Shinichi chewed his lower lip as he gazed at the crime scene. It was something to behold all right. A man was sprawled on the floor, dead and there were no marks on his body. No visible sign that he was murdered. And yet, it was a murder, he just knew it. Something told him, nagged at him, something in his mind said that is was a murder and that the person responsible was in the room he was currently standing in.

"Conan-kun?" a soft voice said by his elbow.

Shinichi blinked and turned to see Ayumi looking awkward and apprehensive. Her large eyes kept on glancing from the dead body to the floor as she avoided both looking at the body and Shinichi's hardened glare. He saw this and smiled for her benefit, using his child tone to assure her that he was there. "Yes, Ayumi-chan?" he asked cheerfully.

"Can we… leave?" she whispered. "I don't like…" she glanced at the body again and shivered involuntarily.

Shinichi's gaze softened in the wake of her distress. Of course she was upset. Poor girl had seen more dead bodies in the past few months then most police officers had in a life time. It was certainly something a six year old like herself shouldn't have been exposed to. "Actually, Ayumi-chan, can you do me a big favor?"

Ayumi brought her gaze up to meet Shinichi's and smiled. "Sure," she said brightly.

Shinichi gazed around the room that they were in. It was a doctor's office but the person that had died was a man. In a room that he should never have had access to in the first place by any visible means. And, he was clutching un-opened heart medicine packs in his fist which meant he made no effort to stop a heart attack if that's what indeed killed him. It was a puzzling mystery indeed.

"Conan-kun?" Ayumi asked. Shinichi was jerked out of his deducing state as he turned once again to the girl. "What do you need me to do?"

"Oh right!" Shinichi said, laughing a little at his own absent minded-ness. He dug in his pocket to pull out a few yen coins which he put in Ayumi's hand and closed her fingers around them. An action which made the small girl's heart beat hard against her ribs. "Can you go get me something to drink?" he asked in his small boy's voice. "I'm really thirsty." He leaned closer, "And go ahead and take awhile if you don't want to come back until the body is gone."

"All right!" Ayumi said happily and left the room with the coins held tightly in her hand. She called to the other two boys who were lulling at the edge of the room, also trying very hard not to stare at the dead body. They happily followed their friend into the hallway in search of a vending machine.

Shinichi gave a little smile as they left then resumed thinking about the open book mystery in front of them. No sign of the weapon, no sign of how the man was killed, no motive and consequently, no suspect. But something was wrong. Something was out of place, but he couldn't find it.

"Well, it looks like a suicide, once we figure out how," he heard Satou say behind him. "I don't think it was a murder."

'Crap,' he thought. He had to figure out the trick and fast or the crime scene would be taken down and the clues would be gone. He gazed around the room, trying to find something that would help him. Anything.

He looked at the body again, and saw that indeed, it was quite dead. It wasn't natural for just anyone to walk into a medical supply office room and drop dead, and yet it appeared that's what had happened. But as he himself had proven, appearances could be quite deceiving.

Something had to stop the man's heart. Something had to… but what? They checked all of the electrical devices in the room and all of them were fine. No poisons, no sign of violence. Just a middle aged man where he shouldn't be and apparently very dead.

"What's wrong?" he heard Megure's voice ask.

"Well umm…" Takagi's stutter could be heard in response. "We searched his car and we found that he was to meet someone later today."

Shinichi's eyes widened.

"And, who was it?" Megure asked.

Takagi looked down at the slip of paper in his hands. "Well, it seems that he was to meet a woman by the name of Hikaru Oyamada. Apparently she was a long time acquaintance of the deceased."

"Call her here," Megure ordered. "When was he supposed to meet her?"

Takagi glanced at his watch, then at the slip of paper. "Now, it seems."

Conan walked over to the body and examined it once more. His eyes roved up and down, looking for anything that might possibly help him. Mouri came up behind him and rapped him on the head with his knuckles. "Sheesh, you think you would have learned by now not to mess with the scene, brat."

"Owowow!" Shinichi rubbed his head in a comical little kid manner and backed off with a silent grin. He now understood what had happened. He just had to wait for the murderer to arrive.

Ten minutes later Hikaru walked through the door wearing sweat pants and an overly large hoodie. She was in her mid fifties and looked as though she had seen better days. "Oh my god!" she squealed. "He…"

"We're sorry ma'am but it appears that he committed suicide. We called you here to ask if you knew any reasons why, and to identify him."

"Jiro…" she whispered. "It's him. Why did you call me here? Couldn't I have been called to head quarters?"

"We just found the body, with no I.D." Megure explained. "We found his car by process of elimination of claimed cars in the parking lot but there was no wallet or anything inside that had a picture I.D. we could use. I'm very sorry ma'am."

"No…" she breathed. "It's all right. Suicide? I'm not surprised. Jiro was a very unhappy man."

Megure nodded and took the woman by the arm in a kindly way. "You can explain the rest at the police station."

"Of course," she whispered.

Shinichi aimed his dart and let it pierce the side of Mouri's neck. The man swayed like a palm tree in a hurricane and fell into the swivel chair that was by the desk. Shinichi ran over and positioned the unconscious man before running behind him and pulling out his bow tie. "Stop right there, inspector!" he said in Mouri's gruff voice. "That woman is a murderer."

"Mouri-kun?" Megure turned around to eye the sleeping man. "Don't be silly, how could she have done it when there is no conceivable way for him to have been killed?"

"That's right dad!" Ran now chimed in as she watched from the door. "You said yourself that it was a suicide."

'Of course he did, he believes only what he sees,' Shinichi thought disdainfully. "That was before I saw the watch that the man was wearing."

"Watch?" Takagi asked. "We looked at the watch, there was no needle. Nothing that could have been used to kill him."

"The watch has stopped," Shinichi continued.

"So? He probably fell on it or something," Megure replied with a frown.

"No," Shinichi continued. "The watch was rigged. Probably a wire of some kind, to spark when it hit a specific time and short circuit. A weak current, yes, but for a man who had severe heart conditions it was enough."

"How do you know he had heart problems?" Megure asked.

"It was why he was here," Shinichi said. "He was here to meet with a doctor about medication he could have taken. Only, since no one admitted to it, I'm willing to bet that it was an untested drug. Something that had to be done secretly. In any case, the man had been looking at some samples of heart medication before he collapsed. He didn't take any which is why they're untouched but I'm willing to bet he had heart problems and that that woman there was perfectly aware of it."

"D-don't be silly," the woman laughed, an unnatural quaver to her voice. "Jiro was one of my best friends, why on earth would I kill him?"

"Why would he commit suicide when he was to meet you in two hours? And in a doctor's office no less," Shinichi continued. "No, he was killed. And if you examine the watch for crossed wires and a timer you'll find I'm right."

"Well then, how do you know I'm the killer?" the woman asked, a little haughty tone in her voice.

"He was to meet you right now?" Shinichi asked. "About ten minutes ago."

"R-right," the woman stuttered.

"Where?" Shinichi asked.

The woman didn't answer to Takagi came forth with the man's palm pilot. "At the restaurant in Regency Hotel."

"Why would a woman such as yourself go to such a high class restaurant in sweat clothes?" Shinichi asked. "Unless you never planned to meet him to begin with. Because you knew he was already dead."

The woman's eyes widened and she slid to the floor.

"Quite an amateur mistake, for someone who seemed to have plotted this out so carefully," Shinichi continued. "But perhaps it was just habit. Why go meet someone you knew was dead?"

The woman bit her lip and shook her head. "I hated him," she whispered. "I hated that man. For choosing her over me. I hated him…"

Megure looked unhappy as he ordered the policemen to arrest the now sobbing woman. As she was lead out he turned back to Mouri. "But how did you know it was her before she was here?" he asked.


Ayumi picked up the juice can. "Let's take this back to Conan-kun. I bet it's all done now."

Genta nodded. "Yeah, maybe we can go to the park afterwards."

Mitsuhiko nodded his own agreement and stood up. "Sound's good," he said and followed the spunky girl back to the room.

"How did you know it was here before she was here?" they heard Megure's voice come through the door.

"That's simple," Mouri's voice could be heard.

"They solved the mystery!" Ayumi squealed.

"There was a mystery?" Genta asked. "Awww, and we missed it."

"Let's catch the ending," she whispered excitedly and opened the door. She turned to see Mouri facing her profile, slumped in a swivel chair. Behind the man, talking into a bowtie was Conan. "C-conan-kun?" she stuttered.


"That's simple," Shinichi continued. "Conan-kun saw you dialing a number without an area code and he asked me why. That's when it hit me. You were calling her at home at the time she was supposed to meet the deceased. In other words she had no intention of ever even pretending to meet him. She probably never though someone would think it was a murder…"

Out of the corner of his eye Shinichi saw Ayumi come into the room and turn his way. His speech slowed as she stared at him along with Genta and Mitsuhiko. "C-conan-kun?" she asked.

"Oh crap," Shinichi breathed.


I was afriad to write for Conan because I didn't think I had the skill to put together a decent mystery to set it up. I still don't think this turned out great but the plot bunnies were eating me alive and it hurt.

So, I came up with this and the actual story will start next chapter. With luck it may be posted some time later tonight or tomorrow.