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"Normal speaking"

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Heir to the Dark Lord

Chapter Nine

Shrinking the books, Damon added them to his bag.

"To the Apothecary, I have some business to attend to there," Severus Said. "I'll help you get everything that you need."

Damon nodded, it was after all Severus who knew more about their environment than he did.

As they entered the throngs of people, they made their way through them and to the Apothecary. It was a new experience for Damon who had only every been around this many people since this morning when they had arrived.

The smell of the mix of potions ingredients hit his nose hard when they first entered the shop. It was not nice, but not unpleasant enough to fell the need to block his nose to lessen the damage it was causing. As Damon walked into the shop he instantly looked towards the ingredients boxes, to keep everything safe and separated. Severus had after all promised to look after getting his ingredients since he was a specialist in the field of potions and had to know quite a bit on the subject. Damon himself was adept at it, except he had not had the experience of looking at and buying ingredients, as Severus had them ordered to the mansion since he was not allowed to leave it.

Noticing the directions of his eyes, Severus nodded to Damon telling him with his eyes that he was free to go and have a look at them. He would after all need one of them. A decent one, since he would be using some ingredients in his potions that the other students would never in their schooling ever use at all. Let alone come across once they had left school.

The one that caught Damon's eyes was a rather decorative box that appeared a little different from the simple ones that surrounded it. It appeared that no one had every even touched it for quite a while. It had green gems, most likely emeralds. A bunch of small snakes were carved into the sides of the box and a single snake on the top. If one looked closely they would have to say that the snake was moving its eyes and occasionally was flickering out his tongue. Picking it up off of the shelf, he almost dropped it down to the ground. He saw the centre snake moved, very obviously and hissed quietly so that Damon could almost not hear it.

-Nasty humans- it hissed –Never treat us right. Salazar would be highly offended by the way that you be treating us. We are more important than you could possibly believe-

-Salazar Slytherin?- Damon responded in parseltongue making sure that no one was close enough to hear him whispering the words to the box.

-Yes… human! You speak our tongue! Just like our last master did! You will buy us!!!- it commanded with force, almost as if it was trying to compel him to buy them.

With a smile at the Slytherin like advances on him from the compulsion charm and along with a very bold statement, which was very un-Slytherin-like in his way to getting what he wanted. But none the less he knew that he would buy it anyway. It was previously owned by the very famous Salazar Slytherin who he couldn't help but think of as a type of idol considering they were following in his footsteps. He had wanted the Muggles to not learn about the Wizarding world by the muggleborn witches and wizards. They after all were destroying wizarding practices and traditions because they refused to participate in them and they refused to even consider getting to know them. They were trying to integrate their own society into Wizarding world. While some of there ideals were worth some consideration. Most were not worth the breath that they used to voice it.

At one time or another muggles had labelled all dark creatures a threat to the wizards and witches of the world, and because of those muggles and their fears of dark creatures they turned their back on them. They participated in wizarding world and co-existed in a decent and good way, that all changed and then werewolves were branded as dangerous. What was so dangerous about a creature that spent every day of his life as a human expect for one day as a creature that one they had found their mate was perfectly fine. No they had made it so that mating was near to impossible, as they banned it for absolutely no reason at all. The child of such a union itself would never be a werewolf but would have a wolf animagus if they should ever attempt the transformation. The child caused the werewolves to calm unless the child or other parent was in danger.

Getting back to the world around him, Damon took the box with care to Severus who nodded at the box. It was a little bit too decorative for his own tastes but, if Damon wanted it and his father was buying, who was he to say no. Severus had already acquired most of the necessary ingredients since they weren't going to be the ones that the Hogwarts list listed.

As he took a little bit more notice of the details on the box, Severus couldn't deny that he thought that Damon would end up in Slytherin. He was a Slytherin through and through, it showed in his attitude and in his choices that were no doubt assisted along by Voldemort. While he had the deviousness of a Slytherin he also held an unnameable innocence, that all children seemed to have when they are small, but had since dissipated a little as they grew up.

Severus haggled with the owner for a time before he felt at least a little satisfaction, although not much since he thought that he was still getting ripped off for some of the ingredients.

Taking the ingredients with them, Damon sat down at an Ice cream shop. Severus went and bought them a couple of ice creams leaving Damon to put the ingredients away. He did this with much precision and care, not wanting to contaminate any of the ingredients with others, just as Severus had taught him. It had always amazed Severus how Harry could be so careful with the way that he treated potions and yet was not anywhere near as careful with anything else. With his photographic memory it proved to be very good for remembering where he left things, and the order in which all of his ingredients were in so that if they were ever tampered with he would know within an instant. You could never be too careful with potions and in particular the care of the ingredients before they were added. His thoughts were cut to a halt when he heard a hissing come from the box.

-We are honoured to service you as we did for our creator and master, young speaker,- the snakes hissed to Damon softly.

Severus sharply looked up to see Damon looking at the box as if he was listening and understanding what the hisses meant. Then it came back to Severus that Damon was a parseltongue just like his 'father' was. So why shouldn't he understand it if it was hissing.

Taking a better look at the box that was now shut, Severus noticed that the small snakes that covered the lid and the sides of the box while they all held the appearance of the same size and to the unknowing would think it an optical illusion that they were moving but they really were moving around on the surface of the box.

Seeing the direction of Severus's attention Damon caught his attention and spoke quietly so that no one else nearby would be able to hear him. He didn't want to broadcast the information that he was about to reveal to just anyone.

"If was enchanted by it's original owner, the renowned Salazar Slytherin," Damon said. "They wanted me to buy them the instant they figured out that I could understand what they were hissing. They have not had to honour of having an owner since Slytherins passing as only a parseltongue could actually get the snakes to unlock the clasp, they need no key to keep others from getting in. They tell me that it is an honour for them to keep my potions ingredients. They are just a little enthusiastic at the moment."

Severus nodded, his eyes slightly widened when he heard of the boxes creator. Slytherin artefacts were extremely rare to come across as not only do they usually only show up for parseltongue's but most of his things had been destroyed when he had been forced to leave Hogwarts shortly before his death. The other three founders claimed it to be a cleansing on the evil that Slytherin had apparently become. Unfortunately for them the house of Slytherin were all included in on the joke of what the other founders had done as Slytherin created a book telling the entire story of what had happened and it remained to this day with a preservation charm on it in Slytherin House and each Slytherin in their first year at Hogwarts read the book.

"You should go and get your robes fitted. I have a few errands that I have to run down Knockturn alley for and it would do you no good to be seen down that alley, especially with myself. You want to walk into Hogwarts with a clean slate, Knockturn alley is not a good place to be in general, very shady dealings and unlawful practices are rife," Severus warned. "It should not take me too long, but if I should not be back by the time that your robes are done then go and get your wand from Ollivanders. I should be back by then."

"Okay," Damon agreed.

He knew of Knockturn alley essentially the 'bad guys' kind of shopping mall. If it was illegal, just plain wrong or disturbing in any shape or form, you could find it in Knockturn alley.

"Severus, why did you include the extra ingredients for? I know for a fact that half of the things that I just put away were not on the list. Hell most of the ingredients you added were for potions that wouldn't be studied in school until seventh year or in an apprenticeship. Are you planning on making me do extra work in class since I already have my Mastery?" Damon asked.

"Yes," Severus responded. "Since you already have your Mastery there is little to no point making you do the actual potions that the other class members will be attempting to make. You will also get to have plenty of practice of the wolfsbane potion, as one of the teachers this year is going to need it brewed monthly." Severus paused for a moment. "Go on, I'll be back soon."

Smiling joyfully, Damon strode into Madam Malkins Robes for all Occasions.

Upon entering he was almost rushed off of his feet and taken away into the back room by a group of three giggling women.

"Hogwarts robes dear," one of them asked.

Damon just nodded.

The women who seemed to have nothing better to do than gossip loudly as they worked away giggled occasionally while glancing at him out of the corner of their eyes. It really bugged Damon, but he remained quiet.

In what seemed like hours, but was only about fifteen minutes the robes were ready and packed away. Paying for the robes, Damon left the store as quickly as possible without making it appear like he was trying to escape. Shrinking it down he added it to all of his other packages of the day.

Looking about, he couldn't see Severus anywhere nearby, he shrugged his shoulders and headed towards the wand shop. There was little point in worrying over where mate was and what he was up to. He was perfectly able to look after himself, and he would show up when he felt like it.

Walking through the wand shop door he stopped when he saw all of the dust. The tinkling of the bell on the door stopped as he shut it behind him. No one appeared to be there, but Damon was not fooled. No something or someone was here, only they were somewhere deeper into the shop.

A man's head popped out from between two shelves and looked towards Damon.

"After a new wand." He commented.

"A new wand. Yes sir. For the past few years I have been using my grandmothers wand. She didn't like letting me out much." Damon stated.

Ollivander nodded, "Wand arm out please."

Damon looked over at Ollivander frowning a little.

"Sorry, but I'm ambidextrous," Damon answered.

"That's alright," Ollivander came out from between the shelves. "Very rare, often called a sign of great power. You are of course the third in the past two-hundred years. Dumbledore and Voldemort being the other two."

It was no news to Damon that Voldemort was an ambidextrous, but he had not known that Dumbledore was one, though he should have suspected it.

Ollivander continued, "That helps to exclude many wands. Most wands that I sell would not be able to channel your magic. The cores of the wands would explode as they are overpowered. It had unfortunately happened before, thankfully the child survived, although it was a near miss."

Disappearing into the back of the shop, Ollivander came back bearing twenty or so boxed wands.

Pulling out the first one, he handed it to Damon, who waved it, and nothing happed. Similar reactions came with the other wands. Although one made a vase explode. That was until he tried the thirteenth wand.

Feeling the familiar tingle through his body as his magic reacted to the magic of the wand, Damon couldn't help but smile at the green and silver sparks that merrily flew out of the tip of his wand.

"Curious, very curious," Ollivander muttered loudly enough that Damon knew he was meant to hear it as the man collected together the unneeded wands.

"Is this where I say, 'What is so curious?'" Damon stated amused.

Ollivander laughed, "Yes, it would be. It is of course curious that this is your wand as it contains the brother core to that of the core in Voldemorts own wand. The original wood split and was burnt to a cinder a few years ago."

Ollivander disappeared for a moment to put the wands away. Obviously they were not left on display for just anyone to use.

Just as father thought, Damon thought as the shop door opened.

Quickly turning around, Damon was pleasantly surprised to see that it was Severus who had just entered the store.

"You got whatever it was that you were after I assume then Severus?" Damon enquired when he saw the satisfied smirk on the man's face.

"Yes," Severus responded.

Ollivander decided that it was the perfect time to arrive back and with great care took the wand from Damon's hands and placed it into its box.

"That will be seven gallons and eight sickles," Ollivander requested.

Handing over the money to the man, Damon walked out of the shop with Severus right behind him.

"What have we got left to retrieve?" Damon asked as he looked down at his still overflowing pounch of coins.

"Nothing. I imagine that the extra money is for you to spend at your own desire," Severus responded thoughtfully.

Taking a moment to think about what he could possibly want, Damon was a little at a loss for what he should buy. Voldemort had given him everything that he could ever want within reason. The only thing that he had never really been allowed to have was a broom of his own. Sure when he had been younger he had been given a kiddy broom that flew no more than a few feet from the ground so that when kids fell off of their brooms they wouldn't be hurt too badly.

Settling on getting himself the newest model broom on the market, Damon dragged Severus towards the quidditch shop. The newest model that had only just come out, The Firebolt was on display in the front window. Entering the shop was a small task in itself as the front window was being crowded by a group of children all staring at the display.

Severus haggled with the shop owner and Damon all to eagerly handed over the correct amount from his money pouch. Severus miniaturised the box before they exited the shop.

As they managed to escape from the crowds Damon spotted Lucius Malfoy. He had with him a child that looked much like a miniature version of the elder, appearing to be around about the same age as Damon was.

Severus caught the eye of Lucius who still had not seen Damon as he was not to be expected to be seen out of the Dark Lords manor.

"Severus, what are you doing here?" Lucius asked.

"Taking Damon to collect his school equipment," Severus answered.

"Hello, Uncle Severus," the child stated warmly.

"Hello Draco," Severus said with warmth in his voice that Damon had only ever heard before when Severus was speaking about potions or to him. "Draco, meet Damon, he's going to Hogwarts entering third year and will most likely join your house, Slytherin."

Draco smirked, and grabbed a hold of Damon's arm and pulled him aside.

"Lets leave the elders to talk," Draco whispered.

"My name is Malfoy, Draco Malfoy," Draco informed him, extending his hand.

Damon took his hand and shook it firmly.

"Riddle, Damon Riddle," Damon responded.

The name Riddle seemed to make Draco back peddle for a moment.

"Riddle, you say," he commented carefully. "Are you related to the Dark Lord? Before he changed his name, when he became the Dark Lord, Father told me that his name was Tom Marvolo Riddle."

"Yes, the Dark Lord is a relative of mine, a distant uncle," Damon told him.

"Cool," Draco answered in awe. "So you have your own broom?"

Damon almost shook his head at the way Draco had changed the subject.

"Yes, I got a new one today actually. A Firebolt."

"The latest model out." Draco commented. If he was less refined, Damon was sure that Draco would have whistled. "Why are you here with Severus for?"

"As Severus said before to get my school rubbish," Damon paused, but from the look on Draco's face he knew he was expected to give a longer answer than he was given. "My parents died when I was very young. From there I was sent to my grandmother. She was my guardian until she died just a few months ago. So I now live with my Aunt Miranda Riddle. She doesn't have the time or the knowledge to properly home school me as grandmother did so she is sending me to Hogwarts. Miranda called in a favour with Severus as she owns a small apothecary that supplies some of the more dangerous and explosive ingredients for potions."

"Oh, sorry about your parents, and grandmother," Draco said, sounding not in the least be sorry at all. "Do you play quidditch?"

"No, unfortunately grandmother didn't like quidditch I was quite lucky to even be allowed to fly on a broom while under her care. There was no one to play with anyway. She schooled me by herself and we lived in quite a secluded place. You are actually the child that I have every spoken with. She always told me that my studies were more important than fraternising with other unruly children," Damon lied rather convincingly.

To be continued…

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