Well, we all knew clockwork was a horrible person. Look what she's gone and done now. Gotten caught up reading stuff from the lj community 30kisses. And even though SasuHina isn't taken... I just couldn't be bothered to read through all those rules and expect myself to remember them. So really... I'm just stealing the themes... because even though I could be writing some of my other works in progress, making them less in progress but that means more work for me. I think it's nice to just have the option to come up with a snazzy new idea... and not need to worry about word count or plot or continuity.

These will probably all be stand alone pieces, and will most certainly if not AU at least be a different time in the Naruto Universe. Because twelve year olds should not be kissing for twue wuve. My corset stays are quivering at the mere thought.

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Theme 1 ('look over here'): Training, or Don't Blink

"Look over here!" she chirped. Dark eyes weren't quite fast enough to catch her head ducking behind the trunk. He knew she had moved by the time his eyes rested on the tree.

Hide-and-seek. A childish game. They were ninja; ninja didn't have time for games. Exercises that aided training that were inconveniently similar to children playing, sure. Shinobi did not play games. He did not play games.

She on the other hand, was more than happy to make up for a childhood that she, as a ninja, could not have. So what if she was twenty? Maturity was knowing when to embrace childhood. Lightless eyes took note of his position, and then she moved. Hopefully he wouldn't catch her this time either.

"You're not very good at this game you know." She remarked next to his ear before disappearing again. He would blame his inability to move on her mouth that close to his skin later. First he had to catch the sneaky little bird.

"I told you, it's not a game. It's training." Narrowed black eyes darted about, trying to place his prey. He would not use Sharingan. He would not use Sharingan. He would not—

"Whatever you want to think. You're still losing."

Fuck that. He'd catch her next time she tried to move.

"I'm Uchiha Sasuke. I never lose."

She didn't comment. He scanned the area as efficiently as he could. There was a blur, and—

"Never?" She asked innocently, even though his arm had pinned her hands across her chest, and she was being pressed into a tree, her lashes mere millimeters from tangling with his.

"Never." He confirmed, closing the distance between them. His lips brushed hers, and he watched as pale eyes fluttered at his touch. She could feel his smirk right before he pulled away.

"You're it."

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