Title: To be with you
Summary: Claude has a crush on Hiro but when Tyson tells him that Hiro regards him nothing more than an acquaintance, will he give up? Or will he get help from someone he didn't expect?
Pairings: Hiro/Claude, Miguel/Kai
Warnings: Yaoi
Disclaimer: Don't own Beyblade and I think the chances of me ever will are slim to none.

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"Keep your shoulder straight when you launch, Tyson." Hiro ordered, his voice sure and strong. "You'll have more power that way."

"Yes, Hiro." Tyson sighed, rolling his eyes.

Claude sat on the edge of the steps behind the Granger's dojo. He and his team were staying in Japan for a couple of days, taking this time to tour around, visiting new places and meeting new people. They were never allowed to before, mainly because Barthez didn't let them.

Thank God he's no longer here to order them around.

He let his eyes scanned the area. He watched with a small smile as Miguel battled against Max, although Claude got the feeling he wished he was battling Kai. Kai, for whatever reason was not here today. He either had something else he wanted to do, or didn't have the patience to deal with the brat brigade, as he calls them.

His blond hair captain has this romantic fondness for the dual hair enigma, who in turn seemed to respect him. He had heard from Kai's teammates, both G rev and the Blitzkrieg boys that Kai was a very secretive person and trusted very little. Thought, neither team would say why.

"Tyson!" Hiro yelled, evidence that his patience was wearing thin. "I told you to keep your shoulder straight!"

"My shoulder is straight!" Tyson argued back.

Claude watched silently as Hiro seem to shake his head in degust, his long blue hair falling around his shoulders. A frown made it's way to his lips and his eyes held this intense annoyance in them. Suddenly, those eyes were turned to him.

Biting back a gasp, Claude could feel his cheeks heat up as Hiro looked at him with those intense eyes. Gone was the annoyance and placed with something he couldn't quite put his finger.

"Is something wrong, Claude?" Hiro asked, a hint of concern in his voice.

Immediately, Claude's blush deepened. "No, I'm fine." He replied, somewhat pleased with himself that he didn't stutter.

A smile made it's way to Hiro handsome features as he nodded. "We're going to do a few more drills and then call is quits for the day. You guys ok with that?"

Numbly, Claude nodded. He heard Miguel reply, but didn't catch the words for the thudding of his heart was deafening. This always happens when he hears the older Granger speak. His deep, commanding, but kind and understanding voice sends chills down his spine each and every time.

It wasn't until a couple of says ago that Claude discovered that he actually has a crush on the older man. A crush he decided to keep a secret. What would his team think about him liking someone who was older than him? Miguel would probably be worried. He is such a mother hen sometimes. Aaron would lecture him about their age differences and Matilda would constantly ask questions regarding if he was all right or not and if the elder Granger was looking after him properly.

He can't even imagine what G rev would think.

Claude turned his gaze back to Hiro was had removed his jacket. The long sleeve shirt hung loosely against Hiro's skin, the first few top buttons undone, his sleeves rolled up, exposing his forearms. He wiped his brow with the back of his hand and smiled.

"Ok everyone, that's it for the day. Good job."

Everyone nodded and called for their blades. Claude stood up from his seat and began to walk over to his team when Hiro stopped him.

"You had some great matches today, Claude." Hiro commented. "You've really improved."

"Thank you." Claude stuttered, his cheeks heating up again. He felt self conscious and lowered his eyes to the ground. Suddenly he felt a finger slip under his chin which slowly began to tilt his head up. He swallowed thickly when he gazed into Hiro's amused mahogany eyes.

"There's no need to be so modest." Hiro said, his voice sounding amused. Suddenly his phone rang. He gazed at Claude for a few seconds longer before giving him a brief smile and pulled the phone out of his pocket. He flipped it open and spoke into it. "Yeah?"

Claude watched, his breathing somewhat erratic as Hiro turned away, walking towards the dojo. He blinked and grasp at the material of his shirt over his heart as he tried to get his heart rate back to normal. He could still feel Hiro's warm touch on his chin.

"You like Hiro, don't you?"

Startled, Claude whipped around to look into the younger Granger's face, who in turn seemed to regard him coldly. "What?" Claude asked, nervousness etched in his voice.

"You have a crush on my brother." Tyson said firmly. "He doesn't like you, you know."

Claude was taken back by the bluntness of Tyson's response. He blinked at the teen a few times as his heart started to pound in his chest. "Huh?" Was all that he could managed.

"Stay away from him. You're nothing but an acquaintance to him anyway."

Claude reeled back, feeling as if he was physically slapped. He felt his heart stop and tears prick at his eyes. He blinked them back, but found it difficult as they were replaced by more tears. "You're lying." He said.

Tyson shook his head. "No, he told me himself. He doesn't have the time for rookie bladers like you."

Rookie blader? Now, that hurt…

"I recommend that you don't tell him." Tyson said, a somewhat of a smirk on his face. "Do you have any idea what would happen if the press finds out?"

"You wouldn't." Claude replied.

"I'll do whatever I have to protect my brother and our family image." He said his voice hard and cold. "Even at your expense."

Claude stumbled back a few steps, feeling physically ill. He stared at Tyson with shock, fear and humiliation. A tear slipped down his cheek, a split second later he turned on his heel and ran out of the dojo, ignoring the calls from his teammates and friends.

It was mid afternoon and the streets were busy with shoppers and tourists. But none of them were registered by Claude as he ran past. He didn't know where he was going, or who he was running into, he just had to get away.

Suddenly he ran into someone, knocking them both to the ground. He fell back and landed on the ground, scraping his elbow. He hissed in pain and felt more tears well in his eyes.

"Hey!" Said a familiar voice. "Watch where you're going!"

"I'm so sorry." Claude replied before he actually looked to see who he ran into. He kept his head bowed because he still had tears in his eyes. He however, snapped his head up when he felt a hand gently rest on his shoulder. He blinked when he saw that Kai was kneeling in front of him, his hand on his shoulder.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

…I kinda made Tyson out to be an evil twit again, didn't I? I can't help it... Well, he isn't exactly going to be evil. More like a meddling annoying younger brother. Kai is going to be a really feisty older brother figure in this. Anyway, how was it? I love this pairing, but they seem hard to do. Don't know why. I guess because I'm use to doing Tala/Claude.

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