Chapter 20: Ever after…

Chapter 20: Ever after…

Once upon a time, there was a knight who followed a girl into an unknown land. He was turned into a falcon servant and fought through many trials to be with her and together with the power of hope and love the kingdom was set free from a witch's spell…

But whatever became of the valiant knight and his princess?

Uzuri groaned in pain as she felt aches and pains all over, she couldn't understand what was wrong, she never felt this bad when she was in bed… Wait a minute…A bed? Was she even in bed?

Opening her eyes she blinked a few times, everything was a lot brighter than she remembered, looking around she saw a really strange sight. There were thousands of people all around her. All of them asleep and wearing masks, was there some masquerade ball going on?

"Uzuri…" A familiar voice murmured.

Uzuri then froze as she realized she was in someone's arms and they were tightly knitted around her. Turning her face around slightly she saw a familiar shade of red blue and yellow hair. She looked on with wide eyes as she then realized she was in Ouma's arms!

Then looking at him it was then that all her memories flowed back to her in a flash! The fight with Fukorou, the witch and-!

"Fakir, Ahiru!" She cried out remembering her poor weak sister and her weirdo servant.

It was then Ouma opened his eyes slowly, his wounds somehow had all been miraculously healed and he saw much to his surprise and delights his wonderful scrumptious fiancée! He then held Uzuri tighter, "if I'm in heaven this is the best dream ever!" He added as he once again did his kitten impression.

Uzuri turned out of her thoughts for a minute and felt Ouma's hands that were hugging her in the wrong places! Her anger growing she then elbowed him hard in the belly making him let go instantly with a painful groan.

"How dare you! For heaven's sake this isn't the time for all that!" She cried out embarrassed and angry not caring if she woke anyone else up.

"Owwww… you really shouldn't talk like that, not when I'm hurt like this…" Ouma complained as a few pained tears came to his eyes.

It was then before Uzuri said anything else that she noticed Ouma's wounds had all vanished. Looking at him with wide eyes she then got down onto the same level as him, touching his head where blood had been before she felt his healthy healed skin and hair.

She then asked amazed and astounded, "how did you get better so quickly? And why is everything like this?"

Ouma also looked at her wide-eyed, both in Uzuri holding his face but also he was puzzled at the environment for everything around them seemed to be pure and white. But for what reason he couldn't tell.

Uzuri looking from Ouma then took a look around the room that the two of them were now standing in. She ignored all the people who continued to sleep with their masks still on. Looking she saw the walls were all pure white and the windows were wide-open letting in the warm clean air.

But then as she looked, she then noticed a staircase not too far from them.

"What could be up there?" She asked.

Ouma then got up slowly but surely as he then gently took her by the hand and guided her to the stairs, "well I don't know but there must be a good answer upstairs right?" He asked her with a smile.

Uzuri looked at him not trusting that smile, she turned away and replied, "yeah sure…"

They then traveled up the staircase together.


Traveling up the staircase seemed to take forever as the steps took them higher and higher as though they were trying to get to heaven itself. However the distance got to them, Uzuri proved it when she was now leading Ouma by the hand who was now clearly exhausted, 'men are so useless these days,' she thought annoyed.

Walking another few minutes they then finally arrived at the top of wherever the stairs had taken them. As Uzuri walked through the door that was at the top she then saw on the other side her Godmother Karasu with Komadori in her arms and Uzura standing close to them.

"Oh it's Uzuri zura!" she cried happily as she then started to bang on her drums with a wide smile.

Godmother Karasu turned her face as she then saw her godchild with her fiancée, she smiled happily at them as she then spoke, "so I see it is!"

Uzuri seeing her Godmother then automatically ran over to her, letting go of Ouma's hand she then looked to see Komadori who was sleeping peacefully in her Godmother's lap.

Uzuri looked from Komadori to her Godmother as she then asked her, "Godmother what's happened? Why has everything changed?" She asked her hurriedly.

Her Godmother smiled at her happily as she then spoke, "the witch's spell has ended and we are now all free from our masked selves…"

Uzuri looked surprised but then she smiled happily as then Ouma then caught up to them, she then hugged him tightly as she then told him what had happened. He too smiled happily, but then Uzuri turned back to her Godmother as she then asked her, "so what happened to make it this way?" It was then that her Godmother relayed the story of what had occurred up to that point.


Uzuri finally then hearing all the information looked depressed and shocked. She looked at her Godmother and smiled sadly, "looks like nothing is completely what it seems is it?" She asked.

Her godmother shook her head at this comment and said, "no it's not…"

Uzuri then lifting her head then asked the question that was really nagging at her, "where are Ahiru and Fakir?"

Her godmother then looked depressed, as all she did was point to a room that was across the grand hall that they were in.

Uzuri looked at the room her Godmother pointed to and saw that the room seemed incredibly dark with a single light inside. She didn't know if this meant if it was bad or good but she had to still see what was inside, even if it did upset her.

Walking she made her way inside slowly, Ouma followed behind himself prepared for the worst if anything did happen. At first as she entered there didn't seem to be anything that was out of the ordinary. It was only dark. But then as she ventured further inside the room she then saw something that was completely out of the ordinary. For upon a giant pedestal in the centre of the room in a single point of light glittered a nest.

Uzuri looked at it and walked closer wondering why it glittered so much, but as she got closer she soon discovered the reason why. In the nest were numerous fragments of glass glittering with stains of red and messes of feathers. There were the bodies of two birds.

Uzuri backed away her eyes wide as she then covered her mouth holding back a gasp as she then backed against Ouma who looked at her shocked and also as he saw the two bodies. What he saw was a body of a young yellow duckling with a silver white flacon their wings upon one another's as though they were asleep. But they didn't move or make a sound as the blood around them indicated the truth of everything.

Uzuri then let out her sobs, "No…no… no!!" She shouted as she then ran to the nest however Ouma held her back. He too was upset as he held her tightly to himself unable to accept the sight that was before them.

Uzuri smacked her fists against Ouma as she cried hard, her heart broken from the sight as anyone else's would have been. The two stood together like that seemingly for hours until suddenly a ringing sound like a bell made Uzuri and Ouma stop. As they looked up back at the nest, they saw seven lights descend in a full circle around the two birds.

The lights floated around the forms as if guarding the birds and then they too took on the form of birds. The six smaller golden lights took on various different shapes while the bigger one in the centre took the shape of a grand swan as it then stood before the two bodies.

Uzuri and Ouma looked at the birds in shock but Uzuri soon recovered quickly as she then spoke, "Who are you?!" She asked both bitterly and angry.

The swan looked at the girl softly as it then took on another form. This one stopped her in her tracks for now, what appeared before Uzuri was a young girl. But not just any young girl, this one looked at her with innocent and wise eyes with a happy joyful smile that looked identical to her sister.

However Uzuri knew that it wasn't Ahiru for the girl that stood before her had long flowing brown hair much like her mother had and she didn't have freckles like Ahiru did.

The girl then spoke in a sweet light voice to Uzuri and Ouma; "I am Fidel, but my true name is Fidelina the princess of this kingdom…"

Uzuri was in shock! This couldn't possibly be true! This person had to be a ghost or a phantom but yet... she seemed to be living! But how she couldn't say, but that didn't matter right now as she asked with tearful angry eyes, "why are my sister and Fakir like this!? This spell's broken right! So that means they're supposed to be free too?!" She spoke angrily.

The girl Fidelina looked at Uzuri sadly and bowed her head in agreement as she then made her explanation. "Yes everything has been set free but our stepmother's spell that she cast upon these two is different to that of the stories... that is why they have met this end…"

Uzuri shook her head her heart and mind unable to accept this horrible truth, "so you're saying that they're meant to die!? After all this agony and strife!? This wasn't how it was supposed to be! I had it all planned out! When Ahiru got her memory back, we would all be together in the kingdom have fun and I'd show them everything that this place had to offer! Everything!!" She shouted as she revealed her intentions. Her head down as she then collapsed onto her knees, Ouma then bent down as he then held her.

Fidelina looked at her descendant with sad eyes but then she smiled, "yes we agree that this ending is sad… that is why we have come to change things…"

Uzuri then looked up her tears still in her eyes as Ouma looked up as well, "what do you mean?" He asked.

"We have come to remove our stepmother's enchantment… but we cannot guarantee if that means that they will live or not, that will be fate's decision…" with that Fidelina then moved back and turned into her swan form once more. The seven smaller golden lights then gathered around their little sister as they then flew around together making a storm of silver and golden light. The whole sight dazzling and blinding Uzuri and Ouma as they closed their eyes.

As the birds used their power they then flew into the heights above, the shadows lifting away as they flew, filling the whole place with wondrous light and magic. They then drifted through the roof as they then flew in and around the grand tree that was the palace. As they weaved themselves in and out through the branches the whole place soon became a giant castle with the same golden and glowing lights that was known so well and a giant and grand garden appeared as they then finally got to the trunk of the tree. The flowers and the plants that then appeared covered the houses and streets as though there was soon to be a great celebration in the city.

Then finally their work finished the seven of them flew into the skies and then faded in the light as they then returned to where their parents and people would be waiting for them.

It was then that the people that had once been asleep, then opened their eyes and awoke seeing for the first time seeing their true shapes as they then all removed their bird masks.

Uzuri and Ouma then opened their own eyes, looking they adjusted their eyes to the light. They then saw that the nest had been cleared of all the glass and feathers and in their place was a bed of flowers and blossoms and there in the centre was Ahiru and Fakir dressed in white clothes.

Looking upon the two of them, Uzuri prayed and hoped as she then made her way over to the two of them hoping beyond hope that fate had been kind to them.

There was silence.


Then suddenly she heard a sound, looking at them closely she then watched as the two stirred. Fakir was the first to awaken as he then stretched his arms up as though awakening from a brief nap, "what happened?"

Uzuri stared wide-eyed in shock and disbelief as she saw him move she then lowered her head as she then slowly made her way over to the two.

Fakir after looking at his surroundings then looked down at Ahiru, who he saw was moving slightly he looked at her wide eyed as he remembered what had happened. The giant swan that sheltered them and everything else, he smiled gratefully. But then he heard a crunch like sound turning around quickly he then saw it was Uzuri looking at her he couldn't see her expression, "Uzuri?" He asked baffled.

Ahiru at that moment then slowly opened her eyes and it was then that Uzuri moved closer to Fakir who was perplexed. As Uzuri moved closer she then drew her hand back as she then suddenly sent it at Fakir's face at full swing, "you idiot!!" She shouted clearly mad.

Ahiru now wide awake looked shocked at what happened as did Ouma who were now nervous about Uzuri's mental state. "Ow! What the hell was that-" but then he was cut off as he felt Uzuri suddenly hug him tight smacking his chest hard, "you idiot! You weirdo don't you ever do that to me again!" She cried as she sobbed into his chest.

Fakir perplexed couldn't understand what was going on but then Ouma came over laughing hard at the awkward situation as Ahiru then went over to try and soothe her big sister's tantrum.


It was then later that night when Fukorou finally had opened his eyes, looking around himself he then saw that he was resting in the nursing room and he was covered seemingly in bandages, but why though?

Holding his head he tried to remember what had last happened to him, it was then he remembered the incident in his room with the witch and then… He opened his eyes wide when he remembered Komadori and her blood on the floor.

He felt sick as he then moved quickly to get out of the bed but then he was stopped as he then he felt a warm hand upon his own. Looking quickly he then saw it was Komadori by his side. He looked at her wide-eyed wondering how she could be sitting next to him.

Whatever that had caused this though he was grateful but then his wide shocked eyes turned into sad ones as he stared at her. He remembered all the evil that he had done, not only just to Komadori but also to everyone in the kingdom, making them all suffer in pain... and Ahiru as well. He now understood that in his heart that he loved Ahiru but he was manipulated into believing that it was the love that was eternal. When in fact he knew that in truth he loved her like a sister or a mother that he never had. He smiled sadly at this thought, but then it faded as he then considered that everyone must hate him now and probably what they had said was really true… he was nothing but misfortune.

Looking at Komadori he then gently removed his hand from hers and made his way to get out of the bed, doing it slowly but gently he moved quickly and silently across the room, turning his head he looked at Komadori again and then closed his eyes as he then said quietly, "goodbye…"


It was then that Komadori stirred and opened her eyes slowly then looking around she saw that Fukorou had gone, she lifted herself in panic looking around quickly she went to see where he had gone. Then she ran to the door and looked down the hallways then caught sight of him disappearing down the hallway. She than began her pursuit.

Fukorou had now arrived outside onto the balcony and stared at the town below all of it glittered below him, he began to smile more sadly as he then stepped onto the wall's edge balancing in the cold wind.

" I wonder... I've been led around so much like this… maybe I'm just made to be the fool…" he laughed sadly as he stared on a head.

All he'd ever been since he was born was a nuisance to everyone, he'd made his father and brothers angry. He'd even done horrible things to the kingdom itself… why was he there if all he ever did was cause trouble?

"Maybe it would have been better if I had never been born at all?" He asked. He then held his left foot out as though maybe this step would solve all of his problems for eternity.

It was then that Komadori came running onto the balcony and saw him, "Fukorou noooo!!" She shouted desperately.

It was then that he turned around and looked at Komadori with wide eyes, looking at her weak form he then said, "Komadori?"

She looked at him a tear beginning to escape her eyes, " please don't do it! Please don't!" Fukorou looked at her as he then asked her sadly, "why should I stop?"

Komadori then froze looking shocked Fukorou then began to speak once again, "all my life I've been a nuisance to all people, to my father and brothers, to the kingdom and I've even caused you severe pain…"

Komadori looked from him and then felt where Fukorou had struck her in her right shoulder and looked back at him speechless. Fukorou seeing her reactions was silent before he continued once again, "and all these things that I've done… it would be better for me to be gone don't you agree?" There was silence once more as Komadori didn't know how to retaliate, "so I thank you for the feelings that you have for me … but I'll just cause pain again if I live... so it's better if this mistake stops now…" with that he then begun to turn once again.

However Komadori then spoke up, "No! You can't…" she cried more tears escaping.

Fukorou didn't look at her, as he cringed slightly as she then breathed in and out her crying muffling her voice, " I… I, I know that you've been in pain but it's not all your fault!"

Fukorou then turned and stared at her his eyes wide a moment, "what I learnt when I was in your heart… your father was wrong! The queen died naturally and you're mother too! I'm sure she never blamed you for what happened! How could you know!? You were a baby and a child! You can never do things like that on purpose when you're that young and also the witch twisted your feelings and memories as well… so…"

Fukorou stared at her as she tried with her explanation but he already knew most of this but even if he lived he could still make those mistakes again and-

"It's not all your fault!" Komadori continued as she took a breath and started to speak again, " and I'm also the one who's at fault…"

It was then that Fukorou looked at her as she then spoke." I knew that you suffered badly from the beginning... but I never did anything that truly helped you… because I was a coward frightened of my own fate of what was to befall me… because I am robin and it's said that any love we have is doomed to tragedy, making us die young."

There was silence between the two as Fukorou listened to her, she then spoke once more, " so because of the legend I grew scared of dying and I became a nuisance to everyone because extra support had to be given to me. I was weaker than my brother so because of that they grew annoyed with me…" Then stopping she looked at him with a sad smile as she made her final confession, " and because of that, both my fear of dying and also of you being annoyed at me I always kept myself distant with the letters I sent to encourage you and all the presents I left… I never had the courage to help you face to face, please forgive me…" She then started to sob uncontrollably feeling helpless and weak at not being able to stop Fukorou.

Fukorou stared at her as she confessed to him, he then jumped off the ledge and stood once again on the balcony floor as he then made his way over to her. Kneeling down onto her level he then grasped her face that looked at him in surprise as he then licked her tears away and smiled at her, "I guess we're both mistakes then aren't we?" He laughed sadly. Komadori stared at him as he then started to shake as he held her face she then held him as he too began to sob as he then realized someone did truly care for him and understood.

Throughout the night they both stayed together until the sun shone and others would be looking for them.


There was a great time of celebrations after that, as the people made countless feasts and celebrations of dancing and small fairs. All the people were in heaven at no longer having to be hidden away, but some were a little sad at having to say goodbye to their beautiful bird forms.

During that time as well a marriage had occurred...

And a few days after the ceremony it was now time for Ahiru and Fakir to say goodbye to the kingdoms at the gates. They stood in front of the carriage that would soon take them both back to Kinkan town.

A huge gathering of people had come together as they were all cheering their princess and her fiancée (which still made him cringe to hear) goodbye and good luck. There as well stood Fukorou with Komadori next to him as they were both making their goodbyes.

Komadori blushed at Fakir as she gave him a soft sweet thank you and hugged her dear cousin Ahiru goodbye.

As with Fukorou and Fakir they both stared at each other, "well I suppose I'll bid you goodbye then…" Fukorou spoke, with or without him under the witch's spell Fakir still got annoyed at him.

"So I suppose you will…" Fakir retorted as he then turned his face away from Fukorou.

Fukorou looked at him annoyed and depressed while Ahiru then moved in, "Fakir how can you be so mean right now!?" She asked him completely appalled at his behavior.

"And how can you be so forgiving?" He simply retorted.

"Why you-!" but then she was cut off as then suddenly Fukorou came over to her taking her hand, he then pressed his lips to her fingertips.

"It's alright Ahiru, don't worry about it, I'm just glad that you're still my friend okay?" He asked her with a kind smile.

Ahiru blushed a million shades of red her mouth wide open in surprise, "fu, fu, fu, Fukorou!"

He smiled at her reaction and then suddenly Fakir then pulled Ahiru towards himself as he wrapped a protective arm around her as he then looked at Fukorou fiercely.

"Come on you moron we've got to go!" he spoke annoyed.

"Fakir what're you doing let go! I can walk on my own! Let go!" And the two squabbled as they then made their way to the carriage where Uzura, Aotoa Ouma and Uzuri awaited and as the carriage began to speed away Fukorou wrapped his arms around Komadori as they too bid goodbye along with the crowds of people.


Then finally after numerous of hours of riding the carriage finally made it's way to the entrance of Kinkan academy. Aotoa, Fakir and Ahiru all stepped out.

They all then turned and waited for Uzuri and Ouma to step out. Uzuri appeared first but this time she was no longer wearing her blue princess dress, instead she stood before all of them dressed in a blue white dress with pink ribbons all around her as a feathered crown stood upon her head. Then finally Ouma appeared in his royal dress with a red jacket and golden cape looking dashing to all people who passed him.

Ahiru smiled at her big sister, "I can't believe you're married now and queen!?" Ahiru smiled as she stood before her sister.

Her sister sighed embarrassed as she was given the comment, "yeah I know it's giving me too much attention like this but… anyway it's probably better this way after all if father stuck to tradition you'd be the one wearing this…"

Ahiru then shook her hand looking embarrassed herself as she shook the comment off, "oh no, no that would never happen, I could never be queen!" She laughed.

"Yeah the kingdom would fall apart in three days if that happened" Fakir retorted.

"What did you say!?" Ahiru demanded angrily.

Uzuri then purposely walked over and then kicked Fakir in the shin while picking her skirts up slightly. Fakir flinched as she did this and before he could argue she then said annoyed, "you were asking for it! I warned you not to pick on my sister!"

Fakir didn't say anything as he just rubbed his leg and Ahiru looked on with amazed eyes.

"Well then I better get going then…" Aotoa spoke as he then walked on ahead of everyone.

Ouma then called after him, as he then asked, "aren't you going to say goodbye?" He asked.

Aotoa looked back at them all and shrugged, " I'm afraid I have important matters to attend to that have been left undone, since I've been gone so long it's better that I take care of them now…" he spoke as he then waved his arm slightly and moved off into the distance.

"He never changes…" Fakir spoke annoyed slightly as he watched him go.

"Indeed…" Uzuri spoke as she then turned back to Fakir and spoke once again, " now it's about time we terminate your contract."

Fakir looked at her and Ahiru looked curious as well, "contract?" She asked. Then without blinking Uzuri then leaned forwards as she then extended her tongue and licked the golden earring on Fakir's ear.

"Ahhhh!" Fakir shouted as he then grasped his ear and looked at her wide-eyed, as Ahiru blushed red in surprise while Ouma looked at her distressed.

Uzuri though cool and ladylike licked her fingertips, "why did you do that?!" Fakir demanded angrily.

Uzuri then opened her cool eyes and looked at him, "because that's one of the ways you can remove it or I could have kissed you if you wanted…" she said looking devilish.

Fakir just blushed madly red embarrassed and angry at her trickery, then while this happened Ouma then began to shake as he was growing sad and jealous all at once. He shook and shook till he suddenly let out a huge cry, "WAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!" Which sent numerous birds flying away.

Then as the outburst came out he then collapsed onto his knees as he cried and cried making a huge puddle.

Fakir looked on, as did Ahiru embarrassed and shaken by Ouma's actions, Uzuri though only sighed as she then walked over to Fakir again as he stood next to Ahiru. "Now then that aside I hope that you both take care of yourselves and I hope that you come and visit me once in a while," then she walked over to her sister.

"You take care especially sis okay?" She asked a smile on her face.

Ahiru then nodded smiling herself knowing that she meant kindly, then with that they gave each other a sweet goodbye hug and then after parting Uzuri then turned to Fakir, "now I need to say a few words to him okay?" She asked as she pointed to Fakir.

Ahiru looked at Fakir then back at her sister as she wondered what she wanted to talk about with him, but she took the gesture and nodded and walked away a little as Uzuri then walked over to Fakir.

"So then…" she spoke to fakir.

"So…" Fakir replied back.

Silent for a few moments Uzuri then all of a sudden hugged Fakir a gesture saying goodbye, Fakir blushed slightly but then he understood and gave her a quick squeeze as she then let go.

"I hope that you do well and everything and thank you for looking after her." She spoke.

"Yeah thanks…"Fakir spoke as he then turned.

Then as Fakir walked away slightly Uzuri then spoke again, "Now I hope you take good care of her…" this Fakir turned and looked at her again, "because if I discover that when I come back if there has been one hair on my sister's head that has been damaged…" With that Uzuri then brought out something out of her sleeve as she looked at Fakir with a thunderous intention, "I'M GOING TO BEAT YOU UP WITH THIS ROLLING PIN!!"

This Fakir immediately turned white as a sheet as she then turned around and headed back to Ouma looking at him she then saw him still bawling annoyed she then kissed him making him stop immediately.

After parting she then told him as he looked on shocked, "you know you really should trust me a little more than that..."

Ouma then touching his lips surprised was then brought up by Uzuri's hand as then she held it tightly and then together they made their way towards the coach.


Ahiru watched and waited for Fakir to arrive looking at him he seemed weary somehow but for some reason she couldn't tell why, "so what did you two talk about?" She asked him.

Fakir didn't even want to talk about that frightful sight so he only shrugged his shoulders as he then said, "what you would normally say for a goodbye…"

"Oh…" Ahiru she spoke as she then looked on ahead towards the entrance.

They were both quiet as they came nearer and nearer to the entrance. But then Ahiru stopped her head down fakir turned and looked at her, "what're you stopping for?" Fakir asked her.

Ahiru was quiet a few moments before she spoke" I wonder if anyone will remember me? It seems so strange to be back now and especially the way I am… will I even be good enough to go back?" She asked.

Fakir looked at her and then sighed.

Ahiru her face down then suddenly felt a hand under her chin that lifted her face to look at him she looked at him with wide amazed eyes as he then moved his finger from her chin to her lips stroking them. Then before she could even move away Fakir pressed his lips to her in a sweet kiss.

Not knowing what to do she didn't move but continued to look on at him until he parted away from her and looked at her with cool eyes, "it'll be fine besides your with me now at I least, I still know you anyway you moron come on." Then with that he took Ahiru's hand dragging her along blushing madly red as she was now.


Meanwhile outside the Kinkan town's gates Uzuri then let out Uzura who she knew could go home on her own but she had one last gift to give to her, "what's this zura?" She asked as she was then handed Uzura her prized umbrella, "it's a gift so that you can come back and forth more easily so take care of it kay?" She asked.

Uzura then opened out the umbrella as she looked at it amazed, "Ohhhhhh! I will zura!" She cried happily as she then ran off with it.

Uzuri smiled as she then closed the door and snuggled up to Ouma and with that the two headed back to the kingdom of Fidel.

Then when they were gone Uzura opened up the umbrella and before she knew it she started to fly off into the sky and to where she didn't know, but she cried happily with joy.


And with that the knight and the princess who tried so hard, they were granted their true ending as the two of them were left to dance and to be happy to their hearts content and with the rings that shone with their promise they thus lived happily ever after…

The end…

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