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"Haruhi! I got you a special surprise for your birthday!" cried Haruhi's father who was unsurprisingly wearing a dress and makeup.

"Thanks Dad." plainly stated the unexcited Haruhi. It was probably something like a small cake. Or maybe a second hand cook book. The girl with short hair opened the unusually large gift and gasped in surprise.

"Oh Dad, it's too much." beyond those few words, Haruhi was speechless.

"No it's not," protested the overly loving father, "I worked hard so don't disappoint me by not wearing it tonight to you fancy evening."

"Who told you about that! Was it Kyoya?"

(the day before)

"Happy birthday Haruhi." Kyoya said so that all the host club members could hear.

"B-but it's not my birthday."

Tamaki, the twins, and Hunny all jumped at Haruhi at the same time saying things like "It's your birthday?" and "Are you having cake!"

Haruhi sighed, "It's not my birthday today. It's tomorrow."

At this point, Tamaki had to make himself heard, "I declare that in honour of Haruni's birthday, that you will all be my guest at my home for dinner tomorrow!"

Everyone in the host club eagerly agreed to the invitation, Haruhi was at the point where she didn't really have a choice anymore.

"What time and where?" she asked.

Tamaki beamed with delight, "How's 7 o'clock sound? I'll send my limo to pick you up!"

(back to the original day)

"So... aren't you excited!" Haruhi's dad was probably more excited than Haruhi was.

"I don't know what to expect. I'm not really looking forward to it. Well, it's 6 o'clock. Want to help me get ready?" Haruhi knew her dad always liked making her all cute and whatnot. It's almost like a birthday present for her dad.

(meanwhile, at Tamaki's)

The doorbell sounded and a butler in a very expensive suit opened the door. Kyoya walked into the Suoh mansion carrying a birthday present for Haruhi. Tamaki was no where to be scene, but Kyoya showed himself to the parlor.

After about 2 cups of tea did Tamaki show up. He set a relatively small birthday present down on the table and explained to Kyoya that he had to go pick up Haruhi. Kyoya was once again left alone to finish of the remains of the tea.

Not long after did the twins show up with identical packages. Mori showed up next with a hyper Hunny on his shoulders, both charring gifts.

(back at Haruhi's)

Haruhi's father had just finished primping his daughter up. He squealed in exclamation, "My little Haru is such a young lady!"

For no reason Haruhi started getting butterflies in her stomach. She had to tell herself to calm down, it was probably going to be just like it is at host club anyways, right? She was getting worked up over nothing..., right?

There was an abrupt knock at the door. Haruhi jumped a little from where she sat on the couch and suddenly didn't know what to do with her hands. She folded them a crossed her chest... then put them behind her head... maybe sitting on them would be good... they ended up folded a crossed her lap.

Haruhi's dad gave her a thumbs up and an ecstatic smile and opened the door. An equally smiley Tamaki was at the door. Haruhi stood up and gave her dad a kiss goodbye. Tamaki stared in wonder and awe at the feminine figure standing before him (and no, it wasn't Haruhi's father).Surprisingly Haruhi was wearing a white dress with big skirt down to her knees, with a green sash tied around her middle. Her hair was tied back with a white ribbon and her makeup was expertly done by her father. To sum it all up, she was the cutest most feminine thing that Tamaki had ever seen.

"Shall we head out?" Haruhi suggested. Tamaki could only stare and mutely offer her his arm which Haruhi blushed only slightly and took it timidly.

Tamaki held the limo door open for birthday girl and they set off. For about five minutes they sat in silent, not sure what to say to each other. Finally Haruhi broke the silence, "So..." she started "is everyone at the house?"

Tamaki took a second to remember, "I'm not sure. I think they're all there by now, but when I left only Kyoya had arrived."

"Oh..." Haruhi didn't know what else to say.

Tamaki wanted to point something out about her unaccustomed apparel. "Um..." he started.

"Yes?" asked Haruhi semi-eagerly. She felt like she was doing something wrong because she wanted him to say something about her birthday dress.

"Uh, never mind." Tamaki had never been this nervous around a girl.

Before anymore could be said they pulled through a fancy gate, they had arrived at the mansion. Haruhi stepped out of the limo and was overwhelmed at the size of the building. A thought suddenly hit her, "Tamaki, are you parents going to be home?"

"No, my dad's away on business. Why?"

"I don't know. Just curious." She didn't want Mr. Suoh to see her in a dress. Haruhi wasn't sure if Mr. Suoh knew if she was a girl or not and didn't want to screw anything up if he didn't, especially since she was a scholarship student and everything.

Haruhi guessed there was nothing left but to walk in the house. Once again Tamaki offered her his arm and they walked into the house to be greeted by one of the best birthday celebration that Haruhi would ever have.


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