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Sam licked her chapped lips. She was trying not to act as nervous as she thought she was.

"So are you new here?" The tension in the air was thick. Sam, for once didn't know what to say to him.

"Yeah, last week." He answered awkwardly.

"Lucky you." Sarcasm dripping from her voice. Justin looked over Sam taking in every curve in her body.

"Yeah, Lucky me."

Val rounded the corner to be stopped in her tracks. The scene that was unfolding in front of her scared her. Sam was kneeling picking up her books with the assistance of a boy. A very good looking one at that. What made matters worse was she was laughing. She was sure of two things; one, it looked bad for Sam right now, and two, Danny sure wouldn't be happy when he found out. She knew that she must be cursed, because the next thing she knew, she saw Cassie and Danny walking in the direction of Sam.
"So, Sam, I was wondering." He flashed a toothy grin.

"I'm sorry, I have to go." She tried to escape because she knew what he was going to ask.

"Sam, wait." He grabbed her arm, and pulled her back to him.

"Look, I'm sorry. I would love to go out with you, but I can't. I'm really busy"-

"Lying now Sam, that's not a very good way to start a relationship."
"Paulina." Sam sneered.

"Now now, that's not the way you treat your real friends." Before Sam could retort; she felt Justin's lips crash against her own.

"Danny, don't." Val pushed him back so he couldn't see Sam. She was in a state of panic.

"Don't what?" His eyebrow arched in confusion.

"Don't uh…go down that hallway….Dash is angry and he's going to take it out on you."

"I think I can handle it." He answered.

"Something terrible is down the hallway." She warned him.

"Terrible, what could be that bad, I mean, have you tasted. Jazz's cooking?" His voice faded as he started to get a grip on what was happening. It made his blood boil, for what he saw made him sick to his stomach, betrayed, and countless other emotions that he couldn't describe. He was his girlfriend; Samantha Elizabeth Manson kissing another pair of lips besides his own.

Sam eyes were wide open as Justin continued to kiss her. She pushed back only to see Danny, Cassie and Val all watching her. Paulina glanced down at her nails.

"That should teach you. We'll stay in touch." She sauntered out of the hallway with Justin running behind her. Terrible thoughts raced through her mind of what Danny must be thinking of her. Danny's eyes were green, he was staring intently on nothing else besides her; it scared it. How she wished she could hide. If she didn't calm him down soon, he would blow his secret.

"Danny." She ran over to him. She tried to pretend like everything is ok. He didn't even speak at first.

"Did you really think I was that stupid?"

"What?" Sam scanned over his face trying to read it.
"I see you kissing another guy, and you want me to pretend like everything was ok?"
"It's not what it looks like."

"Really, it looks like a kiss to me."
"Justin and I are just friends."
"It didn't look like that from where I was standing." He turned his back on her.
"You have to believe me."
"How can I Sam, I don't know whether you're the one to kiss him or he kissed you."
"I'm telling the truth." She pleaded.

"Then why was Paulina there with you? You know what; you actually looked like you enjoyed it."

"You're just as guilty as I am. You don't believe the truth when it's in your face, but when I ask you to tell the truth you lie straight to my face."

"When have I ever lied?" By this time, a crowd had gathered around the two.

"Guys maybe you should talk somewhere else." Val warned as she saw people starting to gather. They ignored her.

"When I asked if you really wanted for me to go to Harvard, and you looked me straight in the eyes and told me that you did want me to go. You were lying straight through your teeth." She yelled waving her hands through the air.

"Would you really have stayed?" Anger flowed through out his body.

"Maybe I would have if you said no. You should really trust me more often!"

"I do trust you."

"Then why don't you trust me about this?"

"I can't." He clenched his teeth.

"Why not?"

"I said I can't." He screamed. Maybe this was the secret she was hiding from him.

"You know why you can't? Then it wouldn't be all about you! You're a conceited, overprotective, obsessive boyfriend!" A single sound caused the fight to go silent. Sam fell to the floor. Danny loomed over her.

"Go hang out with your real friends." His eyes had turned an intense green. Sam stood herself up, eyes locking with his. She turned and walked away without even looking back. Danny's eyes returned blue when he realized what he had done, what he did. He didn't know what had happened; he had just lost control. He wanted to run after her tell her that he was sorry, that everything would be fine, to hold her tight in his arms. Cassie held him back with her arm.

"She'll only hurt you again."

'Who really hurt who?' All he could do was stand there watching the girl who he didn't even know whether she was his girlfriend still or not, walk away. He turned and started to walk away while the crowd dispersed.

'Turn back now!' His mind yelled, but he just kept walking. He would talk to Sam when she cooled off. Cassie followed him, leaving Val standing alone.

Val tried to understand everything that had just taken place. The kiss, the argument, and the slap across her face. All of it happened so fast. She hadn't even told her about Harvard. It was beyond her why Danny couldn't trust her about this, maybe she had done it before. She couldn't think of anyone besides Dash, and Sam hate Dash. Everything started to seem like it was being kept from her. She was the outcasts of the group, but then again so was Sam, so why was it that Sam knew about everything, and she didn't have so much as a clue. She needed to talk to Tucker about this. Just the thought of Tucker confused her while her lips started tingling.

'No, I shouldn't even think like that.' She scolded herself. Tucker had a girlfriend, and Val was only a friend.

'SO is that why he kissed you?' Her mind argued.

'He didn't mean it.' She tried to reason.

'Are you sure about that?' Of course, Tucker would never cheat on his girlfriend.

'But you liked it.' Val didn't have an answer. She really needed to talk to Tucker about this.

Sam let her tears flow down her cheeks. That was one of the worst fights they had gotten into since they got together. None of the fights ever involved hitting. She never thought Danny could become abusive, especially not to her.

"Sam." A voice weakly said behind her. What was he doing here? He started the argument with kissing her. Danny just so happened to walk by at that moment. What if he thought that she cheated on him?

"Go Away." She wiped her tears to the side with the backside of her hand.

"I really don't want to talk to anyone; especially you." She spat out the last with venom leaking out her lips.

"Just hear me out ok? I'm sorry for what I did. Paulina led me to believe you were single. She didn't tell me about your boyfriend till afterwards. I'm sorry for any trouble I might have caused." He paused then continued.

"I did it, because, I kind of like you. But"- His voice faded out for a second.

"You have a boyfriend, and I respect that." He smiled causing her to feel somewhat better after his apology.

"Thanks Justin." He hugged her briefly allowing her tears to wet his shoulder.

"It will be ok Sammy." He whispered her name forming Goosebumps on her arm.

"What did you say?"

"Everything will be ok Sammy." Sammy. Only Danny could call her that.

"I have to go." She ran off.

"What about class."

"I don't care anymore."

She thought she would feel better than she did right then. As Cassie walked with Danny, she felt even worse. Of course Paulina would have used Justin somewhere in this. She had felt her stomach twist in knots and her heart break a little when Justin kissed Sam. She didn't know why, she had just met the boy, but somehow she had thought that he had liked her. Cassie felt herself go lightheaded. She was simply acting on impulse with Justin, she knew she liked Danny, but he would never see her like that, and Tucker was like a brother to her. She had found herself tangled in a web of lies that she couldn't escape from.

"Danny, are you going to be alright?" He stopped along with her, but his eyes remained glued to the floor. Danny looked up at her and smiled. She knew he had faked it.

"Yeah, I'm fine." His voice disappeared.

"I just have some thinking to do. I hope you don't mind, but I wasn't to be alone." She knew he was far from happy.

"Ok." She answered as she bit her lip as she watched him walk away from her down the halls. She felt her heart break. She knew that he still loved her, and if they got together she knew deep down inside that he wouldn't love her like he loved Sam. Sure the look on Sam's face was satisfying, but Danny; he was hurt. Paulina had promised that Danny wouldn't get hurt; she had lied. Toying with Danny's broken heart was wrong; she at least knew that much. To break Sam's heart meant breaking Danny's. The horrible thought raced through her mind. What if Danny found out they had planned this. He would never forgive her. She had no excuse. She hurt her friend. She was just as bad as Paulina.

Tucker hurried over to the Manson's house. He felt his stomach twist into knots. He needed to talk to her apparently. He heard that she was locking everyone out, and hadn't eaten anything. He still had the conversation in his head.

"Tucker." He heard Val's worried voice over the phone.

"What is it?"

"You need to talk to Sam."

"Why, what's wrong Val?"

"Danny and Sam had a fight today." Tucker felt his face drain of color.


"It didn't end too well." Tucker sensed that there was something she wasn't telling him.

"She skipped sixth period." That didn't sound like Sam at all.

"Val, relax. I'll go talk to her."

He knocked on the front door. One of the maids answered.

"Oh hello Mr. Foley."

"Is Sam home?"

"No, she isn't."

"Did Sam tell you to say that?"

"Oh no sir." She shook her head, but pointed upstairs and smiled.

"You are a good friend; I will tell her when I see her." She put emphases on those words before exchanging smiles and then closing the door. Tucker walked over to the nearest tree that hung over the balcony to Sam's room. He hated climbing the tree, but it was handy in special occasions. He climbed the tree not looking down for his fears of heights. He smiled to himself. Sam never locks her window. He slid his fingers under and pulled up. The room itself was dark the only light was from the window. He saw her lying on her bed.

"Sam." He said quietly not sure what kind of mood she was in.

"What do you want Foley?" She sat up and wiped away her tears.

"I came to make sure you were ok."

"How did you know I was here?" He chuckled.

"The maids can't lie." He heard her curse under her breath.

"Would you tell me what's wrong."

"You've probably heard the rumors already."

"I don't care what the rumors say. Just tell me what happened."

"Some guy picked up my books for me, and then Paulina shows up. The next change I know…he…he kissed me." She avoided eye contact while she tried to stop blushing.

"Danny picked that moment to walk by. He accused me of cheating on him even when it wasn't true, we yelled at each other, and then he...he." Tucker's eyes clouded with concern.

"He what?"

"Nothing." She didn't want to become the driving force tearing their friendship apart.

"Tell me what he did."

"He hit me." Silence endured.

"He is so dead." Tucker rolled up his sleeves.

"Tucker, don't." Their gazes locked.

"Don't hurt him please." She pleaded. Tucker nodded reluctantly.

"I won't." He hugged her and then slipped out the window.


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"She's becoming your obession, you know." Tucker warned.
"You don't think I know that." Danny hissed.
"You need to back off for a while, otherwise things might become dangerous for her..."

"Why do you prosist to be so annoying!" Val screamed at him. Tucker raised his voice as well.
"Why do you have to be so confusing!" He yelled back.
"Mabe I like confusing you. So you won't realize my real feelings!"
"And what are your feelings."
"If you wouldn't be so annoying, you would see I really like you!" The argument ceased after she realized what she had said.

Tucker's eye caught a glimspe of something, something gold.
"What's that?" Cassie didn't like the way that sounded.
"What's what?" Tucker grabbed the chain from her neck.
"It's Danny's neckalce." He whispered before glaring at Cassie.