Le Royaume De Oiseau

Le Royaume De Oiseau

((The kingdom of birds))

My first ever fan-fiction for Princess Tutu an anime that touched me deeply as I'm sure it did everyone else. Obviously I do not own Princess Tutu or its characters except my own original characters that I have created.

Chapter 1: The retrieval

Once upon a time there was a knight and a duck who had both gone through so many hardships to give the prince and his princess a happy ending. Though due to a sacrifice the duck had given up her most precious treasure to let everything be the way it should be.

But was it truly the end for them? Or just maybe…

In Kinkan town the day had not even began as the people all slept peacefully. In a little antique shop in the town was a young knight sleeping soundly, he stirred a little as he turned in his sleep, his dark green hair spread messily all over the pillow. Then there was the little yellow duck that slept in a basket beside the window; her head bobbed now and again quacking quietly.

Outside a little brown bird landed on the ledge of the window flapping it's wings slightly finding a comfortable position it hopped slightly turning around. It's dark blue eyes surveyed the scenery of the town and its beginning sunrise. A blue gem hung upon its breast, shining in the morning sunrise.


Later that morning the knight Fakir finally opened his eyes squinting slightly as the sunlight shone through the gap in the curtains, he sighed sleepily then rubbing his forehead he started to remove the blanket covering him. Then stretching his arms he tried to make himself wake up a little more. Walking to the window he opened the curtains revealing the crisp morning sunshine.

Ahiru the duck made a slight quack in her sleep due to the light disturbing her, Fakir hearing her smiled, walking over he moved his hand over stroking her feathery head, she woke up with a start then looking at him she relaxed looking a little more sleepy. She then let out a happy sleepy quack.

"You should get up soon… it should be good today." He said as he looked outside again, a slight frown again on his face as he thought of the academy, but then he turned back to her again trying to recover his lost smile. "We'll head down to the lake later alright?" Fakir asked her.

Ahriu nodded her feathery head to him a smile on her beak.


Fakir walked out the front door on his way to the academy his books in his bag. He looked to see Ahiru who watched him leave from the window, her wings flexing in and out signaling a goodbye. He then walked on down the cobbled road. He turned and watched as everyone walked in his or her own little groups as he walked on his own. He then noticed Pike and Lilie walking together gossiping and laughing. This made him imagine Ahiru between the two. He thought of how she used to be and how she must now miss talking with her two old friends.

He turned away looking down at the road, inside his own thoughts once more. He still felt feelings of regret in some ways that the story had been finished the way it had been and that nearly all the traces of her human existence had vanished from everyone's memories except him, Charon and Aotoa. Most importantly prince Mytho and now princess Rue who had left finding their own happiness. But the most important thing was though he could understand Ahiru's general gestures and looks he now couldn't talk to her properly anymore, nor know what she felt.

It made him wish inside that his writing abilities could make her human again. But try as he might he couldn't do it for the various times he'd tried to make a tale for this to occur nothing came from his hand, it was as though an invisible wall stood between him and something he couldn't understand. He'd spent many nights staring at the paper as though waiting for something to appear. For a while now he hadn't picked up a quill or ink since his last tries had failed miserably. He was beginning to wonder if the miracle could never occur again.

Suddenly though interrupting his thoughts a sound of hurried footsteps upon the cobbles, rushing beside him he caught in his eyes a sight of a single spring of hair as well as blue eyes.

He stopped abruptly as a girl wearing the grey uniform of the academy with brown hair looked around the scene with her hand above her eyes looking back and forth from place to place as though looking for something. Then suddenly it seemed as though Fakir had caught her attention for she started to rush seemingly towards him.

He stared at her she had long light brown ponytails and a bob on the top of her head that seemed to match Ahiru's even her eyes seemed similar but a darker blue. There were even freckles on her cheeks.

But before he could get any more details down she'd rushed right past him and had stopped the laughing purple-haired Pike and blonde Lilie in their tracks. She hurriedly asked a question to them with her finger pointing upwards in front of her face to show she was serious as her expression. Fakir couldn't make out the question she asked as Pike and Lilie shook their heads no in response. The girl looked let down at their responses quickly saying her goodbyes and apologies she turned on her heel. Walking back in Fakir's direction he stared at her, she behaved so strangely, the girl then noticed him looking at her as she started to walk past him.

Her dark blue eyes regarded him in an annoyed stare.

"What're you looking at?" She asked annoyed.

Fakir stared; it was the first time in a long while that anyone had talked to him in that tone, he didn't respond at first but then he regained himself "What?"

"You. If you've got something to say to me, say it, I'm in a hurry." She told him her expression becoming annoyed. Her arms were now folded over her chest and her foot tapped on the road illustrating her impatience.

Fakir regarded her strangely she seemed almost too similar to Ahiru.

The girl seeing she wasn't going to get an answer from him walked off in a huff towards the academy, but before she left she stopped turning around she said loud enough for Fakir to hear, "Weirdo" with a bored expression on her face as she walked off quickly.

Fakir stared after her then suddenly grew annoyed that she'd called him a 'Weirdo,' "What was her problem anyway?" He muttered before walking on leaving a shocked Lilie and Pike behind who started their high pitched ideas of more incredible love- rival gossip possibilities between Fakir and the new girl.


The dancing lessons had now become quite a tedious ordeal for Fakir as he continued day after day as the classes-leading male dancer, ever since Mytho had left though he didn't much care for the stares or the applause he got as he continued on routinely.

Then as he stood watching the others dance his mind began to wander again on other things, as he stared outside he couldn't help but think if this was truly what reality should be like or maybe if there was something that was still waiting to happen. He dismissed the idea shaking his head annoyed it had already been three months and nothing had happened, so why should now be any different?

Then as he thought this the strange new girl appeared again. This time from a hedge, looking annoyed she dusted off the leaves taking the time to ruffle her hair as well that had caught a few twigs. Suddenly she felt eyes on her, looking around she searched for them, looking up at the window she saw the weirdo again. Annoyed she stuck her tongue out at him rudely as though in a gesture it was his fault before she rushed off in another direction. Fakir was left with a be-muddled look on his face as he watched her leave.

He blinked a few times then annoyance came over again "She's the weird one…" He whispered to himself.


Then it was finally the end of Fakir's lessons. He could now go home and pick up Ahiru and head to the lake, maybe to do some fishing or something that would allow him to stay there for a while.

As he walked back one of the females complained that a uniform had gone missing from the clothesline. Fakir didn't pay any mind to this as he walked on.

Then as he entered the hallway he saw the new girl yet again, this time though the once known cat ballet instructor now human, Neko-sensei was lecturing her.

His appearance had now changed to that of a middle-aged man with purple hair and glasses on his face that gave his face a very serious look to it.

"Furthermore you must always knock before you enter a room no matter what you're looking for! If you don't… YOU'LL HAVE TO MARRY ME!" He said threateningly as he started to profusely sweat with his glasses shining with white lights. Then as he tensed up a gloomy atmosphere suddenly entered the room.

Fakir wondered how the girl would make her way out of this one.

The girl spoke with a cool look in her eyes "Impossible I'm afraid I'm already engaged." Then she showed him a golden ring on her right index finger; the teacher stopped abruptly staring at the ring in shock.

Fakir blinked a few times surprised; it was the first time this had ever happened. The girl didn't even seem old enough to be engaged and it was also rare to see someone withstand Neko-sensei's marital warning.

"But anyway I will take more care next time, I'm sorry for holding you up." The girl spoke casually before leaving the halls. Neko-sensei was still rooted to the spot.

Fakir just watched as she left. "She keeps becoming stranger and stranger…" he spoke to himself.


Finally it was mid afternoon and Fakir finally arrived at the lake. It glittered a nice blue that Ahiru saw, flying from his arms she landed in the water with a slight splash; Fakir smiling at her began to set up the chair as well as the fishing rod.

Finally ready he sat down on his bench with his fishing rod in hand, as Ahiru happily swam around in the water looking for what she could find in the clean depths, everything seemed then to be at peace. As Fakir stared into the water at the float in the lake it made him realize how lucky he and Ahiru had been to win against the raven even after everything else that happened. He then tuned and looked down at her. He smiled at her happy state as she rose from under the water. Though he still felt inside a tinge of regret as he once again imagined her human. But as Ahiru looked at him he turned back to his fishing rod trying to concentrate his thoughts on it.


Ahiru looking at Fakir saw that he was busy with his own thoughts and decided to leave him for a moment. She started swimming away to the other shore that was on the opposite side of the lake. Finally reaching the other side she flew out of the water ruffling her feathers to get dry. She then quacked sadly looking back at him with sad eyes, for she too was having regrets about the ending, for though it was pleasant enough to be a duck she missed being human, studying ballet with Lilie and Pique she also missed the conversations that she had with Fakir. But most of all she couldn't dance with anyone anymore. These feelings overflowed inside her. Looking up at the afternoon sky she quacked aloud a question that had been on her mind for a long time.

"Why is my true form a duck?"

Then suddenly distracting Ahiru from her sad thoughts a figure suddenly emerged from the bushes with tangled leaves and twigs once again in her hair was the new girl who looked around hurriedly before finally settling her gaze on Ahiru.

The girl stopped dead, she looked in shock. Ahiru stared as well equally shocked by the girl's sudden appearance and look. "What's wrong with this person?" She wondered to herself feeling a little frightened.

The new girl took a step forwards, a joyous smile of relief on her face. Ahiru nervous stepped back. Then the girl spoke hurriedly in excitement. "I finally found you!"

Ahiru was confused by the girl, for what did she mean that she'd found her?

Then suddenly the girl jumped launching herself at Ahiru grabbing her into a tight hug; Ahiru was silent in shock for a few moments before letting out an alarmed cry.



Fakir jumped at Ahiru's sudden cry he looked around quickly for her; he then panicked as he saw across the lake the girl from those previous strange encounters holding onto her struggling form. "AHIRU!" Fakir shouted he could see looking from where he was standing that it would take too long to run to where they were so abandoning any other thoughts he quickly launched himself in the water swimming towards the struggling dramatic scene.


Ahiru struggled desperately against the girl, who was hugging her quite tightly, "you have no idea how long I was looking for you! After all this time thank god!" She cried happily. Ahiru had no idea what she was talking about and continued to struggle against the girl's grip thinking she had gone mad.

"Okay then." The girl said in a collected voice. Still holding a smile she held Ahiru making her look at her face to face. She began to study her face. Ahiru was becoming more terrified by the second, she tried desperately to push the girl away even though she was quite weak in this state.

The girl was beginning to get annoyed at Ahiru's struggles; she then quickly grabbed her wings holding them at her sides, "Now cut that out, this won't take a sec!" She said turning Ahiru around.

Ahiru was now petrified in fear, she had no idea what this crazy girl was planning but she wanted out of it. She tried desperately again to dislodge her wings and fly, though now that was impossible with them pinned. Suddenly though she saw Fakir in the water swimming to save her, she looked on in relief and joy.

But then suddenly she felt lips press against the back of her feathery head; suddenly she felt a jolt of some kind of electrical like feeling. It began to take over making her feel dazzled as she was bathed in a warm light and the world faded to white.


As Fakir continued to swim on closer to the scene he saw that the girl was now holding Ahiru in a threatening manner that made him swim harder. Who ever this girl was, she was clearly a threat. Then he saw the girl lean down and kiss Ahiru's head, he stopped in shock as a light began to shine. Ahiru was lifted into the air by a bright light engulfing her body. Her form was quickly changed from the head downwards her body becoming longer losing her beak and feathers revealing pale skin. Her wings disappeared revealing long thin arms, then a shade of orange-pink came forth from her head taking the form of hair flowing into a long ponytail, and then the light disappeared in a golden flash leaving behind feathers that quickly faded away. As it did it revealed something that Fakir never dreamed could happen again.

As the light vanished Ahiru was revealed in her human form once more, glowing slightly she stood on the ground. Then as it slowly vanished she opened her eyes revealing a light blue.

Fakir was in shock staring at her old form again. His stories that he had try to spin many times in the past had been unable to bring her back… yet this girl she-!


Ahiru looked around seemingly to be confused at where she was, she didn't even see Fakir, turning around she looked at the new girl who was smiling at her, Ahiru then said slowly with wide eyes. "Sister?…"