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Very little conversation passed between the three as they rode to Mori's and Satoshi's home.

"What grade are you going into Satoshi?" Haruhi asked him.

"Next year I'll be in eighth grade." he replied.

"That'll be fun. Eighth grade is a fun year." was all she could think to say back.

Several more minutes passed in silence. Haruhi gazed out the window and to the floor and sometimes she would glance at the two brothers.

Mori mostly kept his gaze to the passing scenery and Satoshi would look at a combination of Mori, Haruhi and the passing scenery out the window.

"Do you two have any other siblings?" she asked them both, trying to avoid another encounter like the one just experienced.

"No," said Satoshi, "It's just me, Mother, Father, and Tamaki."

Mori nodded silently. "What about you, Haruhi-san? Do you have any brothers or sisters?" the youngest boy asked.

Haruhi shook her head, "Nope, it's just me and Dad."

Although the conversation didn't continue much more than that, Haruhi could tell that Satoshi was the more social of the two brothers. She couldn't imagine Mori acting like Satoshi was, even though she didn't know either of them well enough to judge.

The expensive car rolled to a stop in front of a large manor. There was a pond/small lake in front with a dock and a boat in the water. The small mansion was painted white. The porch had a fence lining the outside of it. There was a gazebo to the right a ways off. Around the gazebo was a large garden with paths trailing through all the magnificent flowers.

Mori led the way into the house and held the door open for Haruhi. She was slightly taken back by the beauty of the home. The inside was just as beautiful as the out.

Once the three were inside, neither really knew what to do next. They all stood in the entryway for a moment till a tall woman walked past.

"Mother," Satoshi called to the lady. Their mother turned around almost like she wasn't expecting them to be there. "This is our friend Fujioka Haruhi. Haruhi-san, this is our mother."

The woman was tall and thin and very proportional. She smiled a big smile and walked over to where the three stood. "It is a pleasure to meet you Fujioka-san." she said with a bow. Her eyes sparkled with glee, "I am the mother of these two rascals." she said and ruffled her sons hair.

Haruhi smile and bowed a very low bow hoping that no one would notice her holding back laughter. "Rascals?" she thought to herself, "Surely one of those two rascals can't be Mori..." The boys straightened their hair in annoyance at the loving mother.

"Nice to meet you too." Haruhi said.

Mori finally spoke, "Mother, Haruhi will be joining us for dinner. Is that all right?"

"That sounds delightful! I'll have dinner served in the gardens. It's such a beautiful evening for it, don't you think?" the mother was all a glow as they all nodded.

Dinner was served in the gazebo. Haruhi sat next to Satoshi and their mother as Mori sat a crossed from her. The flowers surrounding the gazebo smelled beautiful. And their light fragrance mixed with the dinner aroma created the most relaxing atmosphere.

"You just had a birthday, did you not?" she asked Haruhi once they all got their dinner.

"Yes, we celebrated last night." she responded, hiding her surprised expression.

"Happy birthday then. I'm sure you all had a nice time." Mrs. Morinozuka said, taking a sip of wine.

Haruhi nodded with a polite smile, "Yeah, we all had a lot of fun."

"Where do your mom and dad work, Haruhi?" she asked.

"Erm..." this was always awkward for Haruhi, "well my mother passed away a long time ago. And my fath--"

Mrs. Morinozuka interrupted, "Oh dear, I am so sorry. I should have thought more before I spoke. I didn't mean to bring up any uncomfortable topic."

Satoshi looked from Haruhi to Mori. Mori gave Satoshi a straight faced look that said something like, "Mom's getting annoying. Say something. Say anything!"

Haruhi was shaking her head, "No really Mrs. Morinozuka. It was a long time ago." The mother could have dropped the conversation a long time ago, but kept apologizing.

Satoshi butted in, "Haruhi-san, do you like art?"

Mrs. Morinozuka was off that topic. Haruhi's head was spinning from their mothers non-stop chatter. All Haruhi felt capable of doing is nodding and once in a while she could slip in a comment or two.

Mori's head was turned in the direction of his mother but his eyes were focused on their guest. Mori caught Haruhi's eye and gave her a look that said something like, "This happens all the time." Haruhi smiled at him and responded with a look like, "It's ok. I'm having a nice time here."

A servant came to the gazebo and bowed slightly, "Phone call for Morinozuka Hanna."

The mother of the two boys stood up, "Oh that's probably your father. I'll be right back." she said and started to walk towards the house.

Haruhi chuckled, "She seems nice."

Satoshi's eyes got wide and he shook his head, "We are so sorry she's like this. The constant chatter is overwhelming even to us."

Haruhi shook her head a little, "It's ok. I don't mind."

Silence engulfed the group once again. Mori spoke once again for the night, "How did you two meet?" he asked Satoshi and Haruhi.

Satoshi tried to speak but Haruhi interrupted him right away, "It's a boring story, really. The point is we met and here we are."

Haruhi figured that if one of the host club members (even if was just the silent reserved Mori) found out that she was practically molested, soon they would all know. She remembered back to that time on the beach when those perverts tried to hurt her and she got scolded by Tamaki just for being a girl and not asking for help.

Satoshi and Mori exchanged looks. Before anything else could be said Mrs. Morinozuka ran back out to the gazebo, "Haruhi-san, in two weeks there is a new art display at a museum I know of and I was wondering if you'd like to be my guest an accompany me?"

Haruhi didn't know what to say. This was all very abrupt. "W-well I'd have to check with my dad and see what his plans are."

Mrs. Morinozuka stared at her for a moment. She started nodding her head in big up and down motions, "Ok, just send word by Tuesday because I have to RSVP by then."

"Thank you." Haruhi said. She stood up, "I really must be getting home now. My father should be getting home soon and I don't want him to worry about my whereabouts."

"But you haven't even had dessert yet!" the mother exclaimed like it was unheard-of to eat dinner and not dessert.

"Really, I need to get home. I still need to make food for my dad." Haruhi was backing up.

Mrs. Morinozuka snapped her fingers, "I have the perfect idea. We'll just get a little bento box put together for him with the leftovers from tonight's dinner. And that way you can stay for dessert and not have to cook!"

It seemed like she wouldn't quit till Haruhi said yes, "I suppose a few more minutes won't hurt." she sighed.

A chef brought out a vanilla bunt cake with strawberries on top. Despite Haruhi's hurry to get home to her father, it was all so delicious.

Finally they were able to pull away from Mrs. Morinozuka.

Mori rode with Haruhi in the car. "Our mother always wanted a daughter." Mori said in his deep voice, looking at Haruhi. She wasn't sure what to say to that comment. "She would always try to take Satoshi and I to fashion shows and fancy tea parties and things. Whenever she was in one of those moods, Satoshi and I would go to the dojo. She never liked going there very much so it became our refuge."

Before Haruhi could respond (not that she knew what to say anyways) they had arrived at her apartment. Mori walked her to the door, "Send my regards to your father."

Haruhi bowed slightly, "I will. Thank you for the dinner, Mori-sempai."

He bowed back, "Our pleasure."

"See you in host club Monday." she said with one last farewell.

"Till then. Goodnight, Haruhi."

Haruhi closed the door. It sounded so funny when he says her name. Haruhi put the bento box on the table and sat down to read a while till her father got home.

(back at the Morinozuka estate)

Mori had just walked in the door. He had heard his name being called from the living room, "Takashi? I'd like to speak with you."

It was his mothers recognizable voice. He went to her, "Yes?"

"Tell me more about this Fujioka Haruhi. How do you know her?" she asked.

"She is from the host club at Ouran." he replied truthfully.

His mother gave him a sly look, "She's from the host club, is she? I see..."

Mori gave his mother a warning look. "Feel free to invite her back anytime. I would like to see more girls at this house." she said with her hand on her chin.

(back at the Fujioka apartment)

"This is the most amazing food, Haruhi! Of course you can go to the art show with them!" Haruhi's father cooed as he ate more of the dinner prepared for him.

The next day was Sunday and nothing eventful happened. No weird dreams. No host club members showing up at her door. No close encounters with kidnapping perverts. Just a calm, ordinary day in the life of Haruhi. Of course... tomorrow was Monday. Another day with the host club could never be just ordinary.


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