Spoilers: There are a few references here and there to certain Season 2 episodes. On the safe side: don't read if you haven't gotten to "Who's Your Daddy?"

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She couldn't understand why he continued to call her that. You would think that after sleeping together, they'd at least be on a first-name basis.

Dr. Cameron!

Well, that was worse than just "Cameron." Their relationship was already taking a turn for the worse and it had just begun.

Suddenly, Cameron was jerked awake as House used his cane to push her out of her chair. She shook her head and blinked her eyes, forcing herself to wake up. Letting out a large yawn, she stretched her arms high above her head, drawing House's attention to her midriff as her shirt lifted. He quickly glanced back up to her face. Cameron didn't notice as she slowly got herself up on her feet.

"A bit slow today, aren't we?" House asked. "What? Another late night with the pretty boy Dr. Chase?"

"No," Cameron replied, not giving anything away.

"'No' as in not with Chase or 'no' as in you didn't sleep with someone?"

"Just 'no.'" In truth, she had stayed up all night with a really good book called The Gun Seller. But, House didn't need to know that.

Cameron looked up at House and gestured for him to move out of her doorway so that she could follow. She came into the conference room and saw the empty chairs.

"Where is everyone?" Cameron asked.

"Off doing their jobs unlike someone I know."

"Who's the patient?"

"No one. Can't you see the empty board? People are just so healthy these days. It's a miracle! That little 'faith healer' kid has been doing overtime."

Cameron scoffed at his sarcasm. "I thought you said that Chase and Foreman were doing their jobs."

"They are. They're doing my clinic hours. I saved the mail and paperwork just for you."

"Thanks," she replied sarcastically. "I'll get right on it after I get something to eat. I don't think the mail will go anywhere."

House watched as she grabbed a couple bills from her wallet and walked towards the elevators. After she was out of his line of vision, he limped backed towards his office. Easing himself into his chair, he let out a sigh. His leg had been hurting more than usual for some reason—a reason that he didn't care to delve into, regardless of Wilson's many attempts in trying to get House to admit that he was suffering emotionally. Uncapping his trusty Vicodin bottle, he shook out two pills and popped them into his mouth as though they were candy.

When he had seen Cameron asleep in her office this morning, he had hesitated in waking her up. He had given Chase and Foreman some lie he couldn't remember when they had asked him of her whereabouts. Everybody lied—him included. He probably could've given a better one, but seeing Cameron with her guard down was such a rare sight nowadays that it left him a bit distracted. It was getting harder and harder to read her. His own fault, he supposed, for he had been hard on her ever since their first official date.

But he had had to wake her. No way in hell did he want to get caught staring at her; and with glass walls, it was almost for certain that he would have been caught sooner or later. Once she was awake, he couldn't let her see her effect on him; so, he reverted back to his sarcastic self. He didn't know why he had suggested Chase as the cause of her fatigue, considering he already knew the answer to that; all he knew was that he couldn't stand not being able to see into her thoughts. Plus, he wanted to know if she still had feelings for him by seeing if she would intentionally try to make him jealous. He had given her the perfect setup, but she hadn't taken the bait.

"Hey!" Wilson yelled, jerking House out of his thoughts of this morning's encounter with Cameron. "You want to grab something to eat from the cafeteria?"

House glanced at the clock. Two hours. He had been thinking about Cameron for two hours. Not a good sign, especially since he hadn't realized it was already lunchtime. He turned his attention back to Wilson.

"What? Cafeteria food? I thought the agreement was that you would repay me for letting you live with me with home-cooked meals. Surely you remember."

"Very funny. Are you coming or not?"

"Yeah, yeah. You're paying."

"Don't I always?"

"Just reminding you. Don't want you forgetting your place, now."

Wilson smirked in response, too used to House's sarcasm to take offense. When he had first come into House's office, he had noticed that House was deep in thought. Since there wasn't a new patient, House obviously hadn't been thinking intently about some medical puzzle. He mentally shrugged, knowing full well that he could probably pry it out of him later while they were eating.