This is my first Palletshipping fic! Please do go easy on me.


By: Hiki-chan

I see the sneak looks you two give each other. It's so obvious to a trained observer like me. Oh why can't you two admit the fact that you two like each other. What's wrong with admitting?

Is it cause it's two boys?

I see no wrong in that.

You two are both great pokemon trainers. You both love pokemon. Shigeru is studying to be like his grandpa. And Satoshi, you are training hard to be the best. The master.

Was it because you two are rivals?

But, I heard from Satoshi that you two used to be so close. I wonder why that had changed.

Why did you hide behind your cheerleaders Shigeru? I saw the hurt in Satoshi's eyes. Especially when you insulted him about him and his pokemon.

So you really want to see him hurt Shigeru? I saw the look you gave Satoshi when he turned away from you. It was pained and hurt.

If you don't want to hurt him then why do you keep insulting him?

Are you blocking him from you? If you are, why? Afraid that he would discover your secret? That he would hate you for your secret?

Satoshi isn't like that. You should know better. In fact, I'm shocked at you Shigeru. You can't see that Satoshi feels the same right back towards you. You aren't blind are you? You were the one who I expected to see make the first move. Instead, there both of you stand screaming at each other.

I however, know for a fact that Satoshi is as dense as he can get. He won't notice things around him. He's too oblivious to his surroundings and, what you are doing Shigeru, you are confusing him. Confusing him so much. He hurts. It burns him inside. And yet, I think he does not know why this is happening. He does not know why he is feelings this way and he hates you for that.

Maybe that's the feeling you felt first when you two were young Shigeru. Maybe that's why you pushed your best friend away. You hurt too, and yet you think putting a distance between yourself and Satoshi will cure it. Please don't hurt Satoshi.

If you two can't help yourself, then I, Kasumi the love champion, will. And I won't stop until I get you two to admit feelings to each other. But for now, I'll just stand back and watch the fight between the two of you continue…


I don't like the way people usually say that Kasumi is the bad guy and that she is the extra and stuff. I think she'll make a good matchmaker actually… hehe. Okay, reviews will be appreciated. XD