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Amy sat in the back of class. Renee sat besides her while Ryan sat in front of her.

"I really like your outfit today." Renee whispered.

"I wish you would share your fashion sense with my dad." She grumbled. She knew he would sit her down when she got home and would give her a talk.

"The Americans rebelled against the King because he was treating them unfairly."

"Can you give us an example?" Asked a student sitting in the front of the room.

"Well, an example would be, Miss Fenton standing up to Mr. Baxter last week." A few glared at Amy and some just tried to hold back the laughter of Ben getting beat up by a girl. Ben and Amy's eyes locked, but something wasn't right. Ben's eyes had no more hostility in them. Out of the corner of his mouth Amy thought she saw a small smile. Amy returned it with a small smile of her own.

"Let's get back to the Americans." Amy's stare remained on Ben.

"Amy." She heard her friend hiss.

"Your arm." Amy looked down and then was glad she had. Her arm was invisible. She panicked for a second till her arm returned to its normal state.

'Not again.' The bell rang saving everyone from the homework, for they ran out fast enough that the teacher didn't have time to give it.

"That was really boring." Renee commented.

"At least we have lunch now." Ryan said holding his growling stomach.

"The best part of the day." Amy agreed. Amy started to fiddle with her locker lock to put her books away.

"Amy." She heard her name being called, by a familiar person; Ben. Her lilac eyes got lost in his icy blue ones.

"Amy wait." Amy saw her two friends turned around very annoyed.

"What do you want?" Ryan glared at Ben.

"Ready for Amy to beat you up again?" Renee matched Ryan's tone. She crossed her arms over her chest. Amy had never seen either of them act like this. Both twins had a hostile glare in their blue green eyes. Renee's should length wavy hair fell into her face, but she put no effort into moving it. Amy noticed Ryan's hands were turned into fists almost as if he would fight Ben on the spot if need too.

"I just wanted to talk to Amy." He eyed the two people in his way."

"Alone." He added.

"So talk, anything you have to say to Amy, you say to us too." Ben looked to Amy for Amy for help.

"Hey Amy, mind telling your two body guard to back off?"

"Why you"- Ryan stepped forward only to be stopped by Amy's voice.

"You guys go on to lunch, I'll catch up." She ignored the astonishment written all over of both of their faces. Renee left in a huff followed by Ryan, neither of which looked very happy.

"Next time I'll turn my friends on you." Amy warned him.

"So what did you want to talk about?" Ben took a deep breath before continuing.

"Amy, …look I 'm sorry about what I said last week, and I deserved those punches."

"Is that it?" Amy started to feel uncomfortable by his piercing blue eyes.

"No, you see being a jerk was the way I was taught to get girls."

"Who taught you that?" Amy snorted thinking it was some sort of joke, but stopped when she saw sincerity in his eyes.

"My dad. The person you saw last week, wasn't the real me. I was hoping to apologize by taking you out to dinner" His voice faded as he murmured to himself.

"Like a date?" It had meant to not be heard, but Amy heard his words and felt her cheeks heat up.

"What's taking her so long?" Ryan complained.

"Somebody sounds jealous." Renee teased.

"I'm not jealous, just concerned." He countered which earned a skeptical glare from his twin.

"I don't like it as much as you do, but what can we do?" Renee took a bite from her salad.

She held a stabbed piece of lettuce on her fork.

"If she likes him"-

"She can't like him…I mean just look at him. He cut his sister off.

"You like her don't you?"

"Who?" Ryan played dumb.

"Amy." Renee said playfully.

"No, of course not." Ryan started to ramble. He stopped when Renee shot him an yeah right look. He caved.

"You have to promise you tell her."

"No, I'm leaving that up to you." Renee's smug smile held on her lips.

Ben was asking her out; Mr. popular himself. He could have any girl her wanted, and he wanted her. It was rumored that he already had an instant spot on the football team next year. He was well build muscle wise. His blonde was a longer cut so it fluster on the side of his head, almost like a mushroom cut without the bangs. He towered over most girls and fellow classmates. Why was she blushing? She didn't like Ben like that. This was the guy she beat up last week, now he was asking her out? How did that make sense? She was unsure of the feelings in the put of her stomach; was she nervous?

"Sure." She found herself answering. That wasn't supposed to happen; she was supposed to turn him down gently.

"How about tomorrow night?" He asked meekly.

"Alright." She smiled at him. She turned to leave.

"Wait, I don't know where you live." Ben called out. Amy rolled her eyes while pulling out a pen. She wrote her address on his palm.

"I'll pick you up around eight?"

"I'll be ready." His smile grew at her answer. He didn't really think she would actually say yes. He was glad he didn't fumble around like an idiot when he got lost in her lavender colored eyes. In all the girls he had dated, he had never seen a girl with those color eyes. A strike of fear went through his mind, what would his father think of Amy. His father would probably disapprove saying why couldn't he date someone else? He didn't care though; he liked Amy. There was something mysterious about her. He noticed that she was jumpy almost all the time. He didn't get why she hung around Ryan and Renee. She was pretty enough; she just didn't flaunt it off like the other girls did. That's what confused him.

Amy sat down with Ryan and Renee. Renee let out a smile at Amy.

"Did you show him not to bother you ever again?" Renee leaned forward in Amy's answer.

"Oh…yeah." Her answer made Ryan relax a little.

'See I knew she didn't like him.' He told himself.

"What did Ben want anyway?" Renee continued asking.

"He just wanted to apologize." Amy honestly answered.

'And ask me out.' Amy mentally added. She knew her friends wouldn't the fact that she even gave Ben the time of day, let alone saying yes to him…of course they didn't need to know about it. The bell rang ending what felt like Amy's questioning session. Ryan left the two girls to go to another class. The two friends walked towards their next class.

"What happened?" Renee threw Amy and accusing glance.

"What do you mean?" Amy shot back defensively.

"Something happened between you and Ben and don't try to convince me otherwise." Amy knew that it was impossible to keep anything from Renee. After all, what could it hurt?

"Ben asked me out." Renee stopped in her tracks staring at her.

"You didn't." Amy's eyes found the floor avoiding contact with her best friend.

"Oh no you did." Renee was still in shock. Amy wanted to get out of there before Renee caused any more commotion. Renee ran to catch up Amy.

"But why?" Was all that she could get out. Amy held back a blush.

"He said he was sorry and he wanted to take me out it apologize."

"And you believed him?" Renee waved her arms about.

"Yeah, he seemed sincere."

"Are we talking about the same jerk that not only insulted you, but Ryan and me as well?"

"He said he was taught that way to attract girls"-

"Yeah, Amy, Cheer leaders, not people like you."


"Have you even considered that it could all just be a big joke , that he could just use you or it was a silly bet from a couple of his friends?"

"He wouldn't do that." The makings of an argument had already started. Amy couldn't figure out why Renee was acting like this.

"How do you know Amy? How could you possibly tell in the fifteen minutes you talked to him?" Amy let out a frustrating sigh.

"Look it's just one date ok? It's not like I'm his girlfriend. What's your problem anyway?" She threw Renee a dagger glare.

"Nothing. Go ahead, become his girlfriend for all I care." Renee slide into her seat.

"Renee." Amy hated when she made Renee mad. Renee turned suddenly in her chair to face Amy.

"You weren't going to tell me, were you?"

"Because I knew you would react like this." Amy hissed back.

"Are you even planning on telling Ryan?" Renee asked slouching back in her chair. Amy suddenly became fascinated with her hands.

"You know how he gets sometimes. He's very…protective." Amy choose her words carefully.

"Well that is true." She agreed to Amy's relief.

"But he only wants to protect you." Renee continued.

"I know." Amy said.

"He's like the brother I never had." Renee avoided eye contact.

"Yeah…a brother. Just promise me something. Promise me that no matter what happens that you won't leave us for the popular crowd." Amy smiled at her best friend.

"I promise." Class began not long after the fight died.

The trio began to walk home after school had finally let out.

"You're sure your dad won't mind me coming over?" Amy asked. Ryan shrugged his shoulders.

"Why not?" He threw a secret glance at Renee who nodded.

"Maybe my mom will be there." Amy added. She hadn't seen her mom since the little "break in." Silence was bestowed on the trio full they reached their destination. Renee sung open their door.

"Dad, we're home." She called out. Tucker waltzed into the room without looking up.

"That's nice. How was"- He noticed a third set of feet.

"I didn't know we adopted Amy." He teased.

"She's staying here after school." Renee started.

"For a project." Ryan finished. Tucker raised an eyebrow at the children.

"For what subject?"



"P.E." All three children said at once. They looked at each other.



"English." They said more meekly. Tucker turned his gaze to Ryan.

"Tell me the truth Ryan." Now each child had one weakness, Renee had a quick temper, and Amy was klutzy, but Ryan couldn't lie to his parents especially if they used his name. Ryan began to fidget with his hands. Amy put on an innocent smile, and pleading eyes.

"Uncle Tucker, is my mom here?"

"No Amy, she left this morning and she still hasn't been back…" Some color drained from his face as the thought that something bad could have happened to Sam, but he didn't want them to know that.

"Well Amy, maybe she went back home." He hated giving false hope. He sighed.

"Yes Amy, you can stay, but I'm going out for a bit, I'll be home before supper ok?" He raced out the door, for he knew that Sam wouldn't be at the house, so that meant she was in trouble.

Amy lay back on Renee's bed resting her hands behind her head. She was focusing more on how many dots she could count on the ceiling than her friends talking. To be honest she was still thinking about Ben. Maybe Renee was right, maybe it is all a trick…

"Amy." Ryan pulled Amy out of her thought process.

"Huh." She was caught unaware which was one of her characteristics.

"I said." He repeated.

"What were you thinking about?"

"How did you know I was thinking?" Amy came back with her eyebrow raised. A light tint of pink spread over his cheeks.

"You always have this look in your eye." Amy bit her lip. She certainly couldn't tell Ryan about Ben, so she lied.

"I was thinking about a new power I got recently." Both twins suddenly sat forward listening intently.

"What is it?" Amy could see a sparkle in Renee's eyes. Amy forced herself to a sitting position. Her eyes started to focus on her hands. A few seconds later a green blob of ectoplasmic blast formed in her hands.

"It's some sort of weapon." Amy explained although Amy really didn't have any idea. Any new powers surprised her when she least expected it. She only knew that she could form these blasts and turned invisible and intangible after that she was in the dark of what she could do. She closed her eyes as she ran her hands through her jet black hair.

"Amy!" She heard Ryan call out…his voiced seemed more distant than before. Amy's eyes snapped open; her feet were off the ground. She suddenly panicked, and before she knew it she had dropped to the ground.

"You can fly?" Renee asked.

"When did you learn that?"

"I don't know." Amy answered rubbing the area that had hit the floor.

"You know what this means don't you?" Both eyes were instantly on Ryan.

"Your powers are still growing." Renee let out a squeal.

"This is so cool."

"Yeah…" Amy's voice faded. She knew what this meant alright; she wasn't normal, not by a long shot.

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