Title: Quirks.
Characters: Boris, Yuri.
Rating: PG.
Gerne: Humor.
Notes: For LadyFiction. Finals are over, so I can go back to writing daily. Wee.


It's really an annoying quirk of his. He walked from one side to the other of the small waiting room, his steps short and quick. One arm is wrapped around himself, hugging himself tightly so as to show comfort for fears unknown. The other is held to his face, fingers nervously tapping closed lips as he mutters under his breath. Oh, how he hates that muttering. It's like constant buzzing from an insect. Not loud enough to be annoying on it's own, but going on, and on, and on...

"Stop it!"

The redhead squeaked loudly as his lover roughly pulled him into his lap.

"But,but..." Looking down at the pale haired teen, Yuri sulked, "Boris..."

"Oh, quit it you drama queen," The Falcon snorted, "I'm never taking you to the dentist again.