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Kagome sat up and stretched contentedly. It was nice to sleep in her bed for once. She had already told Inuyasha not to even bother coming for her untill Saturday, she had so much work to make up!
"Kagome!" Her friends yelled seeing her on the walk to school. "You feel well enought to come to school"
"Yeah, just fine for once." Kagome chirpped. She hated lying everytime she went to the fuedal era but who would ever believe her?
"There is a new girl in our school." One girl told her.
"Yeah, from America"
"From America? What's she like"
"Stuck up! She hardly ever speaks and she sit's by herself at lunch. She hasn't even tried to make friends"
"Maybe she's just shy." Kagome offered.
"No, she's stuck up." He friends assured her.

After walking several minutes one of Kagome's friends pointed. "That's her, Carolina"
Kagome gaped, the girl was ahead of them so the first thing she saw was the girls long hair. It was almost as long as Sesshomaru's falling about mid thigh. It's color was a very light brown, almost blonde, and it shimmered like the ocean. It was aranged so that it fell around her face and covered her ears but Kagome sensed a strong youkai aura emmenating from the girl.
The girl's uniform obviously had not arrived as the girl was wearing a black hoodie and dark blue jeans with lace butterfly patches on the back pockets. She had a denium back pack slung over one shoulder and bobbed her head lightly to what ever was playing on her ipod. Then as though the girl felt eyes on her she paused and turned to look at Kagome and her friends with emotionless ice-blue eyes.

At lunch Kagome grabbed her tray and scanned the lunch room untill she spotted Carolina eating a apple while she read a book in a corner. Her friend's called her over but she explined to them she was going to try to meet the new girl.. "Your funeral." They told her and she turned and walked to the back corner where Carolina sat.
"May I sit here?" She asked cheerfully.
"If you must." The voice was both soft and hard, it was femine and sweet but devoid of any feeling. Kagome then noticed the girl was wearing ear buds and blasting music, how had she even heard her over that racket. Duh, she isn't human, she probably had ears like Inuyasha! But then wouldn't blasting the music like that hurt such sensitive ears?
"Why aren't you sitting with your friends? The girls you walked to school with this morning?" Caroline asked, she was still emotionless.
"Why don't you come sit with us"
The youkai glanced up at her. For an instant Kagome thought she saw sadness and surprise in the girls eyes before they turned back into ice. "No. I don't think I will." The two continued to eat in silence for a few minutes then Carolina checked her watch. She took another bite of her salad.
"Did you know that all the rooms in this school have their own sprinkler system? It was designed that way so that should a fire break out in, say the science lab, the computers and books in other rooms would not obtain water damage unless the fire spread"
"No, I didn't know that." Kagome replied. 'What the hell was THAT about?' Kagome wondered. One moment icey silence and the next she is talking about the schools design? Oh well, at least she was talking. That icey cold stare... The girl almost reminded her of.
"What is it?" Carolina demanded seeing Kagome shake her head.
"You almost remind me of some one. That's all"
"May I ask whom"
'The Ice Prince.' Kagome thought. "My boy friend's older brother." WTF? 'Did I just call Inuyasha my boyfriend?'
"What grade is he in?"
"Your boyfriend"
'Kindergarten?' "Oh he isn't in school"
"He graduated? You best be careful with those older men"
They ate in silence for a few more minutes. Kagome noted every so often this youkai checked her watch. About 5 minutes before lunch ended Carolina packed up her empty containers in her insulated bag. "You may want to leave the cafeteria."

Kagome dumped her tray and put it up then joined Carolina as she walked into the hall. No sooner had they turned the corner when Kagome heard falling water and screaming. She looked at Carolina. The youkai continued to stare straight ahead but a satisfied smile played across her face.
The next day at luch Kagome found Carolina once again sitting by her self with her nose in a thick book. Her icey eyes never left the page as she popped edamame in her mouth. Kagome read the title as she sat down with her tray. "Cryptic zoology? what's that?"

Kagome noticed either the girls uniform had not arrived yet or she refused to wear it. Today she wore a baby blue tank under her hoodie and her pants had red roses embroidered on them.
The youkai reluctantly tore her eyes away from the book and laid it down. She was surprised that this girl sought her out again after her coolness yesterday. That was always enough to keep people away. So why not this girl? And yet part of her didn't want to scare this girl off, she reminded her of a certain hanyou back home.
Carolina gave Kagome a small smile. "A cryptic zoologist is a scientist who believes in, and searches for proof that certain creatures exist when most believe them to be hoaxes. Big Foot, the Loche Ness Monster, the Jersey Devil, and other things of that nature"
Kagome nodded her understanding. Big Foot and Nessie? People actually believed they existed? 'Well I didn'tbelieve youkai existed untill I fell down the well.' She told herself. 'Wait, youkai are powerful and live such long lives. There must be many of them still. Where are they? The ones who look human must pretend to be humans like Carolina. But what about the ones who don't look human at all? They would have to live and hide in the last wild places. Big Foot and Nessie!' Her eyes widened at the realization that these things DID actually exist, and that they were youkai all along. She quickly got a hold of the idea and glanced up at Carolina to see if she'd noticed her shock. Damn, she couldn't tell, those damn emotionless eyes. But her look of surprise had not gone unnoticed. Carolina decided something strange was going on with this kid. And she wanted to know what.