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After that faithful day Dark and Krad got sealed, Daisuke was back to himself again and Riku was his holy maiden. At the same time, Risa fell for Satoshi and Satoshi fell for her, but they did not dare to tell each other. And, did you know that Winry really fell for Ed from full metal alchemist? Aw! The proofs in the manga. Okay, okay, back to the story.

Daisuke collapsed onto his comfortable and soft bed, with arms spread out. But this day, Dark was gone forever and ever. Just like he left Daisuke's grandfather, Daiki.

There would be no more Dark talking inside my head from no on. So, I'll be myself again after a whole year. Daisuke told himself. But frankly speaking, I really miss Dark. He turned to his left and tried to sleep. But he could not. His heart felt empty as if something precious was gone. Dark. He descended from his bed and looked out of the crystal clear window. The sky was beautiful. The black dark sky was peppered with stars of different sizes. Some were in clusters, some were spaced out, and the round bright moon was shining brightly. Wiz saw Daisuke looking out of the window and jumped onto the windowpane. Daisuke stared at Wiz. He was still the same. His long ears flopped down and his tail was as long as ever. His fur was pearly white and his eyes were orangey-red. Just like his. "Kyuu?" Wiz asked. Daisuke turned and said 'nothing'. Wiz then continued to admire the night sky, with thousands of yellow shiny stars and the white bright and round moon's face.

At the same time . . .

Riku was admiring the sky by looking out of her bedroom window with her big brown eyes. She was fascinated by it and her mouth was opened like a big 'O'. But Risa was not enjoying the night sky. She was at her balcony waiting, waiting for her true love to appear. Although she liked Satoshi, Dark was still in her heart, forever and ever. "Riku, where's Dark?" Risa questioned. "Well, he's gone, I suppose, gone." Riku replied.

"No he isn't!" Risa protested angrily. "Maybe he's at home or sleeping of something. But after that weird day incident with the low tide, (last episode of Dnangel) Dark sort of like disappeared and he never sent any warning letters anymore. That's definitely weird." Risa wondered. Oh, maybe the warning letters sent by Dark will appear on the new once more! Risa thought and ran hurriedly to her room and switched on her plasma television set without hesitation. "For news tonight, Japan is . . ." The newscaster broadcast. After a few minutes, all Risa heard was about her country's new and etc. Why isn't there anything about Dark? Risa groaned. She remembered what Riku told her. 'Well, he's gone, I suppose, gone.' This sentence kept replaying in her mind. And she smelt that something was fishy. She marched out of her room and tapped Riku on her shoulder. "What is it, Risa?" Riku asked.

"Well, you said that Dark's gone. How do you know?" Risa asked. "Did he kiss you or something? Hugged you? Or told you personally? Or are you in love with him?" Risa questioned further.

"Um, Risa, I think you are going a little too far." Riku answered her. Risa pressed on. "Oh I see, so, you do indeed like Dark. I can't believe I believed what you said that Dark was a pervert and all. You were trying to get me thinking that he is bad so that I dump him. Well, my answer is, no! And forever, NO!" with tears in her eyes, Risa left Riku's room and went to hers and locked it. "Wait! Risa!" Riku shouted.

In Risa's room

Risa was crying non-stop. Her tears kept flowing down and she sat on her bed and hugged her knees. Why? Why Riku? She told herself. Since she is happy to be with Dark, she SHOULD BE HAPPY THAT I am gone forever and she can date Dark forever! Risa thought. Crying, she looked outside of the window. She, in her pink gown, ran and unlatched her window, which at the cliff's end. She stood on the windowpane and said "Sayonara, Riku, Daisuke, Satoshi etc." Although she knew that the sand was a million feet below, she was hesitant, but told herself that this would be the way she would die. She closed her eyes, plucked up her courage, and j u m p e d . . .

Dark, although being sealed with Krad, who was irritating and kept talking to him, sensed that Risa was committing suicide. He struggled and tried to come out, but it was useless. Krad saw that Risa was plunging down into her death, went mad and started laughing. "Hahaha, serves you right, bastard! I like to see you suffer in silence, since you can't do anything! Hahaha!" Krad laughed evilly. His icy cold laugh made Dark want to save Risa more. Just then, Hel, a goddess of the underworld in Norse myths, happened to be nearby and felt the creature's longing to be someone. "Go where you want to go, suffering creature." She said. She raised her feather, which glowed and freed Dark. Dark then flew out with his wings into the night sky. "Well, I didn't know that the sky was so lovely today." He told himself. And not for long, he arrived, a little too late. Risa almost reached the sand which meant that she would be entering death within a few minutes, okay, a few seconds. "RISA! NO!" . . . . . . . .

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