Well, I decided to repost this, and I'm glad I did. This is the sequel to I Promise, so if you haven't read it yet, you need to.

Summary-You Promise- Sam and Danny are married, and have a daughter named Amy. The government contact Sam after their Divorse. Things go hectic when they blackmail her into doing something for them. But what happens when they're using Sam to get to her daughter. What can Danny do about it? OCxSxD

Disclaimer: I don't own DP, just Amy.
A.N- Itlaics are flashbacks.

Sam smiled as she watched her eleven year old daughter; Amy, sleep. Her smile grew as she felt two solid arms wrap around her body and pulled their bodies together. She felt electricity run through her body as the two bodies rocked back and forth in time.

"She looks just like you." Danny placed a kiss on the back of her shoulder blade. Her gaze found a clock, it read eleven.

"We should get to bed." She murmured. A blue mist fell out of Danny's mouth tracing the back of her neck.

"You go to bed." He said softly.

"I'll be waiting for you." She kissed his lips gently, as if she was teasing him.

"Save the town Mr. Phantom." She teased, before he disappeared. She went off to her room, but instead of staying up she curled up in an armchair and fell asleep.

It was close to four am before Danny struggled through the door. He hated how ghost fighting was getting in the way of the marriage, but it was his job. This particular ghost kept bothering him. He smiled to himself when his eyes caught his wife asleep in the armchair. He placed a light kiss on her forehead. He picked her up bridal style and put her to bed. He crawled next to her and before he knew it, he was fast approaching sleep too.
Danny tossed and turned in his bed. Before him was Sam lying limp in Matt's arms. Blood tainted her dress that she wore as well as dripped from her lips. Danny was absolutely horrified.
"What did you do to her?" Danny demanded. Matt disappeared leaving Sam lying on the ground. Danny rushed over to her. She was lifeless. Her eyes were shut as if she was in a never ending sleep. Danny's fingers brushed her cold lips. She was dead; Sam was dead. The blood had made a pool around her body.

"It hurts doesn't it?" A ghost whispered in his ear. Danny blasted at the ghost, but missed.

"How does it feel, that no matter how much you love her, you still couldn't save her."

"She's not dead." Danny cried out.

"Oh, she's dead alright, and now it's your turn."

Danny jolted up from bed. His hands found tears on his face. He turned to his sleeping wife to see if he had awoken her. None of that was real, because she was sleeping soundly next to him. It was just a nightmare that was all it was.

The smell of pancakes filled Danny's nostrils making him stir in bed. He groaned as night had fully disappeared and birds chirped outside his window. He sat up to see Sam waiting in the doorway, arms filled with food.

"What's this?" He questioned.

"A breakfast in bed. What does it look like?" She brought the food over and put it on the bedside table.

"Danny, do you have a nightmare last night?"

"Yeah." He admitted.

"Do you want to talk about it?" She asked.

"No." He said a little too quickly. An awkward silence fell between them.

"How was your ghost hunting last night?"

"Good I guess." He answered.

"But its nothing compared to being home." His smile faded.

"I'm sorry I had to go last night."

"It's your job." She agreed. He had a smug smirk on his lips.

"You never know when someone will attack you." He rapidly wrapped his arms around her and brought her down on the bed.

"Danny, what are you"- She was cut off by him tickling her.

"Danny, stop." She said in-between breaths.

"Never." He teased immaturely.

"I surrender." She couldn't stop her laughing. It wasn't fair, him using her weak point.

"I'll let you off the hook this time." He kissed her on the lips to stop the laughing. She immediately kissed back. When they broke for air a blue mist escaped his mouth. He leaned away from his wife.

"Go." Sam forced herself to say. It was selfish to want him all to herself…wasn't it?

"Sam?" His voice was concerned about her actions.

"Go." Her eyes found a point on the bed; she pushed him off herself to fix it.

"I'll cover for you." He vanished before she said anymore. She frowned. Danny had been so busy ghost hunting lately, he had been kept busy. He did it more out of habit than it was actually needed. Danny's parents are Valerie could even do the job now. Today was their anniversary, and she didn't even know if he remembered.

"Mom." In the doorway was Amy.

"Yes." She replied.

"Where did Dad go?" Sam could lie to her daughter so easily it scared her.

"He went into the office really quick," Amy didn't smile, instead she turned to leave.

"Amy, I heard you got into a fight at school yesterday." Amy's face was flooded with guilt, which made Sam's smile fade.

"Why? Why do you start fights, you never talk to me. You shut me and your father out, what's wrong?" She asked.

"It's nothing you'd understand." The tone in Amy's voice surprised Sam. Out of habit she snapped back.

"Try me." Amy didn't respond. She simply shook her head, and walked away. Sam realized what she did a little too late.

"Amy." She called out, Amy only answered by slamming her door.

"How could she understand?" Amy fumed.

"She can never understand." Out of rage she creamed. Eco-plasmic blasts were released and inflamed a group of papers in her trashcan. She backed away in fear, and grabbed her hand. It slipped right through, turning invisible. She had never done that before. Her hand had returned to normal. She tired to forget about it, but she couldn't. A knock on her door distracted her.

"Amy, it's time for lunch." She recognized the voice of her father. He knocked again.

"Can I come in?" She eyed the door when it opened.

"Did id mom send you?" Her tone was harsh.

"I heard you go into a fight." Danny changed the subject.

"So, what happen?" His eyes followed her.

"This boy was acting like he was so much better than me, I was sick of it. He wanted me to punch him, if you ask me he was asking for it." Danny placed a hand on her shoulder.

"I admire that you stood up for yourself, but beating up kids isn't the answer. There will always be someone who thinks that would be better than you." He picked his words carefully, just incase she did find out him and Dash.

"Is that all mom sent you to talk about?" She accused.

"How do you know I didn't want to talk to you? Your mom is amazing women, but don't give her all the credit. Your mom has been through a lot." He smiled.

"Plus she had to put up with me." Amy held back a laugh. She had her dad's goofy grin on.

"It's time for lunch." He said.

"I'll be down in a minute." Danny took a last look at her daughter.

"Sure." With that he walked out of the room. Her hand started to glow again.

"I won't tell them about this. They would never understand."

Danny ventured into the kitchen. He snaked his arms around his wife's waist.

"She'll be down soon." He cooed in her ear.

"You work wonders. How could I ever repay you?" She replied half sarcastically.

"A kiss would be a start." She removed his arms so she faced him.

"I think I could do that." She leaned in, but before their lips touched a blue wisp fell out of his mouth. He cursed under his breath.

"Sam." His voice was questionable.

"You better go."


"We'll talk when you get back." She closed her eyes and when she opened them, he was gone.

"Danny." She really did expect him to go, but she didn't want him to. The name stuck to her tongue. Her feet wandered themselves to the living room, where their wedding photo album lay. She picked it up flipping through it. The pictures brought back memories.

The two of them sat at the table which the butler provided at Sam's house.

"Sam, do you want to go up on the roof." Sam caught the nervousness in his voice, but never questioned it.

"Sure." The two went up on the roof. The stars showed brightly that night.

"The stars are beautiful." She tired to make conversation. Fireworks suddenly lit up the sky. She gasped in awe.

"Who would have fireworks near this house?" She turned to Danny, who was down on one knee. The excitement raced through her blood as he brought out a box.

"Sam, Will you marry me?" He looked just as nervous as she did.

"Yes." She smiled at the man she could love. Danny jumped up with glee. He spun Sam into a kiss. When they both needed air he broke away.

"Sam, you know it won't be easy, with me being a halfa and all…right?" She smiled brightened.

"Yes, but with you, what is easy? I know it will be difficult, but Danny I want to spend the rest of my life with you." She brought her lips to his for another kiss.


Sam was pacing in her dressing room. She wore her beautiful wedding dress with her veil handing in front of her face. She felt extremely nervous. She didn't know how, but she did.

"Sam." The voice belonged to a concerned Jazz.

"I can't do this." She held her stomach.

"I think I'm going to throw up." Jazz let out a small laugh, not helping the situation.

"Its pre-wedding jitters. You should get them. It's a good thing." She explained. Sam bit her lip. She couldn't help but be nervous. Soon she would be Mrs. Fenton, Sam Fenton; Samantha Fenton.

"You're right." She turned to Jazz.

"I'm nervous, because I love Danny." Jazz rolled her eyes.

"Danny loves you too; otherwise he wouldn't have asked you to marry him in the first place."

"I can do this." Sam said confidently. She looked at Jazz then down at her dress, and then the door.

"Sam, it's time." Tucker's voice strained through the door. Jazz opened it.

"I should get out there." Jazz smiled.

"Take care of her. She's nervous." Tucker also let out a laugh.

"Don't I always?" The comment earned a death glare from Sam. Jazz disappeared leaving them alone.

"It's ok Sam, its Danny out there. The Danny you been dating for four years. Relax and if anything happens you can come to me." Sam smiled, relief that both of her closest friends were behind her on this.

"And, if it helps, he is just as nervous as you are." Sam didn't have time to answer, because the music started. Tucker took Sam's hand.

"Tucker, I'm glad you're giving me away." He smiled to the bride-to-be.

"I'm glad too." The two walked down the aisle slowly following the time of the music. The crowd's eyes were on them. There were her aunts and uncles crying in the audience and others remained silent. The crowd wasn't really big. They wanted a small crowd of close friends and family. Sam smile faded a little at her parents not being able to see this day. They both knew who she loved Danny, and for that one instant before they died; she knew that they loved and accepted her. They gave their life to save Danny. Just for her. The two met at the front by the alter. The preacher started the ceremony, but neither of them took their eyes off each other.

"Do you Sam Manson; take Daniel Fenton as your lawfully wedded husband. In sickness or in health, in better or worse, till death do you part?" Sam turned to see the face of the man she loved ever since freshman year in high school. How could this not be right?

"I do." She smiled brightly.

"And do you Daniel Fenton; take Samantha Manson to be your lawfully wedded wife. In sickness of in health, in better of for worse, till death do you part?" Danny's smile spread across his face. This was the moment he had always dreamed of. Without a moment's hesitation he answered.

"I do." The preacher closed the bible that rest in his hands.

"You may kiss the bride." Danny's hand did stumble while he pushed the veil back. His eyes met with Sam's. They leaned forward, and their lips connected in a short passionate kiss. They had known about their feelings for a long time, and now they could be let out.

Sam was distracted with the pictures to notice Amy at the doorway.

"Mom, Where's dad." For once in her life, she had caught herself without a lie.

RGT- I still like the ending. It's been a long time since I've worked on this. I'm sorry. You see I just got so caught up in Outcasts that I had this huge writer's block when it came to this. So...yeah. I hoped you enjoyed it.