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Draco Malfoy sat hunched over in the rain; his normally perfect blonde hair was matted and hung in clumps. He scowled and stood up. He left the dreary park and the rotting park bench and walked down the little London street full of family-owned shops and cheery, warm cafes.

Stepping inside a pub, he bought himself a pint of beer and stared, meditatively, into the frothy amber liquid, turning over the day's previous events in his mind.

Today he'd see Harry Potter again for the first time since they'd graduated, two years ago. He looked exactly as Draco remembered. Tall, dark, and handsome with his emerald green eyes and jet-black hair, and that same "savior of the world" aura he'd had in school.

He'd been eating lunch at his favorite outdoor café with an old muggle newspaper for company. He was closing his eyes savoring the soft French bread and salty ham and listening to the happy shoppers enjoying the break in the rain, when suddenly a pair of footsteps, or rather three pairs of footsteps, cut through his consciousness. They stopped on the other side of the iron fence separating Draco from the rest of the world.

"Malfoy?" The footsteps asked incredulously, "What are you doing in a muggle town, reading a muggle paper, dressed like a muggle?"

Draco had looked up and, for the first time, seen the faces that were attached to the footsteps, "I could ask the same of you." He said to Harry Potter and his cronies, Weasley and Granger.

Harry stared at him and said, "Hermione was just showing us around town, but I never thought we'd run into you here!"

"Yah? Well my dad kicked me out of the house after I graduated and pissed him off by not being evil enough for him; I've been here ever since," Draco said, a little snappishly.

"Hmmmmm" was all Harry had said. 'Hmmmmm' indeed!

"Yes, well nice seeing you all" he had drawled, dripping sarcasm, "I must be going," Draco stood up and bowed, "Do visit again," then he had strutted off, paper in hand.

Even now, he still wasn't sure what to make of seeing his old school enemy. He sipped his beer angrily. Why'd these things always have to happen to him?