Life With Derek: The Secret

Genre: Romance/Angst/Drama
Rating: T, may go up later
Relationship: Dasey
Summary: There is something about Casey that only Derek knows. Something about her past before they became step siblings. Something that explains how they are together.
Disclaimer: I do not own Life With Derek. I only own my ideas and the few people you don't recognize.


Derek knew her better than any of them thought; they all believed they hated each other, but they didn't know the truth. None of them knew about their past together; by past, he doesn't mean years ago, but really just before their parents got together. You must be wondering, how is it that Derek Venturi could have any past with a girl who attended a private school while he was reigning over his high school. That's a long story, one that's going to be shared with you.

He sat, perched on the end of the counter, a cold bowl of cereal held in his hand. His spoon dangled out of his mouth haphazardly, as the family unit did their usual morning routine. While his dad and Nora conversed over who could pick Marti up from her ballerina class, Lizzie and Edwin were in deep conversation over the last muffin on the table. Derek's feet dangled over the side of the counter, every once in a while they'd knock into the cupboards. Any second now, he was sure he'd hear his lovely step sister ask him to quit making such a racket. By asking, he really meant screech at him about how annoying he was being.

He could admit that he lived to torture her; that when she fumed over the little irritating things he did just for her, he got some sick pleasure out of seeing it. However, that was no the case. In actuality, the two of them had a very torrid and confusing past together. Though neither of them had discussed this part with each other after becoming step siblings, they both felt it hanging over them constantly. For Casey, it was a very bad time in her life, at least the ending was, which she'd prefer to forget. For Derek, it happened to be one of the best times of his life, dashed by his father and trampled over by his now step sibling.

Derek Venturi is the coolest guy at his school. This isn't an embellishment either; there is no one at his school that could possibly be any cooler than he. Why was this? Well, in all honesty, he's incredibly good looking, funny, and happens to be the captain of his hockey team. The girls fawn over him as if he's a Greek God, and the guys all want to be his friend. Was this a problem for Derek? Not at all. He relishes in the attention.

So you're now wondering what this has to do with little Miss Perfect, Casey MacDonald, right? Well, here's the thing; Derek happened to meet Casey before her mother married his father. A few weeks before the anointed joining of the Venturi and MacDonald family, Derek threw a party at his best friend Sam's house. Why was little private school girl Casey there? You see, Sam has many sisters, a few of which that happened to attend Casey's school. One of which, was Casey's very close friend and invited her along to the exciting bash.

"Derek," Casey half-shouted. "Do you have to be so loud? Could you please sit with the rest of the family, at a table, where manners are being used?"

Frowning, he rolled his eyes. "Casey, Casey, Casey; why would I want to sit at the table where I'll be forced to stare at you while you eat? It's really quite stomach turning." Hopping off the counter, he dropped his dishes in the sink; he had some manners. Walking towards the door, he ruffled her hair. "Later, sis." Hearing her snort in revulsion, he smirked to himself.

Loping outside, he was met with Sam's old, beat up, blue Mustang. He felt his mouth twitch; he was sixteen and has his license, but nobody was willing to buy him a car. He knew for a fact, that they were already planning to get Casey a nice jeep for her birthday next month. All because little Miss Perfect happened to get grades a tiny bit higher than Derek's; alright, a little more than a tiny bit, but still. How unfair is that?

Pulling open the creaking door, Derek slid inside his best friends car. "Hey man," he greeted.

"Hey," Sam said back. "Is Casey coming?"

"Why?" Derek wondered, scowling.

Sam's eyes darted between the door of the house and the steering wheel. "Well, I thought maybe we could give her a ride," he said, shrugging slightly.

"Why?" Derek asked, again.

Sighing, he shrugged again. "Come on, Der. She is your sister."

"Step-sister," he emphasized. "Don't tell me you still have a thing for her," he said, snorting.

"What? No," Sam replied with more emphasis than need.

"Then let's get to school," Derek said, leaning back into the seat. "I need to talk to the Coach."

"What about?" Sam asked, before revving the engine.

Shaking his head, Derek stared out the window, ignoring Sam's question. His grades weren't so great and he was slightly worried he was going to lose his place on the team soon. Although his reputation might be able to withstand even without his coveted position as captain, he didn't want to take the chance.

Hearing Sam voice his poor attempt at hiding his crush on Casey just put Derek in a foul mood. The day was not going as planned; he was hoping to get through it unscathed. So far though, his shower had been cold, he'd woken up an hour too early and couldn't get back to sleep, he'd already fought with Case, heard some unnerving news, and now he'd have to face his Coach; who no doubt would be angry with him for not taking his position on the team more seriously.

Half slamming the car door behind him, he made his way to the Phys. Ed department. Knocking on the office door, he waited for the okay to enter. He may not be polite enough to do so for Casey, but he had respect for the man who made him captain of his team.

"Sir," he said, politely.

"Derek," the older man said, happily. A smile warmly sat over his creased face. "Sit down, son."

Taking the cracked chair in front of him, Derek rested his arms on his knees.

"I've been informed by many of your teachers that your grades are falling pretty low," he started, staring at him.

He sighed. "I know Coach and-"

"Now listen, Derek," he was interrupted. "I know that things have been hectic lately. Look, kid, you've got a lot of heart. When it comes to this game, you're king. If I could keep you here for ever, I damn well would."

"What're you saying?" Derek asked, his face darkening.

"I'm saying you've got a month to get your grades up, or you're cut," he told him bluntly.

"Cut?" Derek laughed, angrily. "You've got to be kidding me. I'm the captain; I drive that team!"

"I know you do, son. But the school board set down these rules and I can't change them just for you. You've got to get these D's up to a C." Sighing, he ran his hand over his grey, balding head. "I know you can do this, Derek; you're a smart kid. Hell, you come up with most of our plays." He laughed, good naturedly.

Grinding his teeth, Derek nodded.

Leaning back in his chair, the aging man shook his head. "Don't let me down, son."

"I won't Coach," he said, standing up.

"Go on, now. Get to class." He waved to the door.

Nodding, he left through the locker room. His shoulders slumped and his face was pulled into a worn out grimace. It wasn't enough that he had to hear from his parents that he could take a few pointers from Casey, but now his Coach was telling him to pick it up. There was a lot he had to do besides homework. He had to show his face at all the important events, he had hockey practice, and then he had to go home to the fighting that was sure to ensue.

He seriously wanted it to go back to how it was before. Back when it was just him, Edwin, Marti, and their father. He wanted to go back a few weeks before this whole Venturi-MacDonald fiasco happened. Life was good then; it was the best it could get. Derek had been on cloud nine. He had his group of friends, the best hockey team in all of Ontario, and he had finally found the perfect girlfriend. Of course, by the end of the week, he'd lost the last one. The girlfriend; the perfect girl for Derek. Feisty, beautiful, and just a tad bit better than him. One Casey MacDonald.


A/N This is my first fic, let alone my first Life With Derek fanfiction. Let me know what you think. There's a lot more to be explained about Casey and Derek's past, some of which will be cleared up next chapter. Thanks for reading