Just a few comments about what I'm doing here, if you care, if not, then that's ok too. Basically, I find Ultimecia to be the most fascinating villains in any of the Final Fantasy games, and that's saying a lot. So obviously I took interest in the many opinions floating around about her existence, and how she came to be. What this story is about is pretty much a mix of the Rinoa Ultimecia theory, and the arguments that go against it, kind of a mix in some ways. Obviously they aren't fully compatible, so one takes charge over the other in various parts. Don't know what the Rinoa Ultimecia theory is? Just as it sounds, if you don't know details you can read without knowing, or you could get a heads up, I think has a good article supporting, and there is some stuff against it on GameFaqs...or just google, that usually works. I'm not saying something is right over anything else, you can decide that for yourself.

More side notes, I haven't played the game intensely in 1-2 years, so could you find holes in what I say? I wouldn't doubt it at all. But in the end, this is just for reading entertainment on how this villain came to be, depending on your view. A way that she COULD have become if she was a future form of Rinoa, or a way she COULD have become Ultimecia IF it was true (if you don't believe it). That's why I tried to put in bits from both sides in this. At the very least it will be a decent read (hopefully), and I will do my best to make it more than that. I'm going to stop rambling now, or else I will need the first chapter just for notes and disclaimers ;)

Final Fantasy 8 the game, it's characters, concepts, etc. are from Squaresoft.


Not based on fighting or violence, but there is a little



The wind blows across the never ending landscape. Trees and tall grass give way to its power, unable to stand against it. But at the same time, it was gentle and forgiving, pushing the grass back and forth quietly, creating a stream of dancing figures along the horizon, that was nothing more than the grass itself. The land was quite beautiful on days like this one. These were the days that Squall and Rinoa enjoyed the most out of all.

Many years had passed since their involvement in the time compression debacle. All that mattered was that Ultimecia was defeated, as she had foreseen, and all of them had made it back alive. Though this was a nice victory indeed, the world would never be without problems, and they out of all people knew this. The world had taken many turns for the better, but also for the worse, especially considering their situation. Rinoa was a sorceress after all.

Squall stands, looking out towards the mountains and valleys in the distance. It was so beautiful, he thought. He still wears the same black outfit as he always did, with the fur near the neck and shoulder area. Most of his hair is still brown, but much of it was beginning to turn gray from the years that were quickly passing by. The large slash mark near his eye was still visible, from back when Seifer struck him in their fight. Every once in a while he rubs a couple of his fingers along it, as if thinking of the memory of how it got there every time he did. Then he shakes his head a little and then goes back to concentrating on what he is doing.

Rinoa walks up silently next to him, putting her arm around him and smiling a bit as they both watch the sun come up in the distance. It was so light outside considering only a fraction of it was up over the mountains. Her raven black hair flows down a little past her shoulder, she too wearing similar attire as she always had. She stares at Squall, her knight, for a while, then looks back into the distance, and then repeats the process all over again. He was still the most handsome man she had ever seen, she thought, and believed it fully. There were so few people left in this world that she could turn to. Even her father, Caraway, had passed away years prior. Though she didn't have the best of relations with him, he was still her father.

There was silence between them for a good long while. It was the type of love that did not even need that many words, which is probably how Squall liked it. At the same time, it feels as if there are many things that they need to say to eachother, but won't.

"We don't do this nearly enough," Rinoa finally says, breaking the silence.

"No, we don't." Squall turns to her, looking into her eyes as deep as he can.

"Squall?" Rinoa squints a little.

Squall continues looking at her, but his gaze changes due to her change of tone. "Hm?"

"It's odd that...even though Ultimecia is gone...we are still living in her shadow more than ever." Rinoa frowns and looks down at her feet finally.

"Rinoa, let's not think about those things now. This is suppose to be a good week."

"It was...and now it is almost over, and we must face reality again." Her tone borders between sad and disappointed. "This is the first time in a while I have had privacy. It always seems like the SeeD and everyone else are watching what I do..."

Squall nods a little, understandingly. "That is their job. But I must admit their principles have gotten lost in recent years. You are after all, one of the heroes who defeated Ultimecia. The same person that they are paranoid about right now."

"They just wait for her, preparing...because she is from the future..."

Squall sighs slightly. All their work didn't even seem to go towards anything. He finally comes to a decision. "If you want to stay hidden and out of the public even more, then so be it. I don't want you to be uncomfortable or in danger anymore. Isn't that why you hired that Gil...Gil---mh..." He stops, struggling to remember the name.

"Gilmahn." She giggles a little at Squall's missed attempt. "And I didn't hire him. He's been my best non-romantic friend for a long time. He takes care of all the politics and headaches so we don't have to." She smiles a little, placing emphasis on the 'non-romantic' part of the sentence. Squall liked to see her smile. He only hopes that she wasn't faking them. "But I know you don't like him that much. You think he's weird..."

"Well..." He smiles playfully.

"Alright, maybe a little. But so are you. So am I?" Her eyes open wide for a moment, as if shocked at this sudden revelation. Then smiles again.

"I guess so. He's suppose to be here sometime to get us, right?"

Rinoa nods at his question. She then leans her head against his chest, and he rubs her long strands of hair gently, continuing to look out at the sun, which is now almost fully out from behind the mountains.

"Some moments are perfect. Like this one. They are worth keeping forever." Rinoa says gently into his chest.

"Mh." Squall begins to aimlessly look around the horizon rather than up at the mountains and the sunrise, in thought.