In the 'future' (?)

Gilmahn hobbles along the dirt path. Tiamat had his way with him again earlier that day. He swore that one of these times he would show that dragon a thing or two. But it doesn't matter now, things were finally set. After all this guess and check. After all this time and anguish. He drags his leg along, it rubs hard against the dirt and rocks. He walks up to a spot where the road turns a bit. He decides this is the best place to execute his plan.

After thinking this all through, he decides that all of his plotting and conspiring will finally pay off. Knowledge is power, and after going through this so many times, he finally has all the knowledge he needs. He tried many times before. Being logical and diplomatic, all the time. This is not a logical situation. Reasoning can only go so far. This is the realm of the surreal. The only question that remains is what his fate will be in all of this. A hero that will never go in the history books, a thinker that will never be credited.

Yes, logic and reasoning. He has those parts already in place, now insanity shall kick into motion. Once that happens, all will be complete. Everything was in place, just like it was last time. He befriended Squall and Rinoa, Squall passed away. they went to the old ladies house, Rinoa ran off, they argued, she ran off again, the castle was in place, he went to speak with her again, he left, but this time, he will return. Yes, it is time to let off his bad side. Who wouldn't be a little crazy after being stuck in a time cycle for so long?

Gilmahn waits quietly as he begins to hear loud footsteps coming up the path. Three pairs of footsteps, that is. Temoren and two SeeDs emerge from around the corner, walking as if they are going to their death. Gilmahn crouches a little, waiting quietly as they come. Temoren steps only a couple feet from him, but doesn't look backwards to notice him. At the right moment, Gilmahn leaps out from behind the rock, slashing at the first SeeD. He falls, not even knowing what hit him. He turns and jumps with fury at the next SeeD, enduring the pain of his leg. He thrusts down at the second SeeD, slaying his next target as well.

Temoren pulls out his gun, still barely registering what is happening. He aims the gun at Gilmahn, who has his back completely turned away. Temoren fires the gun at point blank range. The bullet tears through Gilmahn's back, and goes out the front. He falls forward, almost onto the ground. Temoren relaxes a bit, thinking Gilmahn is down for good, though this is a mistake. Gilmahn turns quickly, swinging his scimitar wildly, the gun falls out of Temoren's hand and he begins to back up, tripping and falling onto his back. Gilmahn stands back up, despite his ailments, and walks quickly over to Temoren, who tries going for his sword next, but isn't quick enough. Gilmahn thrusts down again, killing the assassin on impact.

Gilmahn breathes heavily, clasping his chest, feeling the hole. He stumbles up to a rock, using it to hold himself up. The adrenaline begins to wear off, and the pain starts setting in. From both his leg and his back. He jumped and ran despite the injury. He continues to walk weakly, using the wall of rocks to his side to help him. This time, this time will be different. Rinoa will come out, and this time instead of Temoren and company, it will be him. He took the lighter out of Temoren's pocket and lit all three bodies. They will never find them. And considering the attitude he left the Garden with, they will think he deserted. It all works so perfectly.

He continues moving, step by step towards the castle. Rinoa appears in front of him, right on schedule. She doesn't look angry or unstable like before. She just looks like she did what seems like years ago, though it hadn't been that long. The rain starts to fall slowly onto them. She looks back at him with a worried look.

"I'm sorry...please..."

Gilmahn waves his hand, "No, don't apologize. Things will be alright."

Rinoa looks down a bit. "You're hurt." She looks back up into his eyes.

"No, I...I just got the air knocked out of me..." Gilmahn responds back, no longer with any energy.

"I don't believe you."

Gilmahn chuckles a little. "This is how it's supposed to be, though." He goes from leaning on the rock, to on his knees. Rinoa quickly moves up to him. He coughs up a small amount of blood, but continues talking anyways. "You must...accept your fate, but not...the grief and hate. You must endure it. The world will try to destroy you...but it doesn't matter. Show them Ultimecia has come, and things will be alright."

He coughs up a little more blood. "That...That, is how the world will heal." His hand starts to shake more and more violently, he looks down noticing it. "The cycle...is broken? I have not left this time?"

"Shh...Don't talk anymore. I can try to help."

Gilmahn swallows hard, completely unsure of everything. This is one situation he hasn't gone through before yet. Rinoa leans in closer one more time, "We'll figure something out."