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Chapter One


Ok…that's it…Just breathe…you'll be fine…after all, it was YOUR decision to come here, a tall, pale -eyed girl kept telling herself. Nothing bad is going to happen to you on your first day. At least...I really, really, hope so.

The blue-haired teenager was beyond nervous. So nervous in fact, she was shaking like a leaf. Her hands were sweaty, and her breathing was uneven. She had half a mind to run far, far away and never come back.

As Hyuuga Hinata stared up at the humungous brown gates of her new school, she felt like she was going to throw up her lunch. What a way to start off her day.

She pressed the small telecom button situated on the stone wall and waited. The shy Hyuuga jumped about three feet in the air when a loud, crackly voice emanated through the speaker box.

"Yes?" It crackled loudly.

"I-I'm here to see T-Tsunade-sama." She squeaked. "I-I'm the new t-transfer s-student she was supposed to m-meet yesterday, but we were… d-delayed."

There were the unmistakable sounds of papers being shuffled, and then silence. "Ahh. Yes. Hyuuga Hinata, is it?"


"Come on in."

The big, copper gates embedded with the Konoha symbol creaked open. They were about five times taller than Hinata and five times as wide. As she nervously walked through them, she couldn't help but feel that she walking through the gates of hell.

It wasn't hell. But it came pretty close.

As she walked through the gates, she saw several Ninja dressed in ANBU uniform standing on the other end of the gates. And she could make out more of them posted randomly throughout the school. Faintly, she wondered why there was so much security; after all, it was just a school.

Right. Just a school. It's the best Ninja school in all of fire country!

The stone-lined pathway she was standing on wound through trees until it reached a big, stone building. She guessed that this was the main school building.

The fact that this was one of the most prestigious schools wasn't what scared Hinata. After all, she was smart, or else she wouldn't have gotten in here. No. What scared her the most was that these kids had to be superrich, and most likely they were super-snobby too.

How on earth was a shy girl like her supposed to fit in here?

At her old school in Wind Country she'd been invisible, never drawing attention to herself. Not that many people even knew she existed; she rarely spoke in class, and never really had that many friends. Unfortunately, that meant she'd been the target of severe bullying more than once. But when her good grades got herself noticed by the headmaster, her father immediately had her transferred here, to her home country.

On the big, grassy lawn Hinata saw different clumps of kids standing at various spots all scattered around the lawn. On one side, she saw a group that was mainly made up of girls, all giggling and pointing to the other side of the lawn, where the some boys were engaged in a fierce game of soccer.

She saw now that some of them had completely shed their shirts, which might be why they were receiving so much attention from the female population. And they were a well-built group of boys as well. Hinata blushed and kept her eyes firmly on ground as she both walked and prayed that no one would notice her.

She kept walking, if no one noticed her, then no one would ask her any questions, and she wouldn't have to speak to any of these self-absorbed kids.

Her plan was pretty much working until she reached the spot on the lawn where the guys where playing soccer. A sudden loud, male voice shouted at her.


Reflexes told Hinata to immediately turn around and face whoever was shouting at her.

She did so,

-only to be smacked in the stomach by and oncoming soccer ball.

Hinata let out a sharp gasp as all the wind was knocked out of her. She stumbled backwards, and tripped on one of the stones lining the pathway. She hit the ground and grunted as she felt her head bounce off the hard pavement. A sharp pain shot through her skull, everything became vague and hazy.

She heard squeals of surprise and male voices shouting something incoherent.

Hinata lay sprawled on the ground like that for what seemed like hours, even though it was only a couple of seconds. Her head was throbbing and there was a dull pain in her stomach. She reached back to massage her skull and felt blood on her fingertips. She groaned, who on earth had kicked that damn soccer ball?

She tried to get up but the blow to her head had disoriented her.

"Hey girl! Are you alright?" a male voice said, bending over her. His outline was hazy, and she couldn't really make out the outlines of any other of the people bending over her either. She mumbled something incoherent.

"Here, try to pick her up! You moron, why did you kick that ball so hard?"

"Sorry! I didn't see her! Move Inuzuka, I'll help her!" a frantic voice said.

Hinata felt herself be picked up and gently cradled in someone's arms. A shirtless someone to be more precise. Heat rose to Hinata's cheeks as she weakly wrapped her arms around the person's bare neck. It was getting harder and harder to keep her herself conscious. Her head hurt so much….

Whoever was carrying her hoisted her up and started walking towards the school building.

"You're bleeding," he said.

"Hmnn," was all she able to muster. She closed her eyes, and tried to ignore how all the blood in her body seemed to be rushing to her cheeks. Before she blacked out, she caught a flash of bright yellow hair above her face, and a pair of dark black eyes staring at them from the spot on the lawn from where she was knocked over.

So much for going unnoticed…


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