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Summary: One of Them- Sam's old friends confront her with an offer she can't refuse. Cassie starts to feel uncomfortable with Danny's and Sam's relationship. Soon her friendship with everyone becomes tangled. The ghost is back with something to keep Danny busy. When Sam and him break up, he is devastated. A couple weeks later Sam starts to date someone else, and Danny is determined to get her back.Even though Tucker is dating Cassie, he starts to struggle with his feelings for Val. It all winds down to Prom.

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A whole year passed for the students of Casper High. Students came and went. Tucker, Sam, Danny, Cassie, and Val all found themselves at their senior year. Over their junior year, Sam and Danny's love only grew stronger.

"It's finally our senior year." Tucker shouted.

"So you really have to do that all the time?" Sam asked as she put her hand on her hip.

"Yes." Tucker replied. Two strong arms wrapped around her waist.

"Come on Sam, give him a break." She turned to meet her boyfriend, Daniel Fenton. She kissed him lightly on the lips.

"Hey." She spoke softly to him.

"Hey yourself." He answered.

"Would you two get a room?" Valerie teased the two of them.

"Maybe we will." Sam countered before kissing her boyfriend again.

"Hey guys." Cassie approached them. She smiled at Tucker, who smiled back, making Val's smile fade, but not enough for anyone to notice. Tucker and her had been getting to know each other for a year, but he seemed to be stuck on Cassie. Val was glad that Sam and Danny's relationship worked out, but she wanted a relationship. She thought that maybe would pick up on any of the hints that she had dropped, but he hadn't.

Cassie smiled at Tucker. She had been his secret girlfriend for a year now. She had thought that Danny only had a crush on Sam, but the year that they had been going out had proven her wrong. She turned her smiled to Danny. Sam was currently leaning up against him, and his arms encircled her waist. Cassie longed to be the one Danny held, but until he and Sam broke up, all Danny and her could be was friends. She advert her attention back to Tucker, so no one would notice that she was staring at Danny. Tucker waited on her hand and foot. Neither of them had deepened the relationship that much; Tucker had done it mostly. She had made-out with him a couple times, but it was nothing serious. She figured it was because she was saving her heart for Danny. She was afraid that she was in love with Danny, for if it was true, she was afraid that Danny wouldn't see her like that. Danny used to like her like that, but that was until Sam came along. Cassie remembered the day were Danny had met her. Danny could barely get out his name, let alone hold a normal conversation like a normal person. She hoped that a small part of Danny still cared for her like that, just like before Sam had entered his life.

Danny looked down at the girl in his arms. He couldn't imagine a day without her; she was finally his. He held her in his arms, and never wanted to let go. Sam was too precious for that. Sam had helped him in ways she could never come to understand. She completed him as corny as it sounded. He kissed her shoulder, and whispered in her ear.

"So what do you want to do tonight?" She rested her head further back onto his chest.

"I don't know, I have a lot of homework. I'll call you." He nuzzled her neck with his lips making a gasp escape her lips. Danny loved how he could make her do that. He had made mistakes with other girls in the past, but no more. He loved her, and that was all that mattered. He gazed down into her lavender eyes. There was a certain gleam in her eyes. She was happy; she always had that look when she was happy. She was happy to be with him. He didn't know why, she used to be popular, but she gave it all up to be with him. She was mysterious and yet so clear, she was an angel and yet held a darker complexion. She was life, and yet she took his breath away, and the best part was; she was all his.

Tucker watched Cassie's eyes flicker back to no one in particular. He had seen it though; she was staring at Danny. He felt a twinge of jealousy spring up in his blood. She still wasn't over him. She said she was, but he had stopped believing her months ago. She still liked Danny, and it sickened him. It wasn't Danny's fault; he didn't want to blame him. All he could do was try to coax Cassie out of liking Danny. Danny was one of his best friends; Ticker had known him for a long time. He kept all of Danny's secrets for him including when he first met Cassie, and confessed that he liked her. When they had first met, his friends "discouraged" Danny from seeing him. He was surprised when Danny showed up a couple days later at his doorstep. Then Cassie came along, yes, beautiful, smart, and understanding Cassie. Cassie was the one who convinced Danny to go into the portal in the first place. That day changed all of their loves, but mostly Danny's. A month after Danny's accident, his friends came back, so Danny could have one last chance to stay on the A-list. Danny had chosen Cassis and him over the likes of Paulina and Dash. Sure, Danny and Cassie had a few "blushly" moments at the beginning, but then they stopped, partly because Sam stepped into Danny's life. Tucker admitted to himself that he was mad at the beginning, but all the anger died when he started to get to know Sam. Sam was almost like a sister he never had. She would tell him everything. Sam was a girl forced to live a prep's life, and she hated it. Her parents weren't too thrilled when they found out that he was one of her friends or when they found out that Danny was her boyfriend. Tucker was glad everything worked out fine. When Sam gave up popularity, she also brought along Valerie. He didn't know what to think about her. He knew he was slightly attracted to her, even though he shouldn't be. Cassis was his girlfriend, not Valerie. He secretly admitted to himself that he liked it when Val had kissed him; it felt right. He couldn't place the words to describe it. He pushed the thought aside. He couldn't like Val. He liked Cassie; he was dating the girl of his dreams, and yet the thought of Val was flooding his mind and being engraved on his thought.

Sam looked up in her boyfriend's crystal blue eyes. She loved the feeling of his arms being wrapped around her. She felt protected, safe, and loved. Their relationship had grown steady despite the glares they had gotten form the preps, or ghost attacks. Danny came and rescued her every time. She knew her mother hated Danny. She could see it in her eyes. Her dad had watched the relationship grow with a smile. Surprisingly, when she gave up her friendship with the preps, so did Valerie. Valerie was a close friend. They could talk hours on end. Val was one of the only ones that she went to when she was faced with problems that concerned Tucker or Danny. Not that she didn't trust Danny, but she needed someone who could fully relate to her problems. Then there was Tucker. Tucker felt like a brother to her. He protected her from everything that Danny couldn't. She noticed Tucker's smile at Cassie faded when she looked at Danny. Sam had noticed it too. She was never worried though, Danny had assured her many times that there was nothing between the two of them, and there never would be. She believed him. When ghosts weren't attacking, Danny would take her out flying. She loved flying with Danny. The wind would tangle her hair, they snuggled so close she could feel his icy skin through his body suit, and she loved the glow in his green eyes. She knew she was protected from anything that went wrong.

The bell ran releasing the students for lunch. Sam changed her books form her locker. She felt arms embrace her.

"Hey Sammy." The voice said.

"Do you have to do that all the time?" She asked.

"You bet." Was the response as he rested his head on her shoulder.

"Please can I come over tonight?" He begged.

"Only if I finish my essay for English." She answered.

"I'll take that as a yes." Sam rolled her eyes.

"Come on, let's go find the others." Their hands laced together as they headed off to the lunch room. Tucker and Val were already seated.

"Hey you two lovebirds." Tucker teased.

"Tucker." Sam growled, not that she minded that Danny was her boyfriend, but she hated the labeling.

"So what if we are?" Danny countered. His finger went under Sam's chin. Sam saw the gleam in his eyes…he wanted to annoy Tucker. He gave her an Eskimo kiss.

"You two can stop now." Tucker whined. Val let out a laugh as Danny and Sam sat down. Cassie took her pot right across from Danny next to Tucker. Danny's and Cassie's eyes met for a second before Danny tore his eyes to his girlfriend. He had never really "talked" to Cassie since he had started dating Sam. He didn't know why the conversations never went further than hello and how are you. He feared that he was ignoring his best friend. He hated the feeling. He never talked to her about why she disliked Sam. He knew Cassie tried to hide the fact, but he could tell. He knew something was bothering her, and he hated not knowing what it was. Their eyes locked again. He felt a twinge of something flustering down in his stomach. It caused fear to race through him. Had he just suppressed his feelings for Cassie? No, he couldn't like Cassie, he loved her as a sister, and that was it. He suddenly felt guilty. Sam was his girlfriend, and here he was even thinking that he had even small feelings for her. He put his hand on top of Sam's. She smiled at him. It reminded him on how much he loved that smile.

Tucker's hand slid under the table so it rested on Cassie's knee. Val tried to ignore the sight. After all, both Sam and Danny had missed his action because they were sitting on the other side of the table.

'Is Tucker trying to hit on Cassie?' Val was shocked when Cassie did nothing to remove Tucker's hand, or at least she didn't right away. Val almost let out a sigh of relief when Cassie pushed his hand off. Val watched Tucker's face become confused. One of the worst thoughts crossed her mind. Was Tucker going to ask Cassie out?

The bell rang releasing the students from class. Danny caught up to Sam.

"Can I fly you home?" He started at his girlfriend's eyes.

"Of course you can." The two ran to a secluded place. No one ever followed them; they just guess that they were busy making-out. Danny quickly changed into Phantom. He scooped her up into his arms, and took off to the sky. The flight was in blissful silence. Sam just snuggled closer to Danny which was words enough. Danny landed somewhere nearby Sam's house. They walked together.

"So, how was your day?" Danny asked.

"I have to do an English essay." She smiled at him.

"And yours?"

"Boring as always." He replied. The two stopped in front of her house.

"I'll fly by later tonight." He kissed her cheek and then her lips. Sam pulled away savoring the moment only to return again, only this time he pulled away.

"I better let you go. Love you."

"Love you too. Bye Danny."

"Bye Sammy." With that, she was gone into the house. He licked his lips. He truly meant that he loved her; he only hoped that she knew that.

Sam rested her head in her hands. Couldn't this essay be easier? She only had two paragraphs done, and it was already seven. Danny would be there any moment. Once he got there, she would be distracted beyond reason. She heard the front door slam. Her father was home.

"What are you doing here?" She heard her mother scream. She dropped her pencil and all thoughts of the assignment for hopes of stopping their fight before it really began. She ran out right in the middle of her parents; neutral ground, but it didn't really matter; she was caught between the two glares of her family civil war.

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