It's been four years since I last saw the infamous Troy Bolton. It was only last night when I last dreamt about him.

"Gabriella. Gabi. Gabi, get up! It's almost nine-thirty," I opened my eyes to see Taylor vigorously shaking me awake. I nodded my head to show that I was getting up. Then as she exited to go to the bathroom, I pulled my covers over my head. Another day to goI finally got out of bed and stretched. I looked around our messy bedroom. Pizza boxes, empty cans of soda, dirt laundry, papers, anything you can imagine cluttered our bedroom. I kicked a few magazines to the side revealing some more dirty laundry. Ever since Taylor and I became cheerleaders at UCLA, it was hard to keep things neat in between practices and homework. I guess it wasn't so bad considering the rest of the apartment that we shared with four other girls looks more intense than our room. Taylor came back in a towel.

"Today's the big basketball game against Berkeley. It's semi-finals. Excited?" she said as she sat down and started brushing her hair. I would have never expected Taylor to turn into a cheerleader, nonetheless me. It's the complete opposite from what we were way back in high school.

"Yeah, I guess," I said groggily. I went over to the window and opened it. The sun was shining brightly. Suddenly I remembered something. "Hey, did you happen to get the mail yesterday? I'm kind of expecting an important letter from Ms. Brenzington. She has an opening for me at Teen People magazine!" Don't get me wrong. I mean, I was still studying to be a neurologist, but the six month job at Teen People would really be something.

"Oh, no. I forgot. Sorry. I'll ask Kelsi if she could bring it up for us," she said as she took out her cell phone. "But girl, you should be on the cover instead of behind the scenes. Oh hey, Kelsi…" I smiled at the comment. I looked at myself in the mirror. I guess I could see why Taylor said that. I grabbed a picture of myself from a few years back. I did change, for the better.

Taylor hung up the phone. "Kelsi's coming up with our mail. That girl's so sweet. It's great how we're all still friends." I nodded.

Kelsi came into our room with our mail. "Big game today!" she said as she handed Taylor the mail. "Good luck with your stunts and stuff." Kelsi looked the same as she did in high school. Short, dainty, silky brown hair.

"You're not coming to the game?" I asked. "What are you going to do with your Saturday afternoon?"

"Oh, I made other plans," she replied as she looked away.

"But isn't Jason on the UCLA basketball team?" I asked. Taylor shot her a look. Kelsi and Jason ended up going steady and strong after the championships our junior year. He even transferred colleges to be with Kelsi on campus. Talk about sweet.

"Yeah…I know…but…I told him that…I'd meet him…later…he understood," she added. With that, she left the room.

"Shoot, she and Jason are lasting like crazy. If anyone would have stayed together since EHS, I would have expected you and---" she cut herself off as she flipped through the mail. She held out a letter in my direction. "Troy. It's a letter from Troy! Oh my god, Gabriella."

I stood there in disbelief. I slowly walked over and took the letter from her. In that same slanted handwriting I remembered wrote:

Ms. Gabriella Montez

312 Bruins Way

Los Angeles, CA 90092

A/N: I made up that address, so I don't know if it really exists or not

The return address was blank except for 'Troy Bolton'. No address or anything. I showed that to Tay. She shook her head. "Now why would he not put a return address? What if he sent the letter to the wrong address? Boys…anyways. Open it!" she said excitedly as I turned it over and fumbled to rip it open.

I stopped in the middle. "Wait."


"I haven't seen or heard from Troy in four years. Why on earth would he be sending me a letter now?" I questioned.

"Gabriella, your question is going to be unanswered unless you open that letter! Do you honestly think I know why Troy sent you this? Now come on girl. Let's see what you got!" Taylor started opening the letter for me. I quickly snatched it from her.

"Ok. But let me do the honors. KELSI!" I called, remembering Kelsi.

She ran in with a bowl of cereal. "Yeah?"

"I--I got a letter from T—Tr--Troy!" Her jaw dropped. She rushed by my side and took my hand, leading me into the living room. All of us sat down on the couch. Taylor had finished opening it, so I began to take the letter out. I looked over and both of them were holding each other eagerly. I giggled at the sight of them, especially Taylor, who was still in her towel.

I quickly glanced over at the clock. It read 10:15. "OH MY GOD! TAYLOR!" I screamed.

"What? You haven't looked at it yet…?" she said irritably.

"Taylor! We're going to be late! We're supposed to meet the rest of the squad outside the gym in thirty minutes! This letter will have to wait until later 'cause we have to go! I haven't even started getting ready!" I ran back inside the bedroom and threw the letter on my bed. I dug anxiously around for my cheer uniform, leaving a pile of clothes on my bed. Taylor followed and got ready. I took a quick shower, put on my make-up and uniform, and did my hair. I scrambled for my shoes, poms, and gym bag, and by 10:37 we were out the door.

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