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Those Ridiculous Commercials

Chapter 19:


Danny was still morbidly exhausted. Progressing through the ghost zone blindly looking for his portal and trying to stomach what he had just gone through was no easy task. He tried to recall all of these recent events that occurred over the past several days, he tried to convince himself that it was perfectly normal…no dice. Well when have of your living being is actually dead, or should I say deceased… no, I'll say dead. When half of your living being is dead, it's hard to think of these things as normal, at least from a normal person's perspective they are.

Danny first recalled what had happened on Thursday, which would lead him on a path of drama, embarrassment, some fun, and some mild danger. He reminisced rummaging through the drug store with his best friend, and his sweet Samantha. He recalled every detail about that moment; her hairs dangled gracefully down her skull and lead his eyes to gaze upon the rest of her body, so tempting and warm, even if her outer personality and choice of clothing denied it. Her inner personality, the one she let only a choice 4 or 5 ever see was the one that Danny fell in love with.

He then recalled that Tucker had to say those dreaded words about how those stupid cans of Axe actually worked. Danny of course had to prove him wrong by spraying some on and showing that nothing would happen. Good thing he didn't take a bet. He had a wonderful afternoon after the drugstore. It was a beautiful day and everything just seemed to be gorgeous. The pretty birds seemed extra pretty that particular afternoon, and of course, Sam looked even more lovely than usual. Although it wasn't how Sam looked that engulfed his senses, he heart…his tongue, it was Sam's aggressive personality that demanded what she wanted, and in that particular case it was…his tongue.

Through all this reminiscing, Danny realized he was lost again. And through previous experiences he could ask for help from a certain ghost, knowing it would always manage to annoy Dann- "I AM THE BOX GHOST!"

"Listen buddy, I don't really have time for this can you just show me how to get back to…who the heck is that? And why is the Lunch Lady… and why does that little girl look like you and … oh my god…"

"uh..I AM THE BOX GHOST! Fear me and my family of DOOOOM!"

"So you and the lunch lady… ew." Danny grimaced and looked down to the child who looked pretty old for being a few days old, but didn't ask since being a teenage super hero, he was pushing the laws of physics as I speak.

"Now, now dearie, just let the nice little boy on his way, you should be thanking him after all." The lunch lady told the Box-ghost.

"FINEEE! I would like to thank you for releasing the cylindrical cans of love upon me, without them, I would have never found the love of my life and have birthed an amazing daughter-like creature…beware!"

Danny said nothing, but just flinched in awkwardness as he continued talking.

"So as a reward! I shall spare your life this crossing, and direct your way back to the Earthly world!" The box ghost pointed in a direction and Danny was already speeding off before he could finish.

The journey was short and sweet, as Danny flew from the portal and collapsed from exhaustion onto the lab floor. It was cold and the cracks from in between the tiles would soon make a nice crease on his face, but it was worth getting away from Ember, and especially worth getting away from 2 minutes with the box-ghost.

She had sleep agitatedly, and awoke at the crack of dawn to savor the last bit of twilight before the burning sun came in to depress her. She couldn't be depressed though. How could she? Seriously? She's dating a teenage super-hero who the entire world and internet fan-girls drool over. She hoped that he wasn't too embarrassed of yesterday's mishap with her mother…and father… and herself…and everyone at school. Something tells her that all that hope will come unfulfilled.

Sam was bored… it was 4:30 and she sure that Danny got enough sleep… or at least enough to be coherent. If not… she could just go over and snuggle up with him on his couch. The thought of being close to him, being warm and pressed up against his body gave a rush of blood pooling in her cheeks. She found it funny, still blushing over her boyfriend. She couldn't help it though, she was the kind of girl who tended to blush, and her ferociously pale complexion didn't hide it well either. Overall, she couldn't wait to see him again and just know they could be safe when they were close to each other.

Sam jumped out her window… and I say "jumped" sarcastically…she actually just walked out the front door. It was till pretty dark outside and the street lights had turned off, but she took this as a challenge… a challenge to find his house in the dark, which she took excitedly since she could literally do it with her eyes closed.

Sam tiptoed in the back door and crept along the dark corridors of the house. She quietly walk down to the lab, since she could see an emerald glow and could not smell Jack's distinct aroma of fudge and body odor, so it must be her Danny.

…and indeed I was. She rushed over to see that Danny was drooling all over the linoleum and the crease marks upon his forehead that he had been there for a good hour. Sam became worried and tapped him on his shoulder to wake him up.

He groggily obliged and just explained that he was sleep walking and fell through the ceiling.

Danny then further explained that he needed some sleep and could meet up with her at the park at about noon. Sam was a little disappointed but looking forward to the afternoon.

After Sam had left, Danny hovered up to his comfy bed. Right as he was about to lay his head on his pillow Jazz came into his room.

"Jazz… what is it now? Can't you see I'm trying to sleep?"

"I know I know… but I wanted to ask you something…"

"Yea… I'm listening… barely."

"Ok, well you know Tucker right?"

"My best friend since forever?"

"Yea that one… well you see, I was wondering if you would mind me taking him out to lunch today… just as friends?"

"Sure… ONLY as friends I guess… now just let me sleep!"

"Thanks Danny." Jazz said as she walked out and back into her room, where she picked up her cell phone which was currently still on and just set down from a few seconds earlier.

"Hello? You still there?" She asked to the person on the other line. "Good, he said he didn't mind… so see you at the Nasty Burger at say…one? Great see you then."

She did a little fist pump for celebration then got dressed to get ready to get some new clothes at the mall for her first date.

The hours passed and Danny managed to scrounge up some energy to get ready to see Sam.

They met up at the park and greeted each other with a nice, warm hug. After some nice small talk they went ahead and walked to the mall hand in hand where they could grab a nice bite to eat. On the way, Sam stopped Danny to look at the televisions at the local Radioshack.

"They're nice Sam, but I like yours better, it's bigger than this store…"

"No dummy, look what's on the Tv! It's one of those stupid Axe commercials, do they expect that that stupid spray will actually make women fall in love with the guy who wears it? It's degrading to all of women kind!"

"Yea Sam, you're right, those commercials are ridiculous." Danny said, snickering at the irony of the situation, but shook it off, because he knew after all the horrors he had been through, the freaky Friday and the afternoon of a thousand pinches to the behind and an endless supply of love notes, the cat-fight, the incident with Sam's mom, the thing about Jazz and Tucker, which he will have to monitor by the way, and the ordeal with Ember… Danny would still have to say that he couldn't thank Tuck enough as they walked away, her hand warmly gripped around his.

And speaking of Tuck…

Jazz awaited impatiently waiting for Tucker's arrival, and already started to get bored. Tucker however was about to walk inside the double doors to the greasy food chain, before slipping out a black can and telling himself with a smirk, "I know I shouldn't… but what Danny doesn't know, wont hurt him."

The End.

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