Warning: D/H and some implied R/Hr if you squint.

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By: Hiki-chan

Why, why did he have to choose Potter out of all people!

Sure, now Potter and him had no actual hatred between them. Only friendly rivalry.

But why oh why had Merlin curse him so much that he just had to fall for Harry bloody Potter?

Why couldn't it be someone so much easier? Like a girl?

Like… Granger?

Nah, Weasley would bite his head off. Besides, Granger was such a bookworm, like himself. She was intellectual and she had always loved to lecture Harry and Weasley a lot -That he had known from a reliable source; Potter himself-

She was too much like him since he himself had always loved to indulge in books. Now why would he want to like someone so much like himself?

Okay, next candidate for debating, Ginny Weasley. Yuk, another Weasley. Sure she was pretty but she was a Weasley. Besides, he had never found her interesting much. And she always hung around like Harry. Hmmph, like she was his girlfriend or something. Oh no, he's not jealous. He's not at all.

Enough about that girl. Hmm, next on his list. Pansy Parkinson. Eeew, why is she even on his list!

Where's that stupid eraser…?

Now, back to my first question. Why Potter! Why a male! Okay, Draco Malfoy did not care for males. Only Harry Potter. That's all.

But why!

Wait, wait. The mind is suppose to be the strongest thing in the human body right? Strongest equipment. So maybe… just maybe, if he kept telling himself he hated and didn't like Harry, then maybe he won't. Hey, it was worth a shot. He's tried so many different methods that didn't work. That's right! Willpower!

Okay, he hates Harry Potter. He hates him to the core. He's a Gryffindor. He, Draco Malfoy does not care for Gryffindors nor does he care for Harry Potter. He hates Potter.

Wow, maybe it works. Willpower works!

"Hi Draco."

Draco Malfoy looked up from his list to see Harry standing in front of him. Smiling cheekily at him.


Hey, where did my stupid willpower go!

"I were wondering whether you would want to come play Quidditch with me." A grin, "You know, a friendly one-on-one?"

Bah. Why won't he stop smiling? It's so pretty…

Draco gained some self-control before answering, "What about Granger and Weasley?"

Emerald eyes blinked before a small blush made its way on Harry's face.


"Well, they're busy. You know." Harry said sheepishly, "So, how about it Draco? Up for it?"

Draco slowly smiled, a real genuine smile. "Sure Potter, bring it on."

Harry beamed, "I'll meet you at the Quidditch field in about half and hour okay Malfoy?"

Draco nodded and Harry went off.

Draco then relaxed on his chair in the library.

So all is fine. As long as Harry doesn't find out his secret. Who cares, he likes the feelings he felt for the boy and no one, not even himself, can change it.


So? Was it terrible? I just mused it up and decided to write it. Ehehe. Reviews will be appreciated!