Protocol 37-b

"I don't know about this, it seems dangerous."

He cast a peculiar glance to where she sat on the marble floor, her uncertainty shining through the placid surface of her china doll complexion.

"You have never questioned my decisions before, child, why start now?" His voice reeked of a somewhat bitter after-tone as he turned to question her. "Do you not want me to help?"

"Of course I still want your help, I'm just… nervous." She looked away from him, twiddling her fingers in timidity.

"Trust in me, child, for you know as well as I do that this is for your own good." He knelt down in front of her and lifted her chin with his claws until she could easily see the tiny flecks of gold hidden in his deep purple eyes.

"Yes, I know," A glimpse of a smile crossed her lips and the half-demon returned the gesture.

Sam was a little freaked out by the demon at first, and wondered if her dealings with him were even a good idea in the first place. But it was too late to go back on her choice now, after all, she had signed a contract, and said contract was valid until the enactment of Protocol 37-b, a loop hole that was her ticket to freedom.

Even so, such a loop hole may never come to pass, for it was that very condition that was the reason Sam had gone to him in the first place. He had promised that she would never feel her heart break again; that the pain she felt weighing down her chest would be disposed of. However, three weeks had passed, and yet, he had done nothing to still the ache inside of her.

She frequently visited him, offering the justification of 'girl problems' to her two male best friends and rather feeble excuses to her parents to do so, each time hoping that 'today will be the day where the apprehension stops', but each time had been a crushing failure.

He claimed that in order for this ritual to work, she must offer her complete and boundless trust, and until she did, they'd continue partaking in activities that she felt to be rather irrelevant to her overall purpose of being there. Their current session had run longer than she expected, but they both agreed it was time for Sam's misgivings to come to an end.

Today she would give him what he wanted. And he wholeheartedly promised to return the favour with the one thing she needed, that only he could offer her.

Complete liberation from her emotions.

"You are ready," he mumbled, piercing her soul with sharp indigo eyes. "I can sense the wariness fading swiftly from you."

She remained silent. He raised an eyebrow at her neutral reaction.

"It's not my place to say it, Samantha, you must say so."

Lilac met dark navy in a distanced lock of eyes.

"I trust you."

And that was all he needed. He offered his assistance to her, which she accepted. She couldn't help but notice how his scaly grip felt like cool fresh leather and his razor blade talons enclosed her dainty hand so gently yet so securely. As crude and sinister as this demon was made out to be, he certainly knew how to treat her. He was always so polite and delicate when she was there in the refined and suavely decorated realm he called home. Marble floors, silk and satin and velour furnishings; how he came across such fine things in the Ghost Zone was quite peculiar.

She almost found herself attracted to him on more than one occasion, but she forced her affections away; her heart belonged to only one person – the same person who mindlessly cast her aside for a menagerie of other girls who either liked one half or the other, but never the whole thing. To be filled with so much love that she desperately wanted to lavish upon that special someone, only to be pushed back, always left a twinge of burning anger in the pit of her heart.

It was, of course, that unbearable pain which drove her to seek the help of the Daikirai demon.

Perhaps she should've found out what 'daikirai' meant – for all she knew, her life now belonged to him, and her sole purpose was to fulfil his every wish and whim, no matter what physical emotional or sexual aspect it entailed. But somehow, that didn't seem to fit the description of this mint green dragon hybrid, especially as she was escorted and gently placed in the seat of a velvet cushion.

He sat on another cushion, placed directly opposite, and glanced at her encouragingly. She knew what he wanted to hear.

"I trust you, Daikirai."

"Close your eyes Samantha,"

She did as she was told. Now deprived of sight, she tried to figure out what was happening with her other senses. Her ears were receiving signals of something cracking and the rustle of clothing. A sweet smoke tempted her nose to sneeze at the scent of what she believed to be Egyptian Musk. The skin on her chest went deathly cold when she recognised the leathery texture of his fingertips…

And then she blacked out…

"Sam! SAM! Wake up!" A panicky male voice reached her ears before she had a chance to restore her vision.

It was Danny. She looked at him with a blank expression. Didn't she used to feel things inside her stomach when she saw him? She couldn't really remember. A majority of past feelings remained lost in the foggy bayou of her mind. So far hidden away that she didn't even really know what feelings were.

"Oh Sam! Thank the lord; I thought you were badly hurt."

"Yeah, we saw you collapse on the ground, not long after you got back from… well, wherever it was you were."

She turned her head to the left to see Tucker, confusedly scratching his head. A tiny red trickle slid down her face. Danny brushed back her hair to reveal a deep gash, about 5 inches long. He moved more strands of hair to see the scratch had cut into the roots and sliced a few wisps off. Sam said nothing. She didn't even blush.

Tucker shook his head in disbelief, trying to work out how she got the abrasion on her temple, while Danny pulled her into his embrace. Moments later, his eyes snapped open. He didn't feel anything. On rare occasions in the past when he'd hugged Sam, there was always something there; a spark, or a good vibe, or even a warm sentiment. But this, this was an empty, soulless hug that she only obliged to because he initiated it. He sensed the cold indifference that emanated from her core. Such heartlessness he had never felt before, not even on the many occasions when Vlad had made a pathetic attempt to win him over.

He pulled away and tried to read her eyes. Again, nothing; like a heart monitor that had just been switched off, he could swear he saw the flat line in her iris.

"I have to go." She plainly stood up, brushed herself off and walked away.

Danny was still on his knees and watched Sam slowly fade into the distance.

"What the hell was that?" Tucker crossed his arms.

"I don't know, Tuck, but it's like someone reached into her body and took her heart away…"

I deleted Perfect Enemy cuz it sucked like a convict at the crack of a gas chamber door. Please enjoy Protocol 37-b, which will actually have DxS in it, even if most of it is one-sided until the last chapter.

Oh and btw, Daikirai means hate, loathe, abhor etc….