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Magnus shifted uncomfortably for what seemed like the millionth time since the Decepticons put him in this small cell hours ago. The size of the cell wasn't the problem. He'd been in placed in some that were almost like coffins without some much as a hint of discomfort.

No, his problem was that he wasn't alone. Of course some how he felt it was entirely his fault that he wasn't alone. If he hadn't been in that area of town. If he hadn't stopped to watch a group of children in the park, he wouldn't be in this mess in the first place.

What in Primus' name possessed him to stop and watch the children in the park? It was completely stupid. But the game they were playing had fascinated him. All but two of the children had stood in a line, facing the two children who were left out of the line. At some unknown signal the herd of children would take off running trying to make it past the two children that seemed to be acting the part of the predators without being caught. The children who were caught joined the 'predators', as Magnus had dubbed them. If the managed to elude the predators long enough to cross a certain point they lined up to run again. As the number of children running dwindled, Magnus was able to pick out the more fit 'prey' since they were the ones that managed to elude the predators the best. They were cunning, agile, and observant. These were things he'd relied on to keep him alive through most of the scrapes he'd managed to get himself into. And a few of these children showed the potential to be good warriors if their ability in this game was anything to go by. They'd never need it though. Earth was a relatively peaceful planet. No war engulfing it, small skirmishes between countries, but nothing major. These children were free and content to continue on in their innocence. Something he would do his best to protect for the remainder of the Autobot's stay on Earth.

While Magnus had been caught up in watching the children playing he hadn't noticed the black tanker approaching the park until it was to late. Scourge had transformed at the edge of the park closest to the children. The children, possessing some decent instincts for growing up in such a sheltered environment, had decided to scatter into the wooded area of the park where Scourge would have a harder time following them.

Scourge hadn't noticed Magnus at this point making the Bot wonder what he was there for if he wasn't looking for a fight with an Autobot. When Scourge actually did try to follow the children into the woods, Magnus understood. He was after the children to lure Optimus out.

Magnus could forgive anything else. Kidnapping a human scientist like Dr. Onishi was the kind of thing that was expected in war. Good information was the often the difference between winning and losing. But using children this way, causing fear to replace the glee that they'd felt at their game. That was more than Magnus was going to accept.

So he had charged head first into battle without thinking. He shouldn't have been surprised that Scourge had his team of Decepticons with him as backup. So Magnus got his tailpipe kicked all around that park by Ruination while Scourge still remained free to chase the children.

After he had been thoroughly beaten by Ruination Scourge returned with his prize. A human boy held securely in his hand. He was one of the children who had been among the longest standing prey. Apparently the game didn't count for much in real situations.

"Well, I was only here for the brat but two hostages won't hurt" Scourge had laughed.

That had confused Magnus. He been purposely after that particular child? Why? Then he'd taken a closer look at the boy. He was wearing different clothes than he usually did but his face was unmistakable. Onishi's kid, Koji, Optimus' human friend. The attack had been to grab the kid as blackmail against Optimus and Dr. Onishi.

Now, hours later Magnus was still berating himself for not calling Optimus when he first saw Scourge. As big a blow to his pride as it would have been to have his older brother come to his aid, it was an even bigger blow to have been captured by Megatron's forces. Plus it wasn't just his own safety he should have been worrying about, the obvious target had been among those children. Now the Onishi kid was sitting in the cell with him. Probably scared out of his mind to.

Glancing at the boy, Magnus noted that the boy hid his fear and discomfort very well. If it weren't for the slight tremble in the boy's hand's Magnus would think he was completely unaffected by his surroundings. Checking his internal chronometer he realized they'd both been in here for eight hours. While that amount of time didn't mean much to him as far as needing to refuel or recharge, he was pretty sure the boy would be getting hungry or tired soon.

The low growl he heard being emitted from the boy's stomach told him that the boy was already hungry. They had been taken sometime shortly after noon. Judging from the way the children had been playing they hadn't stopped for lunch yet. As a matter of fact that game was probably going to be the last until they returned from their respective homes after eating. So it was a reasonable assumption that the kid hadn't eaten in over twelve hours.

The shaking was getting worse, moving up to the kid's shoulders. Soon his whole body would be shaking. Even with his limited knowledge of human physiology, Magnus knew this was a very bad thing.

"You ok kid?" Magnus asked. The boy looked up at him, probably surprised that Optimus' 'arrogant, stubborn, roguish brother'----as he was sure his brother described him as to just about everyone---- had broken the eight hour silence.

The kid nodded, keeping his jaw firmly together. So he didn't want to speak to him, huh? Ultra Magnus couldn't really blame him. The kid practically hero-worshiped Prime, and Prime's disapproval was bound to have rubbed off on the boy. Plus he wouldn't have taken kindly to Magnus' action toward his friends. He probably could have handled the three stooges a little better than kidnapping them and shocking them like he had when he first arrived.

Magnus nudged his foot against the boy's side to get him to look back up at him. He was surprised when then boy flinched away shuddering. Did the kid dislike him that much? Or was he afraid Magnus would hurt him? Even after Magnus had jumped in to defend the kids that afternoon? What kind of slag had Prime been spouting about him?

Click. Click. Click.

Magnus looked back down at the boy. Despite his obvious efforts the boy's teeth were clicking together rapidly. And the shaking was becoming more pronounced. That meant something important. When a human shook like that it was a sign that they were… something that definitely wasn't good. What was it? Realization clicked and Magnus checked the room temperature. His sensors told him the room temperature was forty-eight degrees Fahrenheit. The boy wasn't afraid of him, he was freezing.

It had been a warm afternoon in Japan. Instead of his usual attire, the boy had donned a sleeveless black shirt, a pair of jean shorts that reached his knee, and a pair of black sandals. Fine for playing in the park on a summer day but not so great for being held prisoner in a mobile base that was probably somewhere very far from the equator.

"Damnit kid, you should have said something" Magnus grumbled. The kid looked up at him surprised. Magnus sighed, reached down and picked the boy. Then he gently place the child on his chest, overtop of his spark chamber, the warmest part of his body. It would keep the boy warm enough.

Sure enough the boy's shuddering slowly died down and the boy relaxed for the first time since they arrived.

"Thank you" the kid--- Koji---spoke for the first time since...well the kid had never really spoken to him before.Koji looked up at him with a tired smile, showing his gratitude for the warmth. Then he slowly drifted off to sleep, finally warm enough to do so with out fear of not waking up.

Magnus smiled. There was definitely more to this kid than he originally thought. He'd been cold, tired, scared, and hungry but hadn't complained once in eight hours. Maybe Optimus hadn't just taken to him out of pity. There was definitely a certain strength under his innocent appearance.

Magnus placed a gentle hand over him. Strength or no strength, he wouldn't stand a chance if Optimus was unwilling or unable to comply with Megatron's demands, which would undoubtedly bring Megatron's rage down on the child. So if anyone came through that door with the intent to harm Koji they'd have to deal with him first.

A few hours later Optimus and the Autobot brothers, having finally located Megatron's base by tracking the signal from Koji's communicator, were surprised to find Magnus in recharge, with his arms still providing a shield over Koji. And Koji sleeping peacefully, without fear of whatever dangers might be lurking outside the door.

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