Right" she answered distantly

Dean crossed the distance of the room so he was stood in front of her, when she didn't look up at him and continued to watch the TV Dean quickly snatched up the remote and pressed the off button.

She didn't want to look at him or be cornered in to talking again so she stood up without a word and went to walk away, "Kia" Dean said grabbing her arm. She stopped and looked at him. "I'm not letting you throw us away because you're afraid of what's going to happen to me" Kia's eyes moved from his gaze, she opened her mouth to reply but he interrupted "when we get back I wanna talk properly"

Kia nodded solemnly, "ok. Your right we should talk about this properly, no running away"

Dean smiled that heart winning smile and it broke her heart, it made all of this so much harder. He leaned in a little closer to her and kissed her softly.

She closed her eyes and made a mental note to remember everything, his smell, his taste, the sensation his touch gave her on her skin, the way her heart skipped a beat when she realised he was going to kiss her. she told herself to remember the way his tongue lightly played on her lips, begging her mouth to open and then tracing her tongue with his, the way his touch felt more urgent the longer he kissed her. the feel of his nose on her cheek, the smell of his leather jacket and cologne all mixed together. She had to remember, she couldn't forget, wouldn't forget because this was the last time she would feel him, taste him and see him.

Dean pulled out of the kiss and by the time Kia regained her mind and returned to earth and opened her eyes he was gone from in front of her. The hotel suit door opened and closed and she knew Sam and Dean had gone to help Beth with her problem.

Kia sat on the edge of the sofa again, collecting her thoughts. John entered the room.

"I guess they'll spend the night there" John told her sitting in the arm chair across from her.

"I guess so" Kia said distantly pretending to be interested in what was on the TV but actually having no interest in "Women of World War 2" whatsoever.

Silence graced them for almost 15 minutes before Kia stood to leave the room but John asked the question he already knew the answer to before she had chance to leave "your leaving aren't you?"

Her back was to him, he couldn't see her face "it's for the best for all of us if I'm not around, make sure he doesn't come looking for me?"

John simply nodded knowing this must have been killing the young woman inside "I'll keep him busy" he assured her, with that Kia went to the room and collected her bags.

"If you need anything…" John began meeting her in the hallway of the huge suite and handed her a piece of paper that he had previously scribbled down an address and phone number on it. Kia half heartedly smiled taking the paper from him "…her names Ellen, she's a really good woman, tell her I sent you. Dean and Sam don't know about her so they'll never come looking for you there."

"Thanks" Kia sighed loudly. Kia didn't want this, she hated walking away, doing it the cowards way and sneaking off in the middle of the night but she knew if she said goodbye Dean would give her the puppy dog eyes, she would fall for him all over again and wouldn't leave. She had been alone in this fight for so long and as much as she was worried about Dean and Sam getting hurt she still wanted them around, and would miss them. "Tell them… tell them I'm sorry"

Sam starred at his brother who stood on the opposite side of the elevator, uncertainly looking at Dean who whistled with a big smile on his face whistling to whatever song was being piped in to the elevator, he was the cat who got the cream and boy did it show. Dean was happy; he was getting a chance to talk things through with Kia, they had solved Beth's poltergeist problem and were now headed back to the hotel room Kia and their father were staying in.

Sam laughed aloud as Dean did a little air guitar and belted out a high note "what?" Dean asked looking over at his brother.

Sam shook his head "nothing, just not use to seeing you so happy"

"What's not to be happy about? I love my job, I got my brother with me, my dad and the girl, I'm on top of the world!"

"Good, I'm glad, it's about time we got some good news" Sam announced as the elevator doors opened to their desired floor.

John opened the suite door after he heard the knock to his sons and let them enter the room; he had noticed the hopeful and happy face Dean had and knew telling him wouldn't be easy. "You boys ready to hit the road?" John asked collecting his bags from the bedroom.

Dean half followed him and noticed there was no sign of Kia, and where was Snipes? He would normally have come running when he heard someone knock on the door. "Yeah, let's get this show on the road!" Dean clapped his hands together loudly then rubbed them together.

Sam realised what Dean had but refused to ignore it "when did she go?"

"I don't know" John lied "I woke up this morning and she was gone"

"Just one less thing to worry about!" Dean announced

"Dean…" Sam began

Dean interrupted "let's get going, we got a lot of road to cover".

Dean sat in the Impala, Sam beside him. Neither had said much, both lost in their own thoughts as they followed their father's car in front.

Kia had just taken off in the middle of the night, Dean was scared to death for her, worried she would get hurt, afraid AJ would get hold of her and he would never see her alive again. "So that's it?" Sam finally spoke aloud "we're not gonna go looking for her?"

"We've got our own problems!" Dean told him coldly not taking his eyes from the road

"She is our problem Dean! She needs our help"

"Obviously not!"

"You can't be serious! You can't honestly just want to follow orders like you always do! Kia's out there, alone with a psycho vampire after her and we're just gonna follow Dad and leave her to it?"


"Finally" Sam sighed "some god damn emotion!"

"Just let it go Sammy, she doesn't want our help and there's nothing we can do about it, we're helping Dad and that's the end of it!"

"Ah bullshit Dean! Your pride's hurting cause she took off and your gonna let that get in the way of helping her!"

"Fine!" Dean spat "call Bobby get him to put the word out for her, but we both know she's smarter than to leave a trace!"

"We have to do something!" Sam declared dialling the number in to his cell phone.

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